July 30th, 2020

My name is Marlena, here to make you smile! I’m a quirky girl that is full of love and personality, and a petite girl that is just around 18 months old. One thing that makes me extra special is the fact that I was born pretty much totally blind. I still have both of my beautiful, blood-orange eyes, however I am not able to see and so sometimes I take a little longer to adjust to my surroundings. One I’m comfortable, however, I am a sweet, cuddly little girl who will make muffins in your lap! I’m also very playful and am really good at chasing wand toys or finding jingly balls to tear around with. I’ve got a big purr and will happily snuggle up with you and roll around for pets — I’m very charming, after all! I’m a quiet girl and fairly low-maintenance despite my lack of vision. I will definitely need to be totally indoors, which I’m used to, and I do well in a smaller space such as an apartment setting, though I have no problem leaping from space to space once I know my environment well. I’m also great at following my person around and keeping close to wherever you are. I have lived peacefully around other cats before, though extra time during transition is always going to be key for me since I am not as initially confident and need patience while I adjust to new things. For this reason, I would also do best in a home with either older, respectful kids or no kids. Blind cats can live very happy, full lives and the doctor at Pixie does not believe I’m in any pain or that I’ll need any special medical care. There are some tips on how to help your blind kitty at this website here: https://www.thesprucepets.com/how-to-help-a-blind-cat-553892 Are you looking for a sweet, special young lady like me? I’m so excited to find my forever family! Won’t you fill out an application to meet me today? I’m currently residing in a foster home, and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

July 29th, 2020
mmccl2@pdx.edu FOR MORE DETAILS*
Howdy! My name is Hannah, I’m a 7 year old Black Lab/Pit mix and I weigh in at about 50lbs. I’m a curious, intelligent, kind, cuddly pup and will take any opportunity to snooze either next to you or somewhere in the sun. I especially like showing off my tricks for your friends (but only if I’m getting a treat out of it)! I love to explore and sniff around the block. Sometimes, my mama has to hold me back from chasing squirrels, but I’m pretty leash-trained besides that. Some of my favorite things are: playing tug with you, going to the beach and swimming in the water, going on long walks, meeting new people, and taking naps all afternoon! But with any pup you meet, I have a story as well. I originally come from a woman who raised me since I was just a pup and I developed anxiety when I was 7 months old. I take two medications to help with my anxiety, and they usually keep me pretty stable. I’m also dog selective, meaning I really like sniffing and playing with some dogs, but other pups intimidate me and I get timid and on edge. I also love, love, love my owner SO much! With that, I need someone who can either desensitize my separation anxiety, or hang out with me all day!  I’d prefer a home with a stable routine, no small children, and an owned home in a quiet and peaceful area. If there is another dog in the home it would need to be a confident male dog companion around my size. I’ve had two wonderful owners, but am in need of a better environment so everyone (especially me) can thrive.
I come vaccinated, micro-chipped, and with all my food, medications, toys, and bed!
I’m hoping I can find my forever home, and my mama really wants to help out with that. If you are interested, she is best reached through email: mmccl2@pdx.edu
I hope you have a darn tootin’ goofin’ good day!

July 26th, 2020

The kittens are here!!! We have oodles of cute little kittens waiting for their new homes! They are all sweet, cuddly, playful and looking for love! Please fill out an application to find out what we have available, as it changes daily. All kittens are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption. Kittens 16 weeks and under must go in pairs if there is not another social, friendly cat already in the home for socialization purposes. They are vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed/neutered with an adoption fee of $135 each ($243 for a pair). We are currently closed except by appointment, so fill out an application today to meet them! If you have any questions, please email info@pixieproject.org for more information.

