October 25th, 2017

Otis is the name! I know, silly name for a girl — but a lady kitty is what I am and a super sweet one at that! I am about 4 years old and am a total ham for attention. I don’t mind being picked up and held, just as long as you’ll cuddle me and make me the center of your world. I was rescued after being left behind and although the kind person who rescued me really wanted to keep me forever, she realized pretty quickly that I’m not really a fan of other cats — I need all of your attention, after all! Other than that, I’m friendly with most everyone big and small. I was forced to live entirely outside for awhile so it’s likely that I won’t need to adventure out there again, and would probably be totally happy as an indoor kitty where it’s warm and I have a human’s bed to cuddle in. At only 4 years old, I’m still very playful and peppy and will make a really wonderful companion for most any cat-free households! I don’t have a ton of experience with dogs but could probably acclimate to a mellow one as I don’t have much of a reaction towards them. Don’t you think I could be the pop to your corn? The perfect partner for the cold winter months ahead? I’m currently living at  Petco on SE 122nd and Division, and I hope to meet you soon! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

October 16th, 2017


Too cool for school! Hi everyone. My name is Luna and I am an adorable little 7 year old Maltese/ Shih Tzu mix weighing at 12lbs. Not only am I wearing these Fetch glasses because they totally match my new outfit and hairstyle, but because I am also blind. In fact, both of my eyes had to recently get removed. But I have recovered well and ready to settle into a nice quiet home full of snuggles and cuddles! It still takes me a little while to feel out my surroundings and navigate the environment, but once I am acclimated, I just love to use my nose and sniff around the house. I don’t mind hanging out with mellow kitties and pups, as I am currently in a foster home with both! Speaking of my foster mom, she discovered recently that I love to escape these hot temps while taking a dip in her little pool. What a perfect way to cool off! I would prefer to be in a low key quiet home with kids over the age of 12  where I can investigate new smells, add some new styles to my already rockin’ wardrobe, and curl up in your lap for some bonding time.  Shall we make our debut on the runway? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

October 9th, 2017

Big, bold, and beautiful — that’s me, Kirstie Alley! I’m a round and proud 4-year-old Calico kitty with no tail that you will fall in love with as soon as we meet. I’m a pretty lazy kitty whose favorite pass-times are napping, belly rubs, and cuddling up with you for some serious chill-time. I have a really wonderful, gentle temperament and don’t mind being pet up, down, and all-around — sometimes I’ll even use my paws to gently pull your hand back to my belly for more rubs if you stop too soon! I have a cute little meow and though I’m not very vocal, I will give you a couple of happy chirps just to let you know I’m happy to have you around. I am currently on a weight-loss plan to get back in shape for my Dancing with the Stars audition… or my new family, which would be equally exciting! Other than my extra pounds, I’m a very healthy and low-maintenance girl who would make a fabulous family pet, since I just adore humans! My size doesn’t prevent me from jumping into your lap for snuggles and love, and my chubbiness certainly adds to my adorable charm which makes me super irresistable. I’m used to being a totally indoor kitty and wouldn’t mind life in an apartment or a house, however I’m not a big fan of other animals so I’d be happiest as your one and only four-legged friend. I’ve got enough love (and chub) to go around, trust me! I just need to continue my diet, stay on top of my exercise routine, and find my forever family to complete my happily ever after. Are you interested in meeting me? I think we’ll be best friends! I’m currently living in a foster home, so please  fill out an application to meet me today!  I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

October 6th, 2017




Big Kitty came to us 5yrs ago from a brother and sister stating that she had been left at their apartment after her owners moved out. After all of this tim she still does not appear to have settled in, and really only likes spending time with me or outdoors. Big Kitty is approx 8yrs old, domestic long hair grey kitty. She’s very talkative, loves indoors and outdoors, and seemingly prefers to be in a single animal household. She does not our two dogs, and didn’t like the kitten that we had. She’s not aggressive or scratchy/bitey…just avoidant and skiddish and meows/expresses herself loudly when she’s nervous or annoyed. I’ve kept her as long as I have because she and I have a good connection, but she doesn’t like anyone else in the house.
Now we are planning on moving across the country and between the dogs and the long drive, I do not think that she will do well with this transition. I would love to see her in a calm home with someone that loves an opinionated cat where she can live out her older adulthood.

If you are interested in meeting Big Kitty, please email August at augustinvermont@gmail.com!


