June 17th, 2021

It’s the Second Annual Pet Photo Contest with our friends at Portland Legacy Lions! For details on how to enter and make your pet a star, visit www.portlandlegacylions.org !  Proceeds benefit Pixie’s Spay/Neuter services!

June 15th, 2021

Hello! Sissy here, and I am just the silly gal you been waiting for! At around 7-8 years old, I am a hilarious and adorable MinPin mix weighing about 9lbs. When I first came to Pixie, I was a little sad since my owner passed away and was a bit nervous. But as soon as I went into a foster home, I opened up quickly! Especially with the help of my doggy friends. In fact, I have always been around dogs most of my life, and they give me a little confidence boost I need. Plus, having friends to run around with is so much fun, and thus I am really looking for a home with another fur friend. It’s just really helps me adapt to new things to have a pal to follow. I didn’t really seem too interested in the office cat at Pixie, so a dog savvy kitty would be fine. After coming out of my shell, I am quite the energetic lady and even my snuggles start off with a body slam. My foster thinks it is pretty cute and hard to resist, and so she always stops what she is doing to give me more snuggles. I am still a pretty sensitive lady and can take a second to warm up to new people, and would do best in a home with kiddos over 12. When I was at Pixie, I did really seem to enjoy my walks outside and now in my foster home, I really enjoy running around the yard while soaking up the sun. Goofy, sweet, and full of personality, I am ready to play with my family and doggy sibling today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

Now open to anyone who has adopted their pet–not just Pixie adopters! We’re partnering with our friends at Fetch Eyewear and Phido Photography! 🐶🐱 When you book a photo session for you and your pet with Phido, you’ll save $50 off your session and receive a FREE pair of Fetch sunglasses! 😎 We’re looking for adopters who would be willing to share their adoption stories and allow us to use a couple of the photos from your shoot on our social media! 📸 Spaces are limited–please email jessica@pixieproject.org if you’re interested! ❤️

June 11th, 2021

It’s been our toughest year ever and the calls for emergency assistance haven’t slowed down. If you can help, we now have TWO great Wish List options: Amazon and Chewy! All donations are tax deductible AND help provide for the cats, kittens, and dogs in our care! You can also make a donation through our website or on this post, helping us buy food at even lower prices. If you have food or supplies to drop off (we’re always in need of canned food and dog chews!), you can drop off at 510 NE MLK in Portland Tues-Fri 11-6 or Saturdays 11-4. Just ring the bell and someone will meet you at the door!

Amazon Wish ListChewy Wish List

For a tax receipt, please forward your email receipt to development@pixieproject.org – neither site provides donor info to Pixie!

June 5th, 2021

Oh. Um. Hi! How are you? Don’t mind my awkward stares. I am a bit of a bashful gal and with me being so gorgeous, everyone tends to stare, so it takes me a second to come out of my shell. At 7 years old and around 26 lbs, not much is known about my breed mix, but they are thinking maybe a Jack Russell mix. Whatever I am, I am pretty darn cute! I am a sensitive lady who is takes time to warm up to new people and new situations. Thus, I am looking for an quiet adult only house a bit out of the busy city environment. I can be picky about my dog friends, but grew up with one my whole life, so a confident male dog in the home who respects my space would be just fine. Or I am happy to be the star of the show too! But I definitely would get overwhelmed at dog parks or busy urban areas and trails, so I am much more of a hang out in the backyard and catch some rays kind of gal. Once I do warm up, I am very affectionate and loving, so a patient home is needed to see me really blossom! I still do have a playful side and when I am not playing with my dog friend I made here at Pixie, I will also play with toys. Mostly those squeaky tennis balls. Those are my favorite! I also go on walks outside and the traffic near downtown is a bit too much, but in a quieter area, I would love to do some jaunts around the block. Sensitive, adorable, and such a sweetie, I am eager to find my forever home today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350.

June 5th, 2021

My name is Pearl, and I am truly a treasure! I’m an absolutely gorgeous 10-year-old Siamese lady with stunning blue eyes. Like most elegant ladies, I’m quick to let you know what I want, which generally includes being nearby you so you can appreciate me! I’m not all poised and perfection though, I definitely have a playful and active side and I enjoy plenty of playtime throughout the day. I do have a sense of independence as well, and don’t mind having to entertain myself while you’re at work — I’ll just be eager to greet you by the time you get home! I’ll give sweet little mews for attention and listen intently while you tell me all about your day. I am absolutely into the indoor-only lifestyle, and don’t mind a posh apartment or condo to settle down in. I came to Pixie alongside another kitty and since I’m very playful and engaging, I’d probably enjoy another mellow, senior cat in the home that I could hang out with. Someone who has lost a kitty but has a kitty still at home looking for a new, chill feline friend would be an awesome fit for me! Though I am a senior cat, Pixie has run blood work and provided me with a dental and I’m currently in great health with no special needs at this time. I’m in tip top shape and ready for my forever home! Don’t you think I’m darling? I’d just love to meet you! Fill out an application today so we can get acquainted! I come to you fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $80.

June 2nd, 2021


Meet Ginny. She’s a spayed 5 year old cat with lots of love to give. She seriously is a great cat. Her only fault is she has too much love. Ginny loves pets and cuddles, she cuddles you morning, noon and night. We now have a newborn in the house and all the cuddles that she use to get now have to go to our baby. We would love to find her a home that will be able to make up for the cuddle deficit she is experiencing. She has done great with our newborn, she loves strangers and kids.  She has been around other dogs and cats and she can be shy but will love them if they are nice to her.  She does well on her own for long hours but she definitely will want to make up for the love when you come home.

Feel free to contact me at dame.peters1@gmail.com

June 2nd, 2021


These are two bonded brothers Kiki and Ranch. They are both male, 1 year old black cats. They are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. They need to be adopted together. They need to be rehomed because I no longer have enough time for them. Since Covid restrictions are off my job has changed and I will no longer be at home and unfortunately that upsets the cats. They need lots of love and affection. 

Kiki is a lap cat lover boy. He loves to eat and has a high metabolism. He has a lot of energy. Kiki loves to be picked up, hugged, cuddled, kissed, pet and is so loving. He also loves to play with the laser pointer, mouse toys and enjoys taking care of his brother. He is an extremely loving cat who loves and needs attention. Ranch is a sweet and funny boy. He takes a while to warm up to a new environment. He loves sitting in the sun and windows. He likes to hunt for bugs. Ranch loves to roll around on a rug. He lets you know when he wants to be pet by flipping onto his back or side. He loves the lazer pointer. Every once in a while he will come cuddle on your lap or on your side. He is very vocal and likes Pounce cat treats. He walks like a diva and holds his tail very uniquely curled on his back. His brother is very important to him.

If you’re interested in these sweet boys, please contact Hebah at persephone_85@hotmail.com.

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