April 16th, 2021


Bobby is a year and eleven month old seal point siamese cat. She has a gorgeous darker coat that shines in the light. She is looking for a home with no dogs, cats or young children. She needs someone who can give her lots of attention without other animals confusing her or over-stimulating her. Bobby is full of personality, she is a queen of her kingdom! She is always curious and interested in all new things, people and toys. She is also one of the most playful cats you will ever meet! She loves playing with her toys and also loves hunting for treats we have placed for her around the house. Because of her age though, she is still learning how to play properly, and if she feels you aren’t paying enough attention or playing right, she can turn her energy towards you. But she is learning to take breaks when this happens by my partner and I redirecting her and walking away. Bobby loves to let her personality shine through her songs and phrases too. She will always let you know when she wants to hang out, and she will let you know when she is done. Bobby tends to let you know how she is feeling through her body language immediately, and also with her mouth. She tends to let people know when she is overstimulated with bites on the arm or hand when she wants to be left alone, or if she didn’t like something. We have been working with her to understand she doesn’t need to bite and can let us know in other ways, and we have definitely seen her understanding better, though she still uses it quite often to communicate. If you are not okay being bitten or scratched while working with her to improve her manners, this isn’t the cat for you. She has never been an outdoor cat but in the right situation that could allow her to get some energy out and that would be greatly beneficial. Bobby is a super smart lady with a grand personality, and while she still needs some help learning and understanding some things, she is an incredibly affectionate and loving little lady.

If you’re interested in Bobby, please contact Eamon at adopt.bobbythecat@gmail.com

April 9th, 2021

Oh hello there! Just waking up from the best afternoon nap. Ahh, so refreshing! I always have to catch up on my beauty sleep because you never know when the pupparazzi might strike. My name is Charlie and I make 13 years old look good. And fun too! At 9 lbs, I am silly and super sweet gent whose cute face is so adorable that everyone thinks I should be on all the magazine covers. Despite all the fans and popularity, I am quite the humble dude who enjoys the quiet life! Whether it’s burying myself in the blankets for a snooze or some cuddles, or if it’s enjoying the grass beneath my feet on my walks around the block, I am a simple guy who loves the simple things. My foster mom says that when I hear the word “outside” I just get so excited and wiggly. It is very cute! I can get a little overwhelmed by things like bicycles or loud trucks, so places like downtown are not ideal, and I would be much happier in a lower traffic area in town. I still sometimes like to play with toys and if you are sitting on the couch, I will set one down by your feet and look at you to throw it! The game doesn’t last very long but it is still super fun. I am very social and am happy to be around other mellow pups like myself. But I do tend to like to chase kitties sometimes, so none in my home please. I am still coming out of my shell more and more each day and greet new human friends over 12 with happy fully body wags. Sensitive, sweet and spry, I am just looking for a quiet retirement home full of snuggles, lots of love and some tasty treats too! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped with a dental scheduled at Pixie and recent bloodwork with an adoption fee of $350. 

April 2nd, 2021


Cora was a feral that showed up on our farm and took to living under a shed. She started attacking her tail, leaving it bloody and mangled so we live-trapped her and took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, a neurological disease where her nerves attack her so she attacks back. The initial prognosis was bleak. There’s no cure and her symptoms were severe. However, we didn’t want to give up on her so started her on high-quality (freeze-dried) cat food and medication, and moved her indoors. It took a while, but Cora started healing!

Cora’s transformation has been amazing! Her tail has healed completely and she no longer attacks it. She constantly purrs, loves to be pet, and loves to play with her catnip mouse and other toys. She really can’t get enough attention! She’s become such a sweet cat. The vet estimates that Cora is between 5-8 years old. She’s passed all her vet exams, is up on her shots, and her teeth look good. Aside from her FHS issue, she’s in great health. It’s assumed at this time that she will need to continue her medication and high-quality food to manage the FHS.

The perfect home for Cora would be a place that’s calm (probably no kids or other pets) and where she can live indoors. A fairly regular routine is also important as she needs her meds in the morning and evening every day. (The good news is that the medication is added to her food and she eats it without a problem!) Large, unexpected noises and movements scare her, but with a little patience, she will adjust to the right home and be a wonderful, loving companion.

For more info on Cora, you can read about her at https://kerriehubbard.com/coras-story/ or contact Shelley at 503-757-6151.


April 2nd, 2021

Hello Hello! How do you do?! My name is Scooter and I am just the adorable 10 month old Chihuahua pup for you! At 9lbs, I may be small, but my personality and heart are oh so big! I am a happy go lucky guy who is always down for some play whether it be with my human pals over 10, dogs pals or those confident kitties too. I enjoy going for my daily walks, but I am still learning all about the world and some leash basics. I am excitable guy which means I am pretty bouncy and full of spunk. I am a very food motivated gent which makes training a breeze. Not to mention, I love to learn! PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION. I bet after getting down the basics, I would be an awesome little PNW adventure partner. Hikes, camping, the beach-you name it! Even though I am a very active guy, I am still all about the snuggles and cuddles in the down time, and afternoon naps on your lap sound pretty good to me. I can sometimes get a little chatty when I am excited and having fun, so I would do best in a house without shared walls with neighbors. I am just a goofy, silly ball of energy ready to spring into your life and into action today! Fill out an application today, so we can meet. I come to you neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated with an adoption fee of $350. 

