September 15th, 2020

Did someone order the sweet and saucy jumbo Shrimp? Oh hey-that’s me! Big Shrimpin and queen of Chi’s, I am one super sweet lady that you must meet! At 8 years old, I am a Southern Lady with a love of belly rubs, toys, and deep fried foods. At roughly 15 lbs, the vet says I am about 5 pounds overweight, so I am looking to get a bit more active and in shape! I do enjoy my walks, though I am incredibly slow paced. But I am sure after some practice and some weight loss, I will get faster with time! I am a very social gal with my human friends and am always excited to get some scritches from new people. In the home though, I would prefer to live with kiddos 12 and up. I met the office kitty the other day and did just fine, so a dog savvy kitty in my home would be fine. I can be a bit of a Cajun shrimp (extra spicy!) when I first meet new dogs. So if there are dog siblings in my future home, it would be best if they were mellow and won’t mind my rude greetings. I am pretty shellfish that way and like all the attention on myself! Speaking of me, I love snuggles and will do just about anything for a belly rub! I will even roll on my back to make sure you know the exact spot. And did I mention I love my toys?! I could squeak them all day! Adorable, mellow, and sometimes sassy, one meet with me and you will see that I am shrimply the best! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350.

September 10th, 2020


Benee is a neutered male just under 1 year old. He was originally found outside our office and was very skinny and flea infested. We took him in and into the Vet where he was given an examination, tested for FeLV and FIV (negative results), given all appropriate vaccines and neutered. Benee is very healthy and young! Benee was not microchipped and we reported him to Multnomah County Animal Shelter and has since still not been claimed by anyone after having him for about 3 months now. Currently indoor only. Benee is a super sweet, loving and talkative kitty. You’ll never be alone with this little guy, he LOVES to be around people and will follow you everywhere. He is a lap kitty, he loves to cuddle! He is very playful and can entertain himself for hours with toys. Litterbox trained. I think he would be good with children given he is very docile, friendly, playful and is easily handled. Does not mind dogs but is not cat friendly. I would recommend him as an only cat household (does not get on well with any of our 6 office cats). I would also not recommend him for an elderly person who is not sure footed, Benee likes to walk/run right under your feet. 

For more information on Benee, please contact Toni at 503-330-0713 (call or text).

September 10th, 2020

Beans, Beans they’re good for you heart, having them around is really smart! Hehe. I think that’s how that goes, right? My name is Chili Bean and I am tiny 8 lb Chihuahua mix. At 8 years old, I prefer the quiet life and one of my favorite activities is catching some of those summertime rays in the backyard. I am a shyer guy who takes a little time to warm up to new people and environments. But someone who has patience and goes slow, will see a happier and relaxed me in time! Plus, beans always are better as a side dish combo and not a la carte, so a smaller confident dog my size will also help me blossom! I am not into playing with my foster doggy siblings just yet, but I do love playing follow the leader for sure!  I seem to be pretty scared of kitties, so I could potentially live with a kitty who wouldn’t bully  me and just give me my space. Since I am more of a hang at home in the backyard kind of guy, I am looking for a companion who isn’t into doing activities or going on walks or visiting lots of places. I am more of a sipping ice tea in a rocker on the back porch kind of gent! Thus, I am also needing an adult only owned home with some outdoor space I can stretch my legs in. My foster mom says I do great in my crate and that I am just starting to show interest in playing with toys, so maybe you can help teach me this fetch thing that is all the rage? Quiet and mouse like, sensitive but sweet, I am the little bean you want to meet! Fill out an application today. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and neutered for an adoption fee of $350. 

