November 5th, 2020

Oh hi! Didn’t see you there. Well that may be because I don’t really see much at all. But I don’t let that get in my way and seem to adapt to new environments quickly! My name is Greg and I am a sweetie pie 12 lb poodle mix. At 12 years young, though I am mostly about the sleepy and cuddle times, I do love to occasionally play with my toys! I will happily bring it over to you to throw and since I can’t really see where it lands, I have to use my mighty nose to sniff it out! My fosters say it’s pretty darn cute. Since I am not the young hiker that I used to be, walks aren’t really my style. So instead my amazing foster parents carry me out to my potty spot and I immediately go, and then it’s back inside for another cuddle session! I am a social guy who doesn’t really mind being around other mellow cats and dogs, and I am always happy to greet new human friends. Though I still have a fun and feisty side, I am mostly a mellow fellow, and am looking for a quiet retirement home with someone who can give me lots of love! And I of course, will give you lots in return! In fact, when you get home from work or running errands, I will always excitedly greet you at the door flipping on my back for some belly rubs. I still have that spunk after all! Playful, silly and easy going, I am just a nice gentleman looking for a cozy lap to rest my head as we cuddle the days way! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chip with an adoption fee of $300. 

November 4th, 2020

Howdy! My name is Earl and I am a 8 yo 25lb Chihuahua/Beagle mix hailing all the way from the South. Texas to be exact! My hobbies include: eating, waiting to eat, lots of sniffing, and sleeping either in my crate or in the sunshine on the deck. I am a pretty independent guy overall who appreciates my space and those who respect it. The kittens in my foster don’t understand that just yet, and I usually give them an old man grumble. A little “stay off my lawn” exclamation. I seem to completely ignore and tolerate the other small pups in my foster home and will even cuddle with them on the couch, so another small mellow dog like myself would be just fine in my home. But I would rather not live with boisterous puppies or kitties, and since I really like my space, I would do best in adult only home as well. I am not a total curmudgeon and I do really like to play fetch with my toys or cuddle with my friends! My favorite place is often in your lap on the couch. I do really well in my crate and often times choose to nap there on my own, but I can get a little sad when you first leave for the day. Plus, I like to follow my nose and can be a little bit of an adventurer out the front door. So a home with a secured yard and that doesn’t share walls with neighbors would be ideal for me. I seem a little scared of stairs and hardwood floors, so ideally I wouldn’t have a ton to navigate in my new place.  Silly, cute, and overall just a sweet old soul, I am ready to sit on the back porch with forever companion, sipping tea, and watch the world go by. Sound like your ideal day too? Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350. 


November 3rd, 2020

How do you do?! My name is Miss Hazel and I am a sweet 6 year old Pitty mix weighing in at 72lbs. I am a soft and sensitive lady with a mellow personality who enjoys the finer things in life, such as cuddles on the couch, lots of tasty treats, and following the sunbeam around the house to absorb the warmth. Coming from Texas, I am bit sensitive of these high traffic and loud areas, so I am looking for a house in quieter neighborhood. The staff don’t seem to think I would be much of hiker. Instead, I am much more of a lazy snuggly, wrapped up in the blanket like a burrito pitopotamus that yearns to be close to my human pals over 10.  I have met a few dog friends here at Pixie and I was quite the flirt! When I met the office kitty, I was definitely interested in meeting her but called away easily with treats.  Thus, I could potentially be ok in a home with a super confident and dog savvy cat. More than anything though, I just like being with my people and I yearn for that companionship! Someone who can tell me about their day while giving me belly rubs. Someone who won’t mind if I steal the covers in the middle of the night. Someone who will tell me stories while we sit on the back porch watching the world go by. Lovely, gorgeous, and such a sweetheart, I ready to find my forever home today. Will it be with you? Fill out an application so we can set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. Interested in fostering me while I search for my home? Email 

November 2nd, 2020

Hola! My name is Chula and I am a 4 yo Mini Schnauzer mix weighing just 12 lbs. Do you know what Chula means in Spanish? Pretty, gorgeous and lovely which describes me to a T! I am a sensitive lady who is fairly shy with new people, but with a little time, patience, and a lot of tasty treats, I eventually warm up. Lots of pets and handling are still a bit scary for me, so I would do best in a home with older kiddos over 12 who are ok with me approaching them on my own time. I do enjoy my potty walks with the Pixie staff, especially on the days where there is little traffic and it’s very peaceful out. Calm and quiet is what I am all about! Like a cozy afternoon with me on my bed at your feet while you read your favorite book or a day of gardening with me napping in the brightest sunbeam. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a little playful at times. I just love playing with my squeaky toys after all! But a house in a low traffic area would be more my speed. Especially since I do occasionally like to practice my arpeggios in which everyone instantly becomes a critic with the hardest ones being wall sharing neighbors.  When it comes to my dog friends, I am a bit aloof. I am always appropriate and tolerant,  but I don’t seem to want to interact with the other dogs. Even though busy places like dog parks would be too much for me, I would do ok with a mellow adult dog who respects my space. I am a very sweet gal and once I feel comfortable, I am ready to be your lifelong friend! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, spayed and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

November 2nd, 2020

*Due to high volume of applications, please allow us 24 hours to process your application*

