December 6th, 2018


 Hank is a warm, affectionate 12 yr old male orange tabby weighing in at @14lbs. He has been a deeply beloved companion since I adopted him from the San Francisco SPCA in 2008. However, I am now moving to Viet Nam and it will neither be possible, nor advisable, to take him with me.
Initially shy and timid, Hank usually hides around new people. As he acclimates, he proves to be warm and cuddly and prefers companionship to being alone.  He is extremely sweet and loves to snuggle. He is still quite energetic and loves to  play; goes crazy for those fishing-rod type toys. He’s fully litter-box trained, neutered, and in good       health.  Indoors only.  Mellow with dogs and other cats; he tends to take his cues from them. He is also very  intelligent and responsive. He is a grazer; I leave out a bowl of dry food for him to eat at will, but also give him a small amount of  separate  wet food in the mornings and evening.  Original adoption papers available. Carries a tracking/ID chip from the SPCA.

 I am moving at the end of January and must find him a good home before then. He really is a wonderful companion. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to arrange a meet-and-greet.

Wayne T: 503-265-9415 or

December 5th, 2018



Hi! I was found wandering pregnant around a busy store begging for help, I tried to jump into people’s cars before this lady took me home and I had kittens in her house that night! She has temporarily named me Mama Kitty so that she could talk to me. I am probably between 2-5 years old. I am also now spayed and ready to live a life of luxury and relaxation! I seem to be fine with dogs, but I don’t think I like other cats. I don’t settle down and they make me very anxious, I am always worried about where they are at in the house. I like to play with a laser pointer and kitty toys, but I am fairly independent and sometimes just want to lay around. I don’t mind if you pick me up and love on me, but I am also okay with just hanging out with you! I can be very affectionate, but do appreciate some alone time.

If you’re interested in meeting me, please contact Jenna at 541 705 7159 or

December 4th, 2018

Haven’t had your fill of gravy this holiday season yet? Great, because my name is Gravy and I’m ready to fill your life with warmth and satisfaction! I’m a devilishly handsome 6-year-old Flame-Point Siamese boy that’s very chill and laid back. I’m a bit of a fluffy boy, and keep myself well-groomed though I don’t mind a good brushing now and again. I’m very used to living around dogs, and so far here in the Pixie cattery I’ve had no problem hanging out with other cats. I’m just a curious, calm, and mellow guy that’s very go-with-the-flow, and would make a great family pet or companion for someone looking for a gorgeous kitty with flavor and flare to share! I’ve only ever been an indoor kitty so would be happy to continue that way, and once I’m settled and comfortable in my home, I can still be a bit playful, especially excited about the laser toy or chasing string whizzing by. But I don’t have to tell you how wonderful I am — hopefully you can come by Pixie soon and see for yourself! I’m currently residing in the Pixie cattery and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

December 4th, 2018

I’m Zana, short for Zanahoria, meaning carrot — for my coloring of course! I’m an adorable 5 year old girl that is very special, since red-orange tabbies like me are almost always boys. That’s not the only reason I’m special, though! I’m also a very sweet girl who might be just a tad shy at first, but once you give me a couple of chin scratches, I will melt right into your hand and start purring and rolling around — it’s just darling! I’m used to living in an indoor, quiet household with a single person and that is just fine with me, but I’ve also lived peacefully around other mellow kitties and am very gentle and brave once I have a moment to warm up to a new environment. I’m a healthy and low-maintenance girl, mostly just looking for a lap to warm and cuddles since losing my former owner when they went to hospice care. I would make a great apartment kitty and fabulous best friend for anyone looking for a carrot-colored cat with a big heart and a warm, round, snuggly body to cuddle. I’m currently residing at Petco Unleashed on NW 23rd & Burnside, and hope you’ll come by to meet me soon! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

