September 1st, 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Birdie and I am a 2-3 year old Chihuahua mix weighing in at 15lbs. I’m a taller gal with long legs and boy do I love to use them. I like to run around my foster’s yard, wrestling with all my doggy friends and sometimes, I will even chase my own tail! I am just a hoot! My medium energy is a perfect combination of exciting adventure times and mellow hang out on the couch times. I am a very smart gal who is already crate trained, but would be eager to learn more of the basics. My doggy pals are just so much fun and they have a tendency to boost my confidence, so another furry sibling in the home would be just fine by me! I love being around my adult human pals, though I can be quite independent, sometimes sleeping on my doggy bed across the room rather then on my foster mom’s lap. The city was a little overwhelming for me at first, but I am getting the hang of these suburb areas and would prefer to be in a low traffic area in an owned home. Cute, sweet, and playful, this Birdie is sure to fly right into your heart. Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350.

September 1st, 2018

Hello! My name is Kiera and I am the adorable Beagle/Chi pup that is always smiling! I am such a happy go lucky girl and at 9 years young and 15 lbs, I love staying active. In fact, I just went on a super fun 5 mile hike with my foster family and I was in dog heaven! I would be an excellent hiking or beach time partner, as I am always feeling adventurous and love to greet new people along the way.   Friendly, outgoing and social, I am always willing to hang out with both my dog savvy cat and mellow dogs pups! After a full day of activity, I enjoy wrapping up the day by catching some of those sunny summer rays in the backyard or cuddling up with you on the couch as watch some movies, eat popcorn, and receiving lots of belly rubs. I would prefer to be with another doggy pal, someone in an owned home who is home frequently and doesn’t have super long workdays. Or maybe I can even come to work with you?! I am the perfect companion who is able and willing to turn any frown upside down! Fill out an application today, so we can get started on our adventures! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and with an adoption fee of $350.

September 1st, 2018

Mamma mia! Who is that cutie with the tongue sticking out?! Oh it’s just little old me! My name is Mama and I am a sweet as pie Chihuahua. At 12 years old, I am all about maxin’ and relaxin’ while catching some rays in the backyard or snuggling up with you on the couch. Why the tongue you ask? Well not only does it go with my hilarious personality, but I did need a few teeth removed after my dental and thus, it has a tendency to stick out a little. I get quite the compliments on that and my little sudsy lips. Haha. I am such a character full of personality! I tend to stick with my calmer doggie buds as my mom side comes out with those pesky youngsters. I don’t mind the company of those kitties either! I love meeting all kinds of new people at on the streets, but would much rather live with older kids over 12. My adorableness and funny antics are sure to not only put a smile on your face, but make your heart smile too! This Mama’s got a whole lot of love and kisses to give.   Will it be to you? Fill out an application today, co we can meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and up to date on dental exam with an adoption fee of $350.

August 30th, 2018

Hello! I am Poppy. Just like my namesake flower, I am a gorgeous lady in full bloom, ready to explore the world and hang out with you! I am a 6 year old Cattledog mix around 42 lbs. I am an established lady who already has the basics down with an added knowledge of “sit” and “shake” too! The volunteers and staff say I am an excellent walker and would love to join you on your Pacific Northwest adventures. Maybe even a beach trip too?! I have been in playgroups here with other doggies and do great. I am not really a player but have more of a chill and relax vibe with my doggy pals. No kitties in my home please! I am excited to meet my new human pals over 15 and am still learning to be playful with toys, but those squeaker ones are my absolute favorite! Overall, I am a sweet and mellow gal who still has an adventurous and playful side. So let’s bloom into our new life together today!  Fill out an application and we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed with an up to date dental and an adoption fee of $350.