What’s long, but short and full of spunk? It’s me, Lacey-the silly and super sweet 1 yo lab/bassett mix! Everyone just loves me and my goofy antics so much, they say I should have my own comedy tv show. And I think that is a swell idea. Getting lots of attention and laughs sounds right up my ally! At 29 pounds, I am not much of a hiker. But I do love neighborhood walks and I would have a blast running on the beach or joining you at your favorite outdoor patio in the summer! I am very much a energetic puppy and still have quite a bit of learning to do as TRAINING CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION. From potty training, to basic commands, to walking politely on leash, all things that I am sure will come easy to me since I am so very much food motivated and eager to please! When it comes to meeting new people, I am the star of the show…the funny wisecracker of the group if you will, and I greet everyone of all ages with happy bounces and kisses! With my dog friends, I love to play too but can get sometimes overwhelmed by in your face playstyles. And if I do meet a pup that is too much for me, I am very soft and all I will do is just roll on my side and tap out. I met the office kitty at Pixie and I did get really excited when I saw her and wanted to play. So a confident dog savvy kitty in my home would be ok. With my unique and adorable body, a home with lots of stairs probably wouldn’t be ideal. With the fact I can get a bit houndy with my bark (I am part bassett after all!), plus the potential for puppy chewing and some accidents while I figure this whole “going outside” thing out, I am looking for a house whose neighbors won’t mind if there is a bit of hound like baying every once in awhile. I can’t help it. Sometimes my jokes are so funny, I crack myself up!  But I am ready to have my an audience to call my own. Will I make you laugh? Let’s find out! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.  

November 2nd, 2020

*Head Tilt* Did you say cuddles, treats, and jogging around the block? How did you know those were my favorite things?! My name is Abigail but most folks just call me Abby. I am a bouncy and energetic 1 yo Border Collie mix weighing around 47lbs and hailing from…you guessed it, the South! If my adorable face and Southern charm aren’t enough to real you in, then how about the fact that I am an extremely goofy and very human social gal who is eager to say hi to all my new friends over 12. I definitely could use some of the basics and am still learning some manners, so TRAINING CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION. Because of my spastic working dog antics, I am looking for a family in a house who have some experience with large high energy dogs. Someone who can teach me frisbee or how this fetch thing works or how to join you on your daily runs! Though I am very exuberant with my people, I am fairly shy with other furry dog friends and it does take me some time to warm up. I am very appropriate and communicative when I feel uncomfortable but places like busy dog parks or bustling hiking trails will be too overwhelming for me. Instead, I would do best with one on one play with an adult male pup who can read my signals and who will let me come out of my shell on my own time. With my tendency to chase, I would need a kitty free home. I am a working dog through and through, and I bet I would be awesome at some backyard agility or nosework games too! With me being so smart and eager to learn, the possibilities are endless. So let’s get started today! Fill out an application, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

November 1st, 2020

Smokin hot, this handsome pup is the best Brisket in town. Howdy! You heard right…the name is Brisket and as you can guess, I hail from the South-Texas to be exact. At 2 years old, I am a spunky energetic cattledog mix weighing in around 40 lbs. At first I was pretty mellow, but after settling in I became much more of a puppy than originally thought! So I am going to need some of the basics for sure and lots of commitment and stability, but I am very food motivated which helps with my training. Though I am quite boisterous, I am also a sensitive guy with some initial stranger danger, and it can take a little to warm up to new people, especially men. This just results in me being a bit barky, but with the help of some tasty treats, I will eventually warm up. This makes activities such as hikes, dog parks, going on trips, hanging out at the nature park very overwhelming for me since there are a lot of new people we may run into. In fact, I am in a foster home with a big fenced property that I run around all day with the other dogs and that really seems to be more my speed. Thus, I am looking for a dog experienced adult only owned home in a quieter low foot traffic neighborhood or even rural environment would be ok too. I really love to romp with my doggy pals and am currently in a foster home with a few. It is super fun and I really need to have another doggy friend in my home to help boost my confidence! No kitties in my home please. As you can see, I am a playful gent with a love of squeaker toys. Look how much they make me smile! Though I have lots of learning still, I am so worth the extra effort as we snuggle the night away on the couch. So grab the corn and the salads, but don’t forget the best part of every BBQ is the Brisket! Fill out an application today and we can set up a meet. I come you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

October 19th, 2020

When you are feeling a little down in life, all you need is a little bit of Hope! After all, hope has gotten me through lots of ups and downs and landed me in a safe place while I look for my forever family. At 3 years old, I am a very sweet and sensitive Pointer/Lab mix that weighs about 60lbs. I am a Southern gal at heart coming from Texas where I was very much a rural doggy through and through. Coming to the city has been a little hard of a transition for me as I still get a bit jumpy at sounds and am pretty timid in new environments and situations. But I am currently in foster out of town a ways on some property, so I am looking for a house in a similar quiet low traffic area. I also gain a lot more confidence when I have another doggy to follow around, so I would really like another pup in my home! Not those rowdy pups but a nice mellow adult friend who is chill like me. No kitties in my home please! I do have a little hitch in my giddy up from an old injury that was not attended to properly in my past, but it isn’t really painful as much as it just makes me have a little bit of a funny walk. Speaking of walks, with my being a bit of shrinking violet, I am not really too much into hikes or going on trips or parks. Eventually with a confident fur sibling, I might get more interested in quiet neighborhood walks. But right now in foster, I am perfectly happy just roaming the yard! It takes me a second to warm up to new human pals, but once I do, you can instantly see how loving I am. I just want to be your companion! Thus, I would do best in a home with patient kiddos 13 and up, who won’t mind if I may not run up to them right away. Overall I am just an adorable gal who is ready to blossom in her forever home today! Fill out an application, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

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