November 9th, 2021

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November 6th, 2021

“Marco! Polo!” Yay, you found me. My name is Marco and I am a super adorable 6 yo long haired chihuahua weighing just 8lbs. Being a tiny guy, I am a bit bashful and it takes a little while for me to come out of my shell. I grew up in a home with 7 other dogs believe it or not, so I am used to being a bit of a follower. Thus, a confident smaller dog friend would be ideal since they can help me come out of my shell. I am a sensitive mellow lad, so I would prefer a quiet adult only home. I am not one for walks as I have never really been introduced to a harness, so having direct access outside to a fenced yard is best. I am a pretty benign guy so I would do fine with a cat who will politely ignore me as if they are too rowdy, I may get a bit scared. Once I warm up to my favorite human pals, I am quite cuddly and enjoy being by your side. The Pixie team is pretty sure I will open up even more in my new home, so it will be a fun journey for the both of us as we learn more about each other! Sweet and oh so cute, I am ready to settle into my forever home today. Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

November 1st, 2021

Hello Hello! My name is Beto and I am a handsome 7 year old snowshoe kitty looking for a nice lap to snuggle on. My fosters say I am a big cuddler and all about being around my people. I am the king of the “purrs” and if you listen closely you might even be able to hear me through this post. When I am not be a couch potato, I am a curious guy who still likes to play and explore. In fact, if you have a few toy mice laying around or wand to wave, I excited to bat them around. I am a perfect companion cat who loves to be by your side! I would prefer living with older kiddos over 12 and have been known to hang with a mellow cat savvy dog or two. I would be best as the only cat as I am positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which just means that I will need to be an indoor-only cat and that I will need to have regular vet exams to ensure that I stay healthy and happy. For more information on FIV, check out this article from the Cornell Feline Health Center: Loving and affectionate, I am always ready to jump on your lap for some attention and pets! Fill out an application to set up a meet with me today. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $100.

October 23rd, 2021

Ahhhyahhhayaaaa!! Xena Warrior Princess here and I am a gorgeous 3-4 year old tabby lady ready to save the day. Feeling sad? Let me kick those bad feelings away! Feeling tired? Let me cuddle on your lap and as we rest together. Need some energy? Get out the feather wand and let’s exercise together! Whatever you need, I am happy to be along for the ride. Active and talkative, I am a silly kitty who acts a bit like a kitten herself. Being an adventurous warrior ready to protect those dearest to me, I enjoy the indoor/outdoor life, so an apartment lifestyle is just not for me. I not a huge fan of other kitties and prefer to have all the attention to myself. I seem to do ok with dogs pass by me in the lobby at Pixie, so a chill cat savvy pup in the home would be ok. I am very friendly and chatty, and would enjoy living in a home with older kiddos over 12. When I am not meowing for some pets, you can find me snoozing in a sun beam or batting around a toy. Overall, I am a sweetie who is ready to find my forever home today! Fill out an application today, to set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

October 20th, 2021

Hi! My name is Felix and I am a sweet 6 year old kitty with good look and full of charm! Confident and kind, I am a very social lad with my human pals and will instantly run up to new people who come over to my foster’s house. I look forward to my daily brushes and pets, and can’t wait to snuggle with you on the couch as we watch some movies together. During the day, I can get spicy and playful, chasing the laser pointer or the feather stick toy for as long as you will play. But then it’s back to be a lap cat, purring away as you give me nice pets. I do really enjoy the attention, but not a huge fan of being picked up so a home with older kiddos over 12 is preferred. I would do best as an only kitty, but could likely acclimate to a mellow cat savvy pup in my home. Birdwatching is a favorite pastime for me, so you will often find me sitting on the window ledge watching all the action! I am a pretty healthy guy overall, though I am on a special Urinary Food diet that I will need to be on for the rest of my life. Overall, I am one cool cat ready for a lap to call my own! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and neutered with an adoption fee of $100. 

October 20th, 2021

Is it a wolf? Is it a coyote? Nope, it’s just a Klee Kai! My name is Octavia and I am a beautiful 2 year old pup weighing just around 20 lbs. Just like my looks, I am a very unique gal with a wild at heart temperament. I was only ever really around one person most of my life, so I didn’t get as much socialization to new people or new environments. Though I am initially shy, I do end up bonding with my special person becoming quite the cuddler. Being very husky like, I am a very aloof lady who really enjoys being outside. Though I am not much of a walker or adventurer, I do enjoy lounging in the yard while you garden. My ideal setup would be in house with a very secured fenced yard in a quiet neighborhood with another dog to hang with. I am a little shy with dogs who are a bit rude at first, but after a day or two, will try and play. Having a friend will not only help boost my confidence a little but also keep me company while my person is away. Because I can be a bit clingy when I do open up, I would have a hard time with long work days. Though I am not really a pup who will enjoy going out an doing lots of things, but I seem to acclimate to familiar routines. No kitties in my home please! The trainer I have been staying with says I would do best in an experienced adult only home with little traffic in and out. She says I am a special little creature who is very endearing, and worth going the extra mile to see me blossom and engage with my special someone. Fill out an application today to set up a meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

October 20th, 2021

Hi there! My name is Sawyer and I am a happy and super playful 8 month old Border Collie/Lab mix weighing 50lbs. I am a big lady with even bigger heart. I am a bit bouncy when I get excited, though I am really smart and already learning how to sit. Since I am still a young’un and learning all those basics, A TRAINING CLASS/LESSON IS REQUIRED FOR MY ADOPTION! Being very engaging, I really love playing with my doggy pals and am pretty polite for being a pup still. I am always eager to meet my new human pals and would do best in a home with kiddos over 10 who have experience with large pups. No kitties in my home please! I am still learning how to properly walk on leash, so I am a bit of a puller for right now. But with a little finesse, I bet I would be an excellent hiking or jogging companion! Being a large pupper, I am looking for a house set up with some space to really stretch my legs, so the apartment life isn’t really for me. I am a total goofball and enjoy romping around with my toy, and playing fetch in the back yard. Silly, sweet and affectionate, this lady is ready to start my adventures with my new family today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee $350. 

October 20th, 2021

Would you give this Moose a muffin? How about a nice lap to snuggle in? At 4 years old and 13lbs, I am a silly and very affectionate Chihuahua/Pomeranian who bonds quickly with my people. Full of spunk, I am guy who is eager to play or go on walks. Being a bit sensitive, I can get a little overstimulated in heavy traffic areas such as downtown, so a bit of a quieter area would be ideal. I can be vocal at times when I get really excited or am demanding attention, so the apartment lifestyle isn’t for me. Being extremely friendly, I want to say hi to everyone I meet! In the home, since I get a little bouncy, I would do best with kiddos 8 and over. I am currently in a foster home with other dogs and do great. In fact, I think another dog my size will really help with my transition into a home and will just be so much fun! I also ignored the office kitty at Pixie, so a dog savvy cat in my home would be just fine. When I am not wanting to romp around and play, you can usually find me in my favorite place-a lap! I just like being close to my person and am an excellent cuddle companion. My current foster home has a yard and boy do I love running around it since I am a fairly active guy. Hilarious and quirky with a big heart, I am ready to share a special bond with my forever person today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

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