July 22nd, 2020

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Voted cutest dog in all of Portland! Ok, well maybe the papers haven’t posted my handsome portrait just yet, but they just have to right?! My name is Rory and I am a 5-6 year old Lab mix weighing in around 75 lbs. Sure I am a big guy, but those who know we tell you that I am an even bigger goofball and that I have the biggest heart of them all! I am a very active and sporting type lab mix who could play ball all day every day for the rest of my life if someone was up to it! Ha! Though right now, I have to keep pretty rested as unfortunately I am heartworm positive. But Pixie is getting me all treated and fixed up and ready to find my new home! I just need a little down time to get healthy before I am able to get back to my spunky self again. I am looking for an owned home with some space since I am such a big and active fella. I do love to romp around with my dog buddies, but can sometimes be a little boisterous, so places like dog parks would be a bit too much for me. But I would absolutely love to have a doggy sister in my home to play with and who is a perfect fit for my playstyle. I have lived with cats just fine in the past, so a confident and dog savvy cat in the home would be just fine. I am a very affectionate and bouncy guy who is happy to be around my human pals 10 and up. Silly, energetic, and overall just a good boy looking to find my forever family today! Will it be you? Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $350. Interested in fostering me while I search for my home? Email info@pixieproject.org

July 22nd, 2020

*Snoring*… Oh what? Sorry! Didn’t see you there. You caught me during my mid afternoon snooze. Oh it’s the evening, now? Well during this life of retirement, you can take a nap whenever you want! It’s the bees knees if you ask me. My name is Jasper and I am 11 pounds of adorableness. At 9 years old, I am all about that relaxing lifestyle. Snoozing, treats, and sunbathing are my go to daily activities. I do enjoy my neighborhood walks, but prefer a stroll in a quieter area away from all these young hooligans wanting to play with me at the park. I am a bit of a grumpy guy sometimes when it comes to first meeting other dog friends, but I am in foster with a mellow lady doggy pal and I really like her! We snuggle all the time! No kitties in my home please. I am not your average Chihuahua in that I am not a huge fan of being picked up. I would much rather do my thing and solicit the attention when I see fit. Thus, I am looking for an adult only owned home with someone who is ok with my independence. My favorite spot is the back of the couch where I watch the world go by.  It’s the little things that I enjoy the most. That small spot of sun in the living room. The smell of fresh food out of the oven. Watching the Golden Girls on the couch with you in the evenings. I love it all and can’t wait to share these special moments with my new family. Fill out an application today to set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

July 21st, 2020


Hello!  I am Tchotchke — my name comes from the old knick-knacks you find at the back of a dusty antique shop!  I am a quirky kitty, looking for a forever home. I am somewhere around 6-7 years old. I’ve lived with cats and dogs, and am a little standoffish at first, but eventually warm up to other animals and humans. Currently I live an indoor/outdoor life with access to a cat door, but I have always preferred to stay close to the house. Previously I lived in an apartment and adapted to the litter box just fine. I have a common condition called hyperthyroidism, which requires me to take a daily dose of medicine that can be easily wrapped in pill paste or pockets to give to me like a treat!  I still enjoy playing, and I zoom across the living room with lighting speed.  Would you like to meet me?

Please email Stacey at sjaepith@gmail.com or text 503-819-8903 for more information.

July 7th, 2020

We haven’t slowed down.

Read about our work HERE.

June 25th, 2020

Partial sun, a little bit of water, yummy treats to help with training, and lots of love is all that is needed to help this Ivy grow into her full potential! Hi everyone. My name is Ivy. What kind you ask? Well that is a good question! I am a total unknown mix, a hybrid of maybe some pitbull or doberman? But regardless of breed, at 12 weeks, I am a pretty big lady already and will most likely get to be around 50-60 lbs when full grown. But again, it is a total mystery! I am in a very important socialization stage in my puppyhood and I am going to require a lot of time and training to make sure I learn all about the world in a positive manner. PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION!! I am a total sweetheart with a love of toys and cuddling in your lap–and even at the same time! I of course still have some puppy manners I need to work on and because I need all the focus on me for a bit, I would do best in a home with kiddos over 5. I would need an owned home with a family who isn’t gone long periods of time, at least in the beginning, until I get a bit bigger and get on a regular potty routine. I am excellent with other doggies and am still getting used meeting kitties, so a dog savvy cat would be best in my home. Though just a little high maintenance in it’s younger days, watching this Ivy flower and blossom while sharing some adventures along the way is totally worth the extra effort! Loving, silly, sweet, and full of that puppy energy, I am ready to start out on life’s long and fun journey with a family of my own! Fill out an application today and we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $450. 

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