June 19th, 2017


Is your perfect dog quiet, sweet, full of love, and the best darn cuddle partner around? Does he want to be by your side, on your lap, or in a dog bed very close to you? Have you been longing to have a dog who you can bring to work with you and who will simply sleep and occasionally look up at you with the sweetest face around? Then Conor is your boy. Conor is a nine year old Australian Silky Terrier. He loves tiny toys, calm walks, cuddling, a nice brushing, baths, and the occasional treat. He gets along with dogs, cats, kids, and everybody he meets, though he would do best in a calm, low traffic home, with somebody who can give him all the attention that he needs.

Here’s the catch, and with somebody so perfect there is usually a catch. Conor was rescued from an extremely neglectful and abusive household. He is potty trained but otherwise knows no basic commands. Conor has separation anxiety and needs somebody with experience or the time and patience to help him adjust to a new living situation. If you are a stay-at-home worker or somebody who can bring Conor to work, this would be the perfect situation for him. He is not destructive but he does bark and cry when left alone, he is currently starting on anti-anxiety medication which he will most likely have to be on for the rest of his life. Conor also has a partially collapsed trachea, which just means that he cannot go for runs or get too excited, and he must never be on a collar. Which is fine, because he really doesn’t want to do any of those things.
Conor has current vet records that show that he is a healthy boy with no underlying issues. He did recently have dental surgery where he had 21 teeth removed so he will do best eating soft, canned food. He comes with food, a bed, harness, a leash, a thunder-shirt, calming collar, anti-anxiety medication, Frontline, a brush, toys, and vet records from Lombard Animal Hospital (where he is currently being seen).
Please contact Alex at “alexandramazing@gmail.com” if you are interested in meeting Conor. A house check will be necessary to adopt him. Please send a bit of information about yourself, where Conor will be during the day/night, any other pets in the house, etc. An adoption fee of $200 will be donated to the Pixie Project once he is adopted. Thank you for your interest.

June 19th, 2017


Hi, I’m Margie! I’m about 14 months old, 32 lbs, and a mix of jack russell, beagle, and foxhound/fox terrier. I’m extremely sweet and wacky, and get lots of laughs from the goofy faces I make and the speed at which I chase my own tail.

I’ve had an eventful life so far I lived on the streets as a young puppy, was rescued, got hit by a car, and then had to stay cooped up in an apartment for a few months while I healed so I’m ready to trade in city life for a more rural adventure. Which is perfect because my favorite thing is running around and playing in the grass with dog friends! I rarely get tired of wrestling with other dogs, chasing balls/frisbees/sticks, or just running around and biting wet grass! Because of my accident, it’s good to keep an eye on my leg to make sure I’m not limping.

I’m looking to be part of a home with a settled adult (or couple) who has the patience for a high-energy pup like myself, no children or plans for having children, no cats, and a more mature medium-sized dog who can play with me and help teach me how to be the best pup I can be. My ideal environment is a house with a big yard to play in. When the day’s excitement is over I’ll happily cuddle on the couch with you and probably fall asleep with my head on your feet.

I’m spayed, up to date on all my shots, and on monthly flea and heart worm medication. I can be a pretty anxious pup but with the right environment and patient, steady training I know that I can be calm and happy-plus there’s almost nothing I can’t do when treats are involved!

If you feel like you’re the right person for me, email Mario at mariocorreadesign@gmail.com.

June 9th, 2017
Teddy is at 15 year old medium hair cat. She is quiet and affectionate (the only cat I have met who NEVER tires of being petted), purrs readily, has comical quirks, loves to fetch a toy when we hide it for her, and is a  wonderful lap kitty/companion. We never had another animal, but understand from Seattle Humane Society (from whom we adopted her in 2010) that she does better in a 1-cat adult home. She is healthy and proper weight for length (10 lb).  She takes meds (felimazole) for hyperthyroidism. This is very easy if you crush the pill and mix it with a little Friskies pate and hot water. She thinks it is freshly killed mouse and begs for it. She has had occasional out of litter box incidents, and coughs up a hairball every week or so — mostly she behaves pretty well (if one can speak of behavior with regard to a cat!). We cannot keep her because my wife is finding it increasingly difficult to care for her when I am away, due to my wife’s disabilities.

