November 7th, 2018


Hi, I’m Juno, and I’m looking for my new forever family! I’m a smart, loving Labrador Border Collie mix, which means I have a lot of energy! I will be two on February 26th, 2019. I’m great with other dogs, and with confident cats (will chase runners though), and would prefer to live in a home with an even tempered, confident, male dog. I go to daycare a couple days a week to play with friends, but I also stay home alone, uncrated, up to six hours, in a tidy home; then I’m unable to get into anything if I get bored. I like to snuggle up to my family at night and I take sleep very seriously; I don’t even wake up my humans for breakfast! I love belly rubs, butt scratches and snuggling.

I also really like people, and love being with my family as much as I can. Sometimes I get so excited when I see people that I jump at them to get close. I also love (like, LOVE) chasing squirrels. I respond well to positive-reinforcement training (big word for a dog, I know) and clicker training.

I know commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘lay down’,’turn around,’shake,’come’,and ‘place’ (although I’m still kinda learning ‘place’). I could probably do with some more consistent and advanced training. I’ve got great recall, I’m good on car rides, love the outdoors/hiking (PNW cliche, I KNOW!) and am mostly well behaved. I love running (like, LOVE, running), and jumping up on logs and park structures! I’d have fun in agility classes. I don’t chew on shoes (gross) but do like to tear up empty cardboard boxes and dig when I’m a bit bored, so I’m really excited about puzzle games!

I think I’d like to live on a ranch or a farm (and chase sheep and horses and stuff), or would at least need a BIG backyard to run around in. I’m able to jump high so a tall fence would be required for my safety. I would NOT be a good city dog (I already have enough excitement as it is, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) and can be a bit vocal when I don’t get what I want. I am really happy, affectionate, and cute.

I need a new owner that’s experienced with working dogs, doesn’t have younger kids, is active, and patient, and kind. I wouldn’t do well being left alone all the time as I am very social, so occasional daycare, or a dog sibling for me to play with, or a family member that is home most of the time, would be best for me. I’m super excited to find my perfect family and can’t wait to meet you!

For more information, please call/text Kristen at  (360) 952-9008  or email at

Juno Video!

November 6th, 2018


Hi! I’m Moxxi (of Borderlands fame)! I was born May 25th, 2012 in Bristol, United Kingdom! I am a well-travelled jetset kitty who has lived in Bristol, London, and Kent in England and in Texas and Oregon in the states. I have a very petite bone structure as my mother was a purebred Siamese. I do really well with other kitties and have been spayed. I enjoy the outdoors, whether I have freedom to roam in your neighborhood or you’d prefer to take me out on my harness (I love when you bring me along to nearby picnics so I can lay down and watch my surroundings!)

I am very immaculate at keeping myself clean and grooming is a big hobby for me as is curling up on your lap or bed while you read. When it’s cold, I’ll sometimes come under the covers with you and purr. I helped my first owner complete her dissertation by being close by for cuddles and support before her visa ran out and she had to return to the UK. I am currently cohabiting with her best friend, who, while she loves me to bits, can’t give me as much attention as she’d like because she keeps her bird and I separate.

I am very loving and sweet. I have never scratched or bitten anyone, even when I’m given a bath. I can hold my own in a conversation if you’d like to converse with me as well! If I ever need medication, stir it into some type of wet food with gravy and I promise I’ll be good and eat it all up! I also love being fashionable and will wear any bandana you put on me with pride. I don’t thrive with dogs or young children around – they can be a bit stressful for me, but have lived with 3 other cats in the past. If I seem quiet while adjusting, catnip helps me come out of my shell!

I can come to you with all my luggage if you’d like- which includes a cat tree, walking harness with leash, office-grade laser, airline approved carrier, bathtime leash, litter box, and a few toys like my Kickeroo. I had a vet exam/shots/microchip performed earlier this year so I’m good to go on that front! I’m so excited to meet you!

Please contact Alaina Francis, 971-288-3625,

November 2nd, 2018

Zane is my name and being adorable is my game! I am a hilarious 7 year old chihuahua/mini aussie mix weighing in at around 10lbs. Yes, yes I know. You’re thinking, is this guy really a mini aussie? Well no one knows for sure, but both the dog trainers at Pixie have been around plenty of aussies in their time and they said my personality is spot on. And you might also notice my brother Zephyr is up for adoption too! We are not bonded and would rather be apart as we are both very different. I am the more outgoing one with people, though can still be a teensy shy at first, but with a few treats I open up and am ready to go! I am actually an active guy with a pretty big toy obsession. Still working on the drop it part of fetch, but I am learning thanks to the Pixie team. I am a fast learner too and would be excellent at nose work or puzzle games. Though I do have a couple of doggy pals I enjoy hanging with at Pixie, I can be a bit picky with my dog friends, so dog parks aren’t really my thing. I am a little bit curious about those cats, so a confident dog savvy kitty would be ok in my home. After a day of playing in the yard or   some nice walks around the neighborhood, I am ready snuggle in close on the couch with my adult only human pals. Zany and brainy, and pretty cute too, I am ready to find my life time play buddy. Will it be you? Fill out an application today, so we can meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

