August 21st, 2017

10 Year Anniversary Pixie Party!

Join us for an evening to remember, featuring amazing food and drinks, live music, unique auction items, and great opportunities to help Pixie!

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November 5th
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July 8th, 2017

10 Year Anniversary Pixie Party!

Join us for an evening to remember, featuring amazing food and drinks, live music, unique auction items, and great opportunities to help Pixie!

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November 5th
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June 27th, 2017

Elysian and Produce Row are excited to host a celebration of beer, art, and all things Portland! Join us at Produce Row for the 3rd Annual Elysian & Friends Presents: Posters & Pints for Pups on Thursday, June 29th from 6-10pm

Support your local craft beer scene with a brewery created, one-of-a-kind limited edition Portland Beer themed art prints only available at this event. Dog friendly!

Breweries involved  include Elysian, 10 Barrel, pFriem, Ninkasi, Ancestry, Hopworks, Culmination,  Wild Craft, and Rodenstadt

A portion of proceeds from the night will go to Pixie!

As much as people advise not to judge a book by its cover, you can judge these beers by their labels. So swing by grab a pint, snag a unique art print, and support a local Portland non-profit!



June 27th, 2017

Pixie will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th for the holiday!

Pixie staff will be caring for our dogs and cats and we’ll be back to normal on Wednesday!

We’re so grateful to Jeff and Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville for helping us make connections with new shelter partners and for funding the transfer of animals in need to Pixie!

As the owner of Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville in Oregon, and Epic Ford in Everett, WA,  Jeff Swickard has put giving back at the forefront of his businesses.

In 2016, Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville donated over $116,000 to nonprofits, with giving in 2015 and 2014 totaling $140,000 and $90,000, respectively.

While his businesses regularly support a variety of causes, including arts, local veterans, children’s cancer, and other charitable organizations, Jeff’s personal passion is in supporting animal welfare organizations, including the Pixie Project.

In fact, for each car sold, Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville donates $100 to either the Pixie Project or Oregon Dog Rescue. In December 2016, that meant a $14,000 donation to the Pixie Project to help find homes for animals!

Jeff was inspired to get involved with animal welfare in 2005, after welcoming a rescue dog into his family. That experience compelled him to help other animals like her.

He is passionate about supporting organizations that help animals most in need, including those at high-risk of euthanasia and animals impacted by medical needs, breed discrimination, behavioral problems, and other disadvantages.

‘œI’m drawn to the Pixie Project,’ he says, ‘because of their commitment to helping animals that might not otherwise be adopted, like those from overcrowded rural shelters, as well as the vital veterinary care services they provide to low-income pet owners.’

As a donor, Jeff is motivated by the the millions of animals still in our shelters. ‘œWe are committed to championing the organizations that are dedicated to saving animals’ lives and helping them find permanent homes,’ he says.

September 22nd, 2016


Pixie Party tickets are Sold Out!
Email Jessica to be added to the wait list in case of cancellations:

Join us for an evening to remember, featuring amazing food and drinks,
live music, unique live auction items, and great people!

Sunday, November 20th at 6:00
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July 10th, 2015

photo 1 (1) (1)Carmen wasn’t looking for a special needs pet. Her first thought was that she wanted a fun-loving pup who could go swimming at the lake with her family in the summer. But when she held Myrtle for the first time, she started tearing up immediately.

Myrtle is a Pekingese, also known as the “lion dog” for their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions. Pekingese were  favored by royalty of the Chinese Imperial court as both a lap dog and a  companion. True to her breed, Myrtle is the perfect companion.

When Myrtle came to the Pixie Project her eyes were injured and the only solution was to remove them, leaving her blind. Despite the trauma and pain Myrtle had obviously endured, she remained sweet and trusting, which melted Carmen’s heart.

“She has the sweetest disposition and I swear her snuggles are magical,” says Carmen. “She is a little warrior that has been through so much but is still so trusting and loving. When I first held her, I didn’t want to let her go!”

photo 4Carmen took Myrtle home to foster her, but after one day she knew that Myrtle was the dog for her.

Initially, Myrtle was depressed. Her blindness can be challenging, both to her and her caretakers. When the texture of the ground changes she can get very nervous. But with time and patience, Myrtle has become more confident and relaxed.

“She is learning how to get around, and more of her spunk and personality comes out every day,” reports Carmen. “She is the perfect snuggle bug, loves to prance around at the beach, and can make anyone smile.”

Carmen experiments with different kinds of toys to stimulate Myrtle’s natural curiosity. Blind dogs have to rely on senses other than sight, so they are more apt to engage with toys that have bells inside, toys that squeak, and scented toys.

And Myrtle loves to explore!  In new places it takes her a while to get used to the layout so she bumps into things a lot, but she is spunky about it. She seems to enjoy  finding her way around and sniffing at new smells.

Everyone loves Myrtle! “She is a complete game changer,” exclaims Carmen. “Even people who do not particularly like dogs love her!”

Myrtle loves to roam and prance on the beach, but Carmen was  nervous about letting  her  swim because she’s  not completely sure what Myrtle  is capable of and comfortable with. On a trip to Kelly Point, however, Carmen let Myrtle down near the water,  and to her surprise Myrtle went right in! Still feeling a bit protective, Carmen held Myrtle while she got her “water legs,” and in no time at all Myrtle was off and swimming in circles!

“I had no idea she was so fast!” says Carmen. “I was so excited I could hardly stand it. My cheeks hurt from smiling that day, and Myrtle was exhausted from the rare workout. As soon as we got  home she was out for the night!”

When asked about her adoption experience, Carmen couldn’t say enough about the Pixie team. “It was smooth and seamless.  They provided all the help and information I needed. I even had questions and issues come up post adoption and they were available to email/call for help!”

Thank you, Carmen, for giving Myrtle the blind Pekingese the loving home she deserves!

July 1st, 2015

OJCYF_366799_resize_990__1_   A huge thank you to the Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation for their recent grant to the Pixie Project! This grant will allow our Pixie Care Clinic to provide services to to low-income pet owners in Portland, keeping more cats and dogs happy, healthy, and in their homes.

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