Please email John at quietlyjr@aol.com if you are interested in meeting her!


May 16th, 2017

Pixie is in the running for Portland’s Best Nonprofit!

Vote for Pixie to win for the second year in a row!

April 15th, 2017

Chloe is quiet, cute, and oh-so soft.   Her world was turned inside out when her owner died and she lost her home.   After lots of rest and relaxation in a foster home (and time under the covers of the bed), she is doing great. She  enjoys snuggling in bed in the morning and evening; one little peep “hello” is followed by purrs and kneading.   She also likes lap sitting when her foster mom is in her recliner.  Her favorite ‘œtoy’ is a throat lozenge wrapped in crinkly paper it skitters everywhere.

Chloe must have a few canine genes because she does a lot of sniffing when exploring and she comes when you call her name (sort of). She eats/drinks well and has good litter box habits.

Chloe will likely bond strongly with one special person.   She would love a home where her person is kind and gentle and patient as she adjusts to the big changes in her life.

Chloe is  currently in foster so fill out an application to meet her today! She is 6 years old and comes to you spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated (and with a recent dental already done) for an adoption fee of $100.

March 30th, 2017

presley-pic-1Life got you singing the blues? Then why don’t you add a little spunk in your life by adopting me! Hi everyone, my name is Presley and I am a 1 year old Bull Terrier/pointer mix weighing it at 36lbs. Just like the King, I am an energetic, enthusiastic gal who loves to entertain with my silly and spirited  personality. I guess you could say that I am a little less conversation and a lot more action as I just love to romp around and play, with my puppy like antics. Because of my puppy bounciness, I would need to be in a owned home with no cats or kids and with an experienced owner who is familiar with the terrier way! PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION!  We can dive right into the basic obedience  and change from hound dog to the Queen of Rock N’ Roll! I enjoy hanging out with my doggy pals as well  and would do best in a home with another confident male pup that likes to romp around like I do!  So what do you say? Are you lonesome tonight? Because you can’t help falling in love with me! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

March 30th, 2017


Hi everyone! My name is Owen and I am a cute 6 month old Chesapeake/Pit mix weighing it at 38lbs. Not only do I have a handsome face like my actor counterpart (Owen Wilson), but I have a wonderful humor-filled personality ready to make you smile at any minute with my puppy charm! I’m very smart and already know a few of the basics like “sit”. PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION! I am an active guy,  ready to jump and play and go on some hikes, exploring the Gorge! I absolutely love playing with my puppy pals, and also some toy and cuddle time with my human friends over the age of 10. Due to certain breed rental restrictions, my future adopters need to own their home. Ready to show me the world? Fill out an application, so we can meet! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

March 29th, 2017

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Why how do you?! My name is Miss Mabel and I am a sweet 11-year-old Bichon mix with an extra lovable face.  Though I fell into some hard times lately, but I am a strong and resilient soul whose personality is coming out a little more each day! Now that I feel all better, I love to go for walks outside and  I even do really well on leash. After my afternoon stroll, it is back to the couch with you as we take a nice long nap. I especially enjoy car rides as well and my foster says I get so excited and bouncy when we are getting ready to head out! In my foster home, I am with other dogs and kitties, so other mellow pets in the home would be just fine! Since I am a bit older, I would really love to retire in a nice and quiet home with older kids over the age of 12 and someone who can really spend lots of time with me, sharing stories of the past.  I am happy lady eagerly awaiting to find my new family. Will it be you? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated,  micro-chipped, and up to date on dental exams with an adoption fee of $300.

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