December 3rd, 2018

Hello! My name is Parker and I am a handsome and very loving 11 year old Cocker Spaniel. Weighing in at 25 pounds, I am gentle old soul eager to be someone’s companion. My foster likes to call me an ole grandpa dog. Of course he means it in the most endearing way, since I am such a tolerant, quiet, and low maintenance guy. But he also says I have more spunk in me than the resident chocolate lab and that I still loving going for walks, and enticing my foster bro to play with my cute little bows. I am a goofy guy who is sure to make you smile. At the end of a nice walk around the block or a play session, it’s time to cuddle! Whether it’s with my doggy pals or my human pals over 8, I am always down for some nice snuggles. I came into the shelter system in pretty rough shape, but with their kindness, I was able to get all the things I need to recover. Other than eye meds that I will always need for my chronic dry eye, I am now in great physical shape and have already had my bloodwork and dental done.   Sweet, silly, adorable and just so delightful, I am eager to meet you today! Fill out an application, so we can meet! I come to you vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped with recent dental and bloodwork with an adoption fee of $350.



November 30th, 2018


Sparrow is a 3 year old LOVING, GENTLE, shorthaired, indoor only, female tabby.She has no health conditions and is current with her vaccinations. I will happily provide documentation of her records from Blue Door Veterinarian.  The only odd-ball thing is that she does drools when she is being pet. I confirmed with Blue Door that it is not a symptom of anything than being happy. It is endearing since she is a dainty princess in every other way. Whomever is lucky enough to adopt this bundle of love will also need to keep a small towel around to wipe her chin during petting sessions. She is very playful, cuddly, and well-behaved. She has a polite and cheerful little meow and lightly darts about, which is how I came to name her after a bird. It is quite HARD to part with her but I already had 4 cats when I took her in  last winter.  She was likely a lost or abandoned baby 🙁  I intended to only keep her safe until finding her a permanent home but she is so pleasant that I have put it off too long. However, I need to give her up for her own quality of life. She unfortunately gets bullied by one of my other cats. She is friendly with my other 3 cats and a large dog but because but because of the one, she spends all day and night in my upstairs bedroom closet and bathroom. I know she is not a true “scaredy cat” and wants to venture out and explore but cannot because of this one other kitty. I don’t want to leave her cooped up like this 🙁  Please, if you or someone you know can give her a safe forever home you will not regret taking in such a dear girl.

For inquiries, please text or leave me a message: Corrine 971-227-3339


November 30th, 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Goldberg and I am a 12 year old Pomeranian weighing in at 10 pounds. I was found in pretty rough physical shape, but with the help of advocates for us pups, I was able to get all the medical support I needed to start my recovery. I have to say that I am doing pretty well, but still have some hair that is growing back in. Before you know, I will be back to my luxurious coat in no time. I am an older gent who really just likes to relax and be with my people. But I don’t mind have other mellow dogs or cats around either! Since I am looking for a quiet home to retire in, I would do best with my human pals over 12. I still enjoy my daily walks around the neighborhood, but then it’s back to the warmth of home, cuddling away on your lap. Though I enjoy snuggles, I am a pretty independent guy otherwise and am not overly needy, and am happy to rest in the comforts of my doggy bed. Overall, I am just a sweet guy who is eager to find my forever home for the holidays. Available for adoption, fill out an application today so we can meet! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped with an up to date dental and an adoption fee of $300.

November 29th, 2018

I am the handsome and fabulous Mr. Gatsby, a 4-year-old, de-clawed guy that loves to be the life of the party. I’m generally the first to come and greet people who visit the Pixie cattery, and will sometimes even hop right onto their shoulder for a ride if they’ll let me! I’m a very sweet guy that’s pretty mellow most of the time and also quite the gentleman around other animals. I lived with a very old kitty before our owner passed away and was always gentle and respectful around him. I’m a fairly curious guy and can get playful when I’m in the mood, and I’m also content to nap most of the day while you’re away as long as I get some cuddle time when you get home. Since I’ve been de-clawed, I absolutely will need to be indoors all the time, and that’s perfectly fine with me! I’d make a great apartment cat and am really just all about being where my person or people are. Are you looking for a fantastic gentleman to help host your next holiday party? I’d be thrilled to meet you, so I hope you’ll stop by soon! I’m currently residing in the Pixie cattery and come to you fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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