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The Pixie Project
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What is The Pixie Project?

We’re a nonprofit animal rescue that focuses on doing really great, family friendly cat and dog adoptions. We also run a low-cost veterinary clinic to provide care to senior, veteran, disabled, and low-income pet owners.

What is your adoption process?

If you’re interested in adopting a cat, fill out an application and we will set up a time for you to meet the cats you’re interested in! All meets and adoptions are currently happening by-appointment and filling out the application is the first step! Available kittens are not always listed on our website individually–filling out the application is the first step to meet available litters.

For dog adoptions, be sure to check out our available dogs on our website. From there, filling out an application is always the first step even before you meet the dog! That way, we can help to ensure that it’s a great match and really set you up for success with your new family member. Once we have that application, we will set up a time for you (and everyone in your household, including other dogs) to meet the dog you’re interested in. If it’s a match, we’ll do a go-home talk to share everything we know about your new pup and pass along training information and tips. From there, your dog goes home with you on a two-week trial adoption. If everything is great after two weeks, we finalize!

How do we visit your animals?

Our cats and dogs live on-site as well as in foster homes, but meets and adoptions are by appointment only. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins. Filling out a dog or cat application is the first step to setting up a meet! (Even if there isn’t a specific dog or cat that you’re interested in, fill out the application! That way we’ll have it if you see a pet you’d like to meet!)

How many animals do you have?

We can house up to 24 dogs at Pixie and we usually have another 10 to 15 in awesome foster homes. We usually have about 12 cats on site (more when it’s kitten season) and a few more in foster homes.

Where do you get your animals?

We get the majority of our animals from overcrowded, understaffed shelters when they’re full, they call us for help. We are often able to assist with owner surrenders, depending on space and circumstances. For owner surrenders, please reach out via these forms:

Cat Owner Surrender Questionnaire

Dog Owner Surrender Questionnaire 

Why is your adoption process so different from other shelters?

We want to make sure we’re setting everyone up for success, so we want to make sure that we know exactly what adopters are looking for to help them meet the dogs that are going to be the best matches.

We strongly believe in finding the right home for our animals and giving people the tools they need to be great pet owners. We do this through extensive medical and behavioral evaluations of our animals, assistance in guiding adopters towards the perfect pet for their family, and a high-level of support throughout the adoption process.

What type of dog training do you use?

All of our dogs are given thorough behavioral assessments by qualified dog trainings and we use (and require) only scientifically-based, positive reinforcement training.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Our volunteer program is currently on hold. Keep an eye on our website to learn when orientations are open. Email to learn more. (Volunteers must be at least 16.) Learn more HERE.

What services do you provide in your clinic?

We primarily perform affordable spay/neuter surgeries for the public. We can also do other surgeries that will help people keep their pets with them in their home (rather than surrender them to a shelter over the cost of care) including mass removals, amputations, etc., but services are limited because we are only able to operate one or two days a week. (Your donation can help increase our clinic capacity!) Please contact our clinic directly for specific information and scheduling. Our clinic does not have a veterinarian on site every day and all clinic services are by appointment only.

How is the Pixie Project funded?

Pixie does not receive any government funding. We rely, in small part, on program service fees, but the majority of our funding comes from amazing donors like you!

What does my adoption fee include?

Every animal from Pixie has been spayed/neutered, given essential vaccines, treated for parasites, micro-chipped, and given a health check. Cats and dogs are also treated for any medical issues so you can start your life together without giant veterinary bills.

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