September 5th, 2020


This is Rigby. Rigby is a 6 year old male short-haired domestic cat with a lot of love to give. He’s very playful for his age and has been known to play fetch with a tiny ball! He also loves LOVE and has a habit of reaching his paw out to his human friends for petting. He loves to explore and is a big fan of climbing into empty boxes. Rigby is not a fan of other cats and dogs and so would best be suited in a home without any other pets so that he can enjoy all the attention. He has been an indoor cat but loves to sit in the sun outside when given the opportunity. He has been neutered and has had regular wellness check-ups with the vet. He is an adorable, handsome, loving pet and we hope that he can go to a home that is ready to love him back. 
Reach out to Emily at or 971 202 8684. 

August 27th, 2020

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August 17th, 2020

Pixie is currently operating by appointment. Staff will be available by email (, phone (503-542-3432), and will be checking voicemail during normal shelter hours.

With staff working from home, please utilize email as much as possible.

Urgent cases and request for aid are our first priority—we appreciate your patience with non-emergency emails.

We currently have enough DOG foster homes. If you are interested in fostering CATS (especially adult cats!) fill out an application or email us for more info. 

Adoptions and intake will continue to take place, but all appointments must be scheduled in advance—the shelter will not be open to the general public.

If you have Donations to Drop-off: Donations are accepted Tuesday – Friday 11-6 and Saturday 11-4. Please ring the doorbell and we will meet you at the door to bring the donations inside. If you have questions about what we can and cannot accept, learn more here:

If an adoptable animal has pending in the title of their listing, it means they have a meet with a potential adopter lined up. Understandably, these are taking longer to arrange. If you are interested in meeting an animal, please email us your completed application and we will update you if that animal becomes available.

Thank You!
-The Pixie Project Staff

August 4th, 2020

Tiny, scruffy, and full of fun, this terrier is looking for his forever family-are you the one?! My name is Cecil and at around 6 years old and 12 lbs, I am full of personality and spirit! Independent and smart, I often entertain myself by tossing my toys in the air and catching them on the way down. It’s pretty cute! I don’t mind hanging with my foster doggy sibling who is a pretty mellow pup, but places like dog parks are too overwhelming for me. I can get overstimulated on walks, and would do much better running around in a yard than going out for walks. Sometimes I just get so so excited that it’s hard for me to settle down and thus I usually get more amped. But having another dog friend in the home who can be the mellow yin to my energetic yang is much needed to give me a confidence boost while helping me be less anxious overall. I can be a vocal guy at times, so I would need an owned home without shared walls with neighbors. My foster home has some pretty dog savvy kitties that, after a slow intro, I do just fine with. I even copy their moves of perching on the back of the couch! I am a social guy eager to meet new people but after living with some boisterous kiddos in the past, I would much prefer an adult only home. Full of lap snuggles and happy wiggles, I am ready to find my forever home today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.  

August 4th, 2020


Hi! My name is Buddy. I’m a two-year-old pit bull. I am sweet, friendly, and very cuddly. My favorite things to do are play fetch, chomp on toys that squeak, and try to sit in your lap. Did I mention that I’m very cuddly? I also love “goofy time.” I like to squirm around and make silly noises. I’m smart, too. I know a few commands, like “sit” and “down.” I’m working on “come” and “stay,” but it’s very hard. I also love people, I aim to please, I’m a good listener, and I’m very easy to get along with.

Even though I’m sweet, I’m not sure I can be trusted around cats and other small animals. I don’t bark or chase, but I find them very interesting, and I tend to stare at them intently. It’s also hard for me to walk on a leash. I’m a strong boy, and I tend to pull, especially when other dogs are around. I don’t have very good social skills when it comes to playing with other dogs. I get very excited when I see them, and I’ll need lots of help learning how to interact with them.

I’d be a perfect fit for a home with humans who have experience with big dogs and have the patience and love to provide me with extra training with leash reactivity and playing with other dogs. I am looking for an owned home in a low traffic quiet area where I can have some space to practice my leash skills. 

I come neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. There is an adoption fee of $150, which will be reimbursed with proof of additional positive reinforcement training classes with a certified trainer. Please contact Ed at to meet me!

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