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We appreciate your interest in working with us at The Pixie Project! As a shelter, we strive to place pets in their forever homes, and we’re always on the lookout for empathetic and hardworking individuals who would like to join our team. If you’d be a good fit for one of our open positions, please send your resume and cover letter to We only consider applications submitted with a cover letter; you must be 18 or over to apply. 

Open Positions

Kennel Manager: Full-Time Position

About the Role

The Pixie Project is seeking an organized, high energy, positive person to join our team as Kennel Manager. This position is central to the shelter’s operations and interfaces with nearly every other member of the team. We’re looking for someone who can manage others with integrity and lead by example by working with AND alongside kennel techs.

Responsibilities will Include

  • Leading the kennel department and managing 4-5 part-time kennel staff including hiring, training, scheduling, and skill development
  • Providing animal care: feeding, exercise, medication, socialization, enrichment, as well as cleaning and sanitation
  • Establishing and maintaining policies/procedures to ensure top quality animal care and safety/wellness of staff and animals
  • Maintaining detailed files for all animals including medical histories, vaccination records, and behavioral notes
  • Assisting CVT and trainers with intake exams and evaluations for newly arrived dogs and cats
  • Communicate regularly with dog adoption staff to keep them updated about health, behavior, and well-being of dogs staying Pixie’s kennels, including coordinating with clinic to schedule spay/neuter surgeries, dental cleanings, and other procedures for Pixie dogs and cats

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Driver’s License required
  • Confident handling and working around dogs and cats of varying ages, health statuses, and temperaments
  • Prior experience working with animals
  • Must be comfortable performing basic care and handling
    • We utilize safe and effective animal so an openness to learn and adopt (potentially) new techniques is essential
  • Comfort working in a physically demanding job – cleaning, lifting animals, walking animals outside, moving quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment while still being safe and mindful
  • Comfort working morning/evening hours in an (at times) noisy, busy environment
  • Commitment to clear, direct communication, even in difficult situations
  • A positive and confident attitude, honesty, and kindness required
    • Working in a shelter environment can include certain emotional demands, as we frequently work with animals coming from crisis situations, so emotional intelligence and resilience is a plus. It is crucial that the person in this role can not only regulate themselves in this environment, but can also be a leader and source of strength for the kennel staff they manage.
  • You will be responsible for keeping tabs on a lot of important information and will work within a system involving many moving parts. We are looking for someone who can build and maintain systems for keeping information and documents organized and available to various people who need to access them.

Schedule, Pay Rate, and Benefits

Schedule is flexible (no more than 40 hours/week) but is full-time and not available for remote work. Starting pay begins at $20/hour, depending on experience. Benefits include: health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, paid time off

How to Apply

Please send your resume, cover letter, and three references to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply soon for best consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kennel Technician: Part-Time

About the Role

The Pixie Project, a growing non-profit animal rescue, is looking to hire a skilled and organized Kennel Technician. Pay rate begins at $17 per hour, depending on experience. Up to 38 hours per week with AM and PM shifts. (This is not a remote position.)

The ideal candidate will have experience and understanding of kennel maintenance and familiarity with animal behavior. We’re looking for someone with great communication and problem-solving skills, who can work well with a team in a busy environment.

Responsibilities will Include

  • Sanitation duties: kennel disinfecting, laundry, dishes, general cleaning
  • Animal Care related duties: feeding, exercise/engagement/enrichment, medication administration
  • Organization of supplies/donations
  • Following established safety protocols

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Driver’s License required
  • Experience in a kennel environment
  • Experience with hands-on animal care
  • Ability to work between two locations (located within 10 minutes of each other)

Schedule and Pay Rate

This position has a starting pay rate of $17/hour, depending on experience. This is not a remote position. The Pixie Project is a fast-paced animal rescue and applicants must be comfortable working in an office environment with animals.

The Part-Time position will work between 20-25 hours/week.

The Full-Time position will work no more than 38 hours/week and comes with dental, life, and health insurance as well as paid time off.

How to Apply

Please send a resume and a cover letter to In your cover letter, please tell us why you are interested in this position and why you think you’d be a good fit.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply soon for best consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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