October 4th, 2017


Dobby is an 8 year old, calico Sphinx. She is pure-bred and extra soft and fuzzy! Some things to know about her; she is extremely cuddly, very talkative, and playful. She loves to sit on your shoulder, almost like a parrot! She is up to date on all of her shots and has had recent dental work done, so her teeth are all nice and taken care of!    A few things to watch out for with her; she is extremely territorial with other cats. She does pretty well with dogs, but she needs to be in an only cat household. She is litter box trained, but when there are other cats involved or her litter box isn’t clean, she tends to have accidents outside of the litter box. Dobby is also a very curious cat, she loves the sunshine and sitting up on window sills, but when coming in and out of the house, she likes to try and make her way outside, which is not an option for hairless cats. She also is very ticklish on her sides and can get a bit defensive if you’re petting her there.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when adopting a Sphinx because the breed is a bit high maintenance. They need to be given baths once every week and need to have their ears cleaned regularly. They also get cold in the winter time so they need to have blankets they can snuggle in or sweaters they can wear! Which can be super fun and when adopting her, we will be sending her with a couple sweaters we have purchased for her and her own litter box.

 Dobby is a sweet and beautiful cat and we wish that we could keep her. We had to rescue her from a bad situation and we tried to make it work with our two other cats but it has been rough for all of them. Upon adoption, we are looking to recoup some of the dental fees, which means we are looking to charge $200 dollars for her. This number is negotiable, if this seems low to you please keep in mind that the money is not as important as finding the perfect home for her. She deserves a healthy and loving home and we are hoping for the best.
 If you are interested in our little house elf Dobby please feel free to contact us at  aislinngray@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


Do you love food?  Do you love the Pixie Project?

When you visit the Southeast Portland Chipotle  from  4 to 8 pm on October 5th, half the proceeds will come to the amazing cats and dogs at Pixie!  To support us, just show the cashier the flyer (in hand or on a mobile device) or, simply tell them you’re supporting the fundraiser when paying at checkout. Easy Peasy!

(Click here for printable PDF!)


September 28th, 2017

Wendy is a ten-year-old tabby.

Wendy wants to be around people 100% of the time. Her favorite place to be is either on your lap or, when you’re napping, on your chest, nuzzling your face and purring loudly. When your attention is devoted to something else, you can bet that she will try to get into the middle of it. No scrabble board is safe around her! She would thrive best in a home with multiple people to play and cuddle with, or with a person who works from home to keep her company.

Wendy is very playful, and will chase a piece of string endlessly (though she’s not a huge fan of laser pointers, for some reason).   She does have a habit of gently biting when she gets over stimulated; not in a hard way, but almost as if to say “stay here, don’t go anywhere!”.   It doesn’t hurt, but it might startle children.
As much as Wendy loves people, she does not get along well with other cats.   We have tried many different methods to integrate her with other cats in the house with no success.   However, she has lived with large dogs with no issue.
Wendy is very healthy, and is up to date on her vaccinations. She does suffer from hypothyroidism, for which she takes a pill daily, usually hidden in her food.   This medication is quite inexpensive.   She is a big cat, but her vet has assured us that she is not overweight.   Her teeth are in particularly good shape for her age.
Wendy has brightened my life greatly over the past five years, and I wish that I could keep her.   I hope that someone will be able to give her the warm and loving home that she deserves.

September 26th, 2017

Purcy Purr-man here! I’m a striking all-grey 8-year-old man kitty that is lovable as can be! I’m a really friendly and confident guy and am always curious about new people. I’m a sizable kitty which makes me a great snuggle-buddy and I’m a bit lazy which means I don’t need a ton of attention all the time — I’ve got my independent side, which is mostly spent napping the day away while my foster dad is at work. When he comes home, I’m always where he is, wanting to be nearby. At 8 years old, I still very much have a playful side and will gladly be entertained by a good string toy for a bit before naptime creeps up again! I’m used to being an indoor kitty so a good window-sill is plenty enough outdoor experience for me, so I’d make a great apartment cat. People seem to be my favorite, but I’m totally chill around dogs as well and would probably enjoy having a dog buddy to spend my days with as well. I’m really just your classic couch potato kitty with a lot of love to give, and will make an awesome best friend for almost anyone! I’m healthy and hearty and ready to go home — why don’t we meet soon? I’m currently living in a foster home, so  fill out an application to meet me today!  I come you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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