March 17th, 2021

Though I may not be as fast as Taz and his tornado, you sure will fall fast for my cuteness and charm! My name is also Taz and I am a 13 year old adorable Beagle. I am not sure why they gave me that name actually. I might have been like that silly Looney Tunes character back in the day, but I am much more of a go with the flow type of guy nowadays. Though I prefer a flow like thick molasses! Ha! At 38lbs, the vet said I technically need to be closer to 25 lbs, but I do enjoy my walks and veggies (like tasty green beans), so that shouldn’t be too hard of a goal to accomplish. Just keep in mind I am more likely to mosey than go for a long hike! I have such a sweet disposition and really just want to be everyone’s friend. In fact, I like hanging with other dogs so much, that one time I saw a stuffed animal dog and was so excited that I tried to play with it. What can I say? Friends make everything better! I don’t even mind hanging out with those kitties either. Because I am a bit older, I would do best in a home without a lot of stairs. Overall I am in great health for 13 and the vet said my bloodwork looks great! I do have two masses that they are not concerned about at all, but they do think it would be harder on me to get them removed than just letting them be, which I agree with! Just a couple of old man lumps and bumps but I am still very much a handsome guy. I am a really silly and sweet pup with a lot of love to share. Fill out an application today if you would like to be my forever foster family! 

February 18th, 2021


**Having to rehome due to a grandson with severe dog allergies. ** 

Missy is a 6 year old miniature pinscher/terrier who weighs 11 lbs. She was rescued from a puppy mill and fostered through the humane society until she was adopted at 8 weeks old by her current family. She is a content little dog, agreeable to just about anything. Missy is happy at home snuggle up in a warm blanket, sleeping by the fire, on your lap or laying out in the sun, playing with toys, hanging around the barn, camping, travels well, loves to go on walks, loves the beach. She’s great with other dogs, has a housemate and has gone to doggy care regularly for a couple years. Missy also gets along with cats.  

Since she is so small I think she would do best in either an adult only home or with older children that will respect her space. 

She’s very food motivated, and loves food a little too much – she has and will get her paws on anything left unattended if she can figure out how to get to it. Picnic tables are fair game!  

Missy does have an ongoing health issue – it was discovered that she was spayed too early (prior to her adoption at 8 weeks) and as a result has  infrequent trouble controlling her bladder. She is currently on Proin medication morning and night feeding for this condition which has helped immensely, although she still will potty in her crate at night once or twice a month.  She rings a bell on the door or kennel when she wants to go out 

If you feel Missy would be a good fit for your home please reach out to Nancy at 360-600-0877 or Shane 360-600-1175.  

February 17th, 2021


Hi, I’m Gracie and I am a snuggle-bug who loves to play. My foster mom thinks I’m adorable, smart, curious, loving, and wanting to please. (Moms are so sweet when they sing our praises, aren’t they?) As a 1 year old mixed terrier breed, I weigh in at 19 lbs. I can run and play in the yard by myself but would be delighted to have a doggie friend to play with.  After a good romp, I’d probably need a snooze, preferable curled up next to you with my head in your lap. Then I could sit by a window and be totally entertained watching the world go by. Heck, I sometimes like watching TV.

I’m very shy of new people and struggle with anxiety, likely due to lack of socialization during the time of Covid and experiences in my early life. At this point, I might take an hour and plenty of treats to warm up to new human friends. But once I do, I’m putty in their hands!! My foster mom asked a dog expert about my anxiety/fear. The expert said medication could help me adjust to new situations and people. At this point I am wary of men, new sounds, and new situations. But with patience, kindness, and understanding this could all change. I want so very much to write a new chapter in my life because I’m a sweet, fun-loving, cutie-pie, who wants nothing more than to be someone’s best friend and companion. 

Right now, my ideal home would have a yard in a quite neighborhood or in the country. A calm older dog who is well socialized could show me the ropes of how to be a confident dog and friend to all. I’d shine in a home with a predictable structure and no small children. It would great if my soft-spoken, mellow human companion is semi-retired, retired, or works at home. Three things to note: I am housebroken, not a barker, and at this point, I don’t like riding in cars.

So if you’re looking for a life-long companion with a sweet, fun loving character who will be devoted to you – look no further – that’s me! I’d come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $200. If interested in adopting me, please email Victoria at victoriahand@mac.com

February 4th, 2021

Oh hello! Are you my new friend? Yay! My name is Tyson and I am 4-5 year old Pitbull/Boxer mix weighing around 55lbs. Don’t let my serious face fool you. I’m quite the goofy and gushy guy! In fact, I’m a sensitive gentleman with a big heart. I enjoy my afternoon walks, especially when the sun is out! I am not crazy into toys just yet but I do get excited when you throw the ball. Sometimes I will even get the zoomies around the play yard! I have met other doggy friends and I enjoy a good romp session. I’m a teensy bit shy at first. More independent than anything, but I do open up quickly with some tasty treats. I am a sweet boy who can still get startled by a loud noise or two, so I am looking for a mellow house with kiddos over 12. I’m a little too excited around kitties, so none in my home please. I’m such a proper gent and really have that “sit” down perfectly! When I am in the play yard, I just politely sit and wait to meet my new friends. Handsome, silly, and uber sweet, I am so excited to find my forever pals today! Fill out an application, so we can set up a meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

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