June 12th, 2024

🚨Handsome boy alert! 🚨

Dexter is a beautiful long haired, male, 4 year old, tuxedo. He has a luxurious coat that could use a family eager to give him brushings. He’s a bit on the shy side, but is slowly warming up to us, will almost certainly continue to come out of his shell in a loving home.

Dexter has lived with cats in the past, and could likely do so again. We don’t know how he’d react to kids or dogs, they may be a little intense for his gentle nature. If you’d like to meet Dexter, fill out our cat adoption application today! He would join your home neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated for an adoption fee of $120.

June 12th, 2024

If the shelter had a list of favorite kitties, Sticky would be at the top!! Why you ask? Well she is the most sweetest, spirited, and lovable kitty that doesn’t come around but once in a blue moon!

Its likely she will find herself perched on your shoulder, but if she’s not there then she’s probably rolling around being cute. Or playing with her wand toy, she lovesss to play like a kitten over a wand toy! This girl is playful, but not too crazy, and just the perfect amount of cat. She gets along well with other felines, and we think she might live alongside dog-friendly felines. She would enjoy little children hands as well!

Sticky has stolen our hearts and now that she has had her ear pyolp removed it’s time for us to send her off to her forever! If you want to get stuck to her like glue, send over a cat adoption application today! At 10 years of age, Sticky is considered a senior – but you’d never notice it! She’ll come to you spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $100.


June 11th, 2024

Ms. Biscuits is currently housed at Pets on Broadway, located at 2762 NE Broadway. Drop in during business hours and say hello!

All the way from Texas, this girl just cant wait to be the biscuits to your gravy! From the moment she stepped paws in our shelter, she was making biscuits and stealing hearts. Ms. Biscuits is 3 years old and has a active and petite build weighing just under 9 pounds. 

Ms. Biscuit gets along well with other cats, she really enjoys tackling and wrestling with her kitty friends at the shelter – shout out to Mama Melon! She also has a lot to say and loves to eat! While we aren’t sure why she was ear tipped, we can assure you that she is as friendly and sweet as they come. 

If Ms Biscuits sounds like the dish you’ve been missing, fill out a cat adoption application today! She’ll come to you spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $120.

June 11th, 2024

Felina is an 11 years-old calico who one of the most plump sweeties we’ve met in a while, weighing in at 16.6 pounds, there is plenty of her to love!

Felina enjoys to spend her days relaxing and tanning in the sun, and she’s got a lot of love and attention to give her person. She loves to gossip over temptation treats with her raspy meow, and her ideal evening includes being curled up under a nest of blankets to catch up on some reality tv (with you, of course!). She also loves breakfast in bed (see photo below). Because she’s more of a relax over snacks kinda gal, Felina prefers to be the solo queen of your castle, meaning no other kids, pups, or cats please.

If Felina sounds like the bestie you’ve been waiting for, please fill out our cat adoption application today to meet her! She will join your family spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated for an adoption fee of $120.

June 11th, 2024

*THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Bailey is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; for more information, email baileypdx@myyahoo.com

Fun playful days ahead.  Meet Bailey, a 3.5 year old mid-size 100% Australian Shepherd (~40lbs).  Spayed female, healthy, and updated vaccination.

Bailey is happy to hike or lounge around in a green space.  She is excited to be around playful dogs and humans, but can also dial it down when inside.  Playful and sensitive around children. 

Her ideal home would be active with parents that know Australian Shepherds.  She has mid-level energy and a friendly temperament.  Does require activity and stimulation to tame her energy. 

She would do great living solo in a loving home or with other well-behaved dogs. 

If this is the companion for you please email at baileypdx@myyahoo.com for more information. 

June 6th, 2024

Hey big world, meet Pippino!

Pippino is 3 months old, 3 pounds and nothing short of a little love munchkin. This guy was found wandering outside on his own and brought in as a stray — he’s so thankful to be inside and cannot wait to find a family of his own!

Pip’s personality is spunky, outgoing, and full of energy. He will do great with another playful kitty in the home, and we think he would be fond of children too. Due to his outgoing, brave nature, we think he might be curious about cat-savvy dogs too! Did we mention he has the cutest meow in the whole wide world?

Pippino does have an umbilical hernia and will need to have a quick and easy procedure to remedy this – but not to worry, Pixie will cover the cost of the procedure once he’s a little bigger! 

Pippino is the ultimate kitten — he is a bundle of joy and playful beyond measure. If you think Pippino might be the missing piece of your family, fill out our Cat Adoption Application today! His adoption fee is $150, and covers his neuter, vaccines, microchip, and hernia surgery for an adoption fee of $150.

June 6th, 2024

The violets are blooming and we have pick the prettiest one and she is here waiting for you. This perfect lil flower is named Violet, she is a domestic short hair tuxedo female around 4 years old. So if you love flowers but hate the pollen this may be the perfect substitute. Violet has lived with another cat before and we think as long as the other kitty is not too bossy she would share her sun bathing spots with them. We are unsure about canine companions but think that could be a little scary for this delicate flower. 

If you think Violet is the perfect arrangement for your home fill out our Cat Adoption Application today! She’ll come to you spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $120.

June 6th, 2024

Meet Tashi!

We love her for many reasons but most of all, she is incredibly outgoing, has fur as soft as silk and eyes like wildfire. There will never be a dull or quiet day with Tashi around, she is the ultimate companion and loves to accompany you from one room to the next. She twirls around for pets, exposes her belly for extra kisses, and is quite vocal — so you’ll never lose track of her!

We think she would do well in a home with children — the more the merrier as she is eager for love and attention. Tashi is 7-months old, 7 pounds, and will join your family for an adoption fee of $150, which includes spay, vaccination and microchip. If Tashi sounds like the girl for you, fill out a cat adoption application today! 

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