August 28th, 2018

Miss Ginger Grant at your service! This gorgeous movie star is finally back on land after some time on Gilligan’s Island and am looking for a family of my very own! I am tiny 3 month old Chihuahua mix who right now only weighs about 5lbs. I am still growing, but imagine I won’t get too much more than 10 lbs. Though I have been big in the movies my whole life! Ha! I am a very sweet gal who loves all my adoring fans humans, cats, and dogs alike. In fact, I am in foster with a big 55 lb lab brother who is helping me learn all about dog stuff. Since I will be a full time job while working on my training, I am looking for a family who isn’t gone long work days. And just until I learn some of the basics, an adult only home or kids over 13 who are interested in my training is what I need! PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION! My foster mom says I am a fast learner and very bright. When she’s not teaching me all about the world, I love running around the backyard, playing with my friends, and of course, getting my summer tanning in! I even enjoying cooling off in the kiddie pool after catching some rays. Overall, I am a cute, social, and friendly gal ready to take over Hollywood! I mean Portland! So fill out an application today and we can be stars together! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

August 22nd, 2018

Just call me the fabio of dogs! I mean, just look at my handsome coat! My name is Sparky and I am a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel weighing in at 19lbs. My Beyonce hair is enough to make anyone swoon and it is definitely not meant to for wild living. You see, under unknown circumstances I become a stray living in the streets of California. Which meant I got into a lot of grassy areas and when I came to Pixie, I had many grass seeds that burrowed into my skin. I even needed surgery to remove a few! But now I am all back to normal and no longer in pain and really coming out of my shell thanks to my fosters! They say that I am an energetic lad who loves to play and mostly snuggle. I enjoy being out and about during my walks and might even be an excellent hiking companion, that is if it’s not raining. I am a fair weather hiker for sure! Don’t want to get these gorgeous locks wet! I am a gentle guy and a great listener, and always eager to learn more. I enjoy my human pals over 12 and their cuddles very much. Other dog pals are ok too! No kitties in my home please. Happy, playful, and eager to please, I am one handsome dude who is ready to find my forever family. Will it be you? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

August 17th, 2018

Hello! I am Sunny and I am sure you have already fallen in love with my hilarious overbite, but my whimsical personality is enough to win you over too! I am a lovable 12 year old Doxie/chihuahua mix weighing in at 13lbs. I am a funny gal whose adorable antics are sure to entertain. I am the best snuggler and all about those cuddles! Sometimes, I even flip on my back in your arms like a baby as you give me all the belly rubs! I’m all about a quiet life of retirement though still have some spunk to go for daily walks or run around the backyard. I have met some doggy pals here at Pixie and wouldn’t mind a confident mellow friend in the home. A confident dog savvy kitty would be just fine too. I am just looking for an adult only home where I can relax and get all the belly rubs in the world. And don’t worry about my tongue, I promise I am not sticking it out at you. Ha! It just sometimes flops out on it’s own. Available for adoption or foster, I am a sweetie who would be delighted to hang out with you today! Fill out an application today. I come you vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed with an up to date dental and an adoption fee of $350.

August 13th, 2018

Would you give a mouse a cookie? How about this little Min pin gal with a cute mouse like face?! My name is Emily and I am around 7 years old and only about 6 lbs. I’m a golden gal who loves walks around the block and then snuggling in your lap the rest of the day! I tend to open up to my adult human pals quite quickly and you can tell I am eager to bond with my favorite people. I am currently in foster with two giant 80lb furry siblings and do great. They don’t bother me and I don’t bother them, so it’s a perfect relationship really. I really wouldn’t mind hanging with a confident mellow sibling of my own some day. Those kitties are not my favorite though, so none in my home please.    My foster parent’s say I am the easiest going pupper they have ever met. I just hang around in the yard all day, catch some rays, and then back inside for snuggle session. And if your not available to join in? No worries! I can even tuck myself into bed. Ha! My soulful eyes are enough to draw anyone in, but my adorable personality is the icing on the cake! Cuddly, sweet, and hilarious, I would love to spend these sunny summer days with you! Fill out an application, so we can meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350.

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