May 25th, 2022

Dabney is a dashing 3 year old male who will swoon you with his piercing blue eyes. A little shy at first but loves to snuggle and receive pets. Would do best in a home with older kids that are cat savy, this is one sweet guy and deserves the best. He will need to be on a prescription urianary food for the remainder of his life.  Fill out an application to set up a meet with me today. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $100.

May 25th, 2022

Dame is a 2-year-old female who is looking to be your one and only. She is very sweet and curious. She loves to play fetch, yes, she will even bring the toys back to you! She especially loves the little shaky mice toys. Dame does enjoy a good cuddle as long as it’s on her terms. She truly is a lovely lady! She would do best in an adult only home as her play can be very energetic! Dame is a healthy girl but needs to have wet food that promotes urinary tract health. Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $100.

Gloria and Indigo are a mother and son duo that value independence as much as they do time with people. While timid at first, once they feel comfortable they will waste no time exploring your home. Indigo likes aggressive pets, and Gloria enjoys sleeping most of the day. They will always be happy to see you and spend quality time with you.  Fill out an application to set up a meet with us today. We come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed and neutered with an adoption fee of $180. 

May 24th, 2022
*THIS IS A COURTESY POST* Beameer is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; Contact Morgan at Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic 503-682-3737
Meet Beamer!
Hi, I’m Beamer I’m a down-to-earth kinda guy. I was found by one of the staff members of Wilsonville Vet last year, after I had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road. Treatment of my injuries was successful, and I was also neutered during my stay here. I was feral, and had no family looking for me, so the people at WVC named me after the car I was rescued in, Beamer! The doctor here thinks I’m 3-4 years old, but I’ll never tell. While recovering, seeing new people, and hearing new voices was frightening to me. But the nice people here at the clinic slowly brought me out of my shell, and I now adore cuddles, scratches, and pets. My favorite food in tuna fish, and I live for butt scratches. I am FIV positive, so I need a forever home where I can be the only cat in the house. I am unsure how I feel about young children, but I love adults and attention. My FIV diagnosis is a life long condition so I will need to be an indoor only cat, to prevent giving the virus to other cats. Please contact Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic, 503-682-3737 and ask for Morgan if you feel like we’re a match!  ~Beamer

May 24th, 2022

“They say Brandy, you’re a good girl, what a fun four legged friend you would be”. That’s how the song goes, right? Because I am the best gal and would be so happy to be your friend! At 5 years old, I am a silly and playful chocolate lab with a lot of love to give. At 86 lbs, I am needing a little bit of an exercise plan just so I can be at the healthy weight the vet recommends. It just means there is more of me to love! I came from a situation where I wasn’t around to many people or other dogs, and I had never been on a harness before at all. I am still working on learning that leash means fun walks, so for now, I would just really love to run around in a fenced yard in a quieter area versus the busy city. Despite my past, I am actually a very social gal with new people often pushing the other dogs out of the way to snuggle up close to you. Not every dog loves when I invade their personal space, so a mellow, confident doggy in the home who won’t mind my hops for attention is ideal. But I am happy to be the star of the show as well! No kitties in my home, please. Because of my big bounces, a house with some space and kiddos over 13 who are experienced with bigger dogs is best. Though I have that dopey lab like personality, I am still a sensitive girl since I didn’t get a lot of socialization growing up, so some things in the world are still sometimes a bit new or scary to me. So if you don’t mind a bit of a clinger, than I am your gal! Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

May 24th, 2022



Kitty is originally from the Washington coast and was a surprise feral visitor when my Mom went to check on their trailer at the beach.  My Mom was a HUGE cat lover, so it was no problem to invite her in to our lives. Fast forward 5-6 years.. Kitty has become the life of the party living with a Terrier, an Old English Sheep Dog and a senior Lady Cat, all of which have passed in the last 3 years.  So, I don’t think she minds company, but might be something she needs to get used to again. Currently, Kitty lives with my Dad, who adores her, but he travels up to 6 months out of the year, therefore; as a family, we feel Kitty needs a better forever home and to not be terrorized by being fostered on and off throughout the year. Unfortunately, my husband is very allergic or I would have snapped her up. Kitty is an indoor cat is box trained prefers to eat wet food morning & night and nibbles on kibble when the mood strikes her.  She enjoys a certain brand of treats, but really not that big of an eater and does not beg for food or eat table scraps. She loves to be pet, all day if possible, loves tummy rubs and to play with soft toys.  Kitty is also fine by herself. While my Mom was ill we had up to 5 caregivers a day, sometimes, so Kitty became more social than ever with all those extra loving pets…lol. I hope you consider Kitty, as she deserves to be the center of attention again in your loving home. We are asking a rehoming fee of $50. Please contact Lori at: 971-302-3367 or email:

May 24th, 2022

Avery here! You have any clues you need sniffed out? Any problems that need solving? I’m here for you! I make the perfect private eye because I’m curious and independent.  I can’t wait to explore and then report back to you so you can reward me with neck scritches and head scratches! I am the perfect companion for someone who wants a cool cat that can go with the flow. Some of my favorite things are chasing after strings, sleeping at your feet at night and sharing the couch! Have a cat savvy dog? Fine with me but I would prefer to be your only kitty!  My only request is that I am a full-time indoor kitty!  Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and neutered with an adoption fee of $100. 

These two hunks are some of the sweetest guys on the block and ready to win your hearts. They will roll over and beg for scratches and tummy rubs. They are larger cats and would likely enjoy space to roam and a cat tree to climb. If you would like to meet these handsome panthers and see if they are the pair for you Fill out an application to set up a meet with me today. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $180.  

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