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kitties being weighed at clinicThe Pixie Care Clinic offers homeless and low income Portland residents access to vital veterinary care they can afford.

As our adoption and rescue program grew, we realized that keeping animals out of the shelter in the first place was just as important, and as a response to the number of pets being surrendered over the cost of medical care, Pixie began operating an on-site veterinary clinic in 2014.

Currently, our clinic operates an average of six days a month, providing affordable spay/neuter for the public. Pixie also focuses on providing other surgeries and medical procedures for senior, veteran, and low-income pet owners in the area. A senior on fixed income should not have to surrender her beloved pet due to the cost of a one-time surgery. With Pixie performing the surgery on a sliding-scale price the owner can afford, the owner is able to keep her pet in her home and out of the shelter system. It’s an extremely practical solution to shelter overcrowding, especially considering that Pixie would still perform the surgery if the dog were surrendered, in addition to spending resources on finding a new home for a senior dog. Many of these animals are seniors themselves who have very limited adoption opportunities. Pixies is able to help keep these owners and pets together by performing affordable surgeries and assisting with medications.

Resources for low-income and homeless pet owners are limited and can be difficult to access. The Pixie Project’s adoption center with on-site veterinary care clinic is located in the heart of busy Portland, making it easily accessible to most area residents by bike, car, and public transportation.

We’re a small group that makes a big impact. We perform more than 1000 surgeries in our clinic each year, plus exams, bloodwork, and diagnostics for those in need. We’ve seen that even the most dedicated pet owner can go through a rough patch and everyone deserves a little help to keep their families together.

By granting access to this care, our goal is to keep life long pets in homes with dedicated owners. This keeps hundreds of animals, many of whom are seniors, out of the shelter system and out of pain.

Our low-cost programs place an equal focus on low cost spay and neuter services as we believe this is an integral part in keeping our homeless animal population down. We require that all the pets of any owner seeking low cost assistance be previously altered or they can be done at the time of their veterinary visit.

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