November 1st, 2018

I am Sienna — the stunning 2-year-old girl ready to fill your life with love and color. I’m a very loving and friendly kitty that enjoys lots of lounging in the sunshine, string chasing, and when I’m feeling really comfy — belly rubs! I’m a youthful young lady that doesn’t mind sharing my space with other friendly cats like me, and would do great as an addition to almost any household where I could receive lots of love. Here at Pixie, I’ll often seek out other kitties to cuddle with, groom, and wrestle with, so I’d make a wonderful friend for another young kitty in the home, and have some friends here at Pixie I wouldn’t mind going home with as well. Like most confident cats my age, I’m very playful and curious and love to explore my environment and watch the world go by out the window. That’s all the outdoor experience I need though, as I’m very content being an indoor kitty. I’m a healthy and hearty girl and ready to find my forever home, so I hope you’ll come meet me soon! I’m currently living in the Pixie cattery, and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

October 31st, 2018

Sweet little Winnie the calico and her big brown tabby brother Lance are two 2-year-old siblings who will steal your heart! These cats are absolute softies who love to roll over and flirt for pets — they are just the cutest! These precious kitties have been together their whole lives and are looking for a home they can go to together. They are very good-natured and social, and would do just fine in a home with other animals and kids, but would also make a great pair for someone who is currently pet-less and will keep each other company while their owner(s) work, if needed. They are still young and can be pretty playful once their settled in! Lance is just a tad bit more confident and is usually the first one to check new people and places out while Winnie hangs out and watches her brother scope things out. All it takes is one good chin scratch, and then Winnie melts like butter in your hands. Her mellow demeanor and incredibly darling face will be enough for you to fall in love right away — can’t you tell? These kitties would do very well in an indoor-only home and will be a great fit for almost any family. We hope you’ll meet them soon — you won’t be able to stop yourself from snatching them up! They are currently residing at Petco Unleashed on NW 23rd and Burnside, so please stop by and say hello! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

October 31st, 2018


ANNIKA is a 5½ years old, Siamese-mix, long-haired cat. She has beautiful, slightly crossed blue eyes, stand-out freckles and her fur is a lovely mix of colors. Annika has been spayed, microchipped, and is strictly an indoor cat. She is up to date with all necessary vaccinations. She is also in excellent health and she had her annual exam and teeth cleaned this past summer. She currently has a health insurance policy for major medical coverage, which can be transferred to the new owner.

Annika needs to be in a fairly quiet household “ she has been raised with me and one other cat. She should be okay with another cat if it isn’t very aggressive, and she may also do well around a small dog that doesn’t bark a lot or is nervous. Annika could also do well with older, laid back children. She may shut down and hide for a while in her new home. In spite of her playful, sassy self, she’s pretty shy and easily scared and will need someone who is patient and gentle and has the time to spend with her to get used to her new surroundings. Ideally, she would like a stay-at-home parent and prefers to hang out wherever you are. When Annika feels happy and safe, she is a wonderful blend of sweet, playful, funny and loving.

For more information, please contact Alex at

October 30th, 2018


Ryah is a tortoise-shell cat, about 7 years old, who needs a quiet life with a single person. She is sweet and loves to be pet and to eat cheese from your hand. She will sit on your lap and let you pet her for hours, when she trusts you. She loves being brushed with a fine-tooth comb. She will be happy to sleep on your bed with you. She will come and greet you when you get home from work or the store. She is street-smart and can be indoors or outdoors. However, she has a history of abuse and needs some special things: She needs a house without men or children. A single person would be ideal. Loud noises, sudden movement, and voices scare her and make her hide. Other pets, especially cats, lead to her marking her territory *outside* the litter box. She is healthy other than her anxiety, and a few months ago had permanent treatment for hyperthyroidism. Her levels are normal now, and she is a healthy weight. Her shots have been kept up, and she has no medical problems at this point.
If you are interested in meeting this sweet girl, please call William Irving…
HOME/CELL: 707-679-8010. (During daytime hours wed-sat)
WORK: 503-490-5298.

October 30th, 2018

I’m the adorable Smokey, a slightly smoosh-faced little 2-year-old girl that will surely warm your heart. I’m a very cuddly and kind girl that is playful as well! I’m a petite kitty that is very personable and okay with sharing my space with other cats. There’s not a lot of history on me but it’s clear I’ve been very well socialized to people and other animals, and I’m a very confident girl that would adjust easily to pretty much any home. Since I’m so young and playful and social, I’d probably be happiest in a home where I got a lot of attention, or where I had another furry friend to hang out with. I seem to be totally happy with being indoors where it’s nice and warm and my belly is full. I know you’ll fall in love with me quickly, especially if you offer me a lap to jump into! Won’t you come in and meet me soon? I could use a new best friend! I’m currently living in the Pixie cattery and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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