September 1st, 2018

I’m Lynn, and I am an absolutely adorable 2-year-old that is as sweet and cuddly as I am as curious and playful! I am generally very bold and usually the first one to walk up and greet someone when they stop (unless I’m napping, of course!). I’m a young and very playful little lady that likes to climb and explore and weave in and out of your legs while rubbing up against you. I’m also super flirtatious and happy to flop over for pets when I’m feeling comfortable. I’m used to living with other cats, though I can be just a little bit sassy with them. I’m very gentle with people though, and do wonderfully in a home with kids — my foster home has two of them! For the most part I seem to be pretty easy-going when it comes to other animals, and I even seem to get excited about dogs! I’d probably love to be in a home with another animal, as long as I was allowed to be the boss. Either way, I’d really enjoy a home where I could get a lot of attention since I’m so young, affectionate, and playful. At 2 years old and very petite, I look and act a lot like a kitten! I’m currently living in a foster home, so please fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

September 1st, 2018


Through no fault of his own this little fella landed in a homeless situation. He was loved and pampered all his life by an elderly woman until she ended up in hospice care. Tuffy yearns to be cuddled and held close. He is good about letting you know when the need arises to go outdoors to do his business, and back in when he is done. Going on car rides are a favorite thing to do along with short walks, or long walks in a backpack, and joining in on shopping excursions. About 4 months ago Tuffy had major dental work and has been doing better than ever. He likes cats, dogs, children and sunshine. Being in a lap or sitting beside his person on a blanket works nicely. He is all caught up on his shots and has a pretty sound medical history for an old guy so if you have a place in your home and heart, please consider Tuffy.

Approximate weight: 5 Lbs.

Height: 8 or so inches

Age: 16 years

Call 971-276-7151 and ask for Scarlet

August 30th, 2018


Mimi and Ozzy are sister and brother adult cats approximately 8-9 yrs old, raised together, who ADORE each other.

Both have poly-dactyl front paws, beautiful yellow eyes and shiny healthy fur.  Neutered and spayed and in good health, vet verified.  They have been primarily inside house cats with  outdoor patio/deck time,  but do  not have  free outside/neighborhood roaming privileges.  As kittens to their present ages, raised with the same family  (grown  kids and same  parents). They are quite personable/playful/enjoy attention/affection, are behaved/talkative and litter box trained.

For more information about these kitties, please contact  Jessica 503.998.1910 or Jeanette at

August 28th, 2018

Debbie is a 4 -5 month old kitten looking for love! This happy, hearty, and playful little gal is well socialized and very ready to find her forever home. Debbie will happily go around to the other cats in the cattery to find someone to play with. She isn’t at all shy of people, either, and will quickly run up to visitors and climb right into their laps for love. She would thrive in an active household where she had lots of human companionship and an animal friend or two to hang out with if her people have to be away at work all day. Debbie is fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, tested negative for FIV/FelV, and so so ready to meet YOU! Her adoption fee is $135.

August 28th, 2018

Delgado is the name, and being handsome is my game! I’m a 3-year-old, sweetheart of a kitty that is an easily lovable young man. I have a cute little high-pitched meow and can be a little chatty when I’m feeling lively and looking for attention, but mostly I’m a quiet, calm, and cool-natured guy that is very gentle and good around people and other cats. I came to Pixie with another kitty who was a bit of a bossy pants, and I handled living with her like a champ because I’m just such a nice guy. I’m definitely a lover, not a fighter, and prefer to be passive if another kitty wants to be the queen. This makes me a really wonderful cat companion for other cats, and I’d make a great addition to a family who’s cat recently lost a feline friend. I’m a great friend for people, too, and if I’m napping or hanging out in a cuddle cup when someone comes to visit, it doesn’t take much encouraging to get me to come out for pets and head butts. I’m used to being indoors and would definitely make a great apartment kitty and a wonderful companion for both a single person and a family with kids, since I’m such a sweetie. I’m still young and can be playful when I’m in the mood! I think I’m the whole package — what do you think? Come down to Pixie to see for yourself! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

August 28th, 2018

I am the teeny little Kiwi! I’m an absolutely darling 1-year-old girl that is so cute, you are certain to fall in love instantly. I was a young mama kitty that came to Pixie with my kittens, and now I’m ready to find my own family! I’m a very good-natured kitty that was fostered by a family with children for awhile while I was still nursing my kittens, and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about me. I’m a very snuggly girl that loved to sleep in bed with them and also a very playful girl! Even though I’m small, weighing in at just 6.5 lbs, I’ve got a lot of personality to make up for it! I’m all about my people and would always run straight for them whenever they’d walk in the door. I’m also used to being around other animals and should do just fine with another respectful cat or dog, so long as I was given a little time to adjust to them. I’m perfectly happy being an indoor kitty, although I’m young and still relatively active, I’d just enjoy a lot of playtime and attention whenever you’re home… and snuggles — LOTS of snuggles! I know I will make one lucky family a very loving and entertaining companion, and you’ll never get over how adorable I am! I hope you’ll come meet me soon! I’m currently residing at Petco Unleashed on NW 23rd & Burnside, and come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

August 28th, 2018

Bonjour! Mon nom est Hérve, and I am the handsomest 7-year-old kitty man you have ever seen! I am as squishy and as lovable as I look, and am sure to be a hearthrob in your household as soon as you take me home. I’m a big attention seeker and love to bump up against people who come to visit me in the Pixie cattery. How can you resist this hunk of orange tabby? I don’t mind being petted and fawned over, and I also am a very mellow man with a gentle demeanor that doesn’t mind sharing my space with other feline friends. I haven’t been at Pixie for very long, so sometimes I can be just a smidge shy and little tiny kids might be a little too much for me at first, however I am definitely gentle enough that once I’m feeling comfortable, I could absolutely make a great family cat that will love getting a lot of attention. Being such a big, squishable cat, I will also make someone an amazing cuddle buddy and bed warmer once those cold winter months settle in. In my former home, I was used to having access to the outdoors, but I’m not a very high-energy boy and would probably be just fine with a nice porch to lay out on. I’m a healthy (though slightly chunky), happy boy with so much love to give — won’t you come see me in person soon? I can’t wait to go home! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

August 27th, 2018


Liza and  Snow  are two adorable tabby cat sisters that LOVE to snuggle.  Snow  loves to be in your face and get all of your attention while Liza will let you know when she wants to be loved on. These two sisters love each other VERY MUCH and need to be placed together. They have never been away from each other and  Snow  is very dependent on her sisters guidance. Liza is a lazy, sunbathing, snuggling in the crook of your knees kind of cat. While  Snow  is a watching sports, chasing toys, nap on your chest kind of kitty. Both of them have been an absolute treasure to me in a time that I needed them most. Rehoming them is one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make so I want to make sure they are in a home that is perfect for them. They are wonderful with kids. They’ve never acted out to any of my kids (ranging in age from 10 to 4). They don’t like dogs much and are ok with other cats once they’ve gotten to know them. Unfortunately allergies of an extreme degree have come in to play in our house  and these pretty girls are the culprit. I just want to know they are going to be loved, they have a long life ahead of them. They are both fixed and up to date on all shots. They have never had any health issues so my prediction is they will be a loving part of your family for years to come. I’m asking a rehoming fee of $100 combined for them.

For more information about these two lovely girls, please contact  Rachel at 360.904.5313 or

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