October 27th, 2011

Amy and Boone Amy Sacks is the founder and Executive Director of the Pixie Project. She’s been an animal lover her whole life, running a spay/neuter clinic and an animal adoption program in college and working with homeless youth to ensure that their animals were healthy and spayed/neutered. In 2006, Amy turned her passion into reality when she founded the Pixie Project.

Amy’s past experiences made her want to make sure Pixie addressed some of the larger problems that she saw in the animal rescue world – lack of customer service and not enough dedication to owners. Too many times had she seen ill-fated adoptions being made that could have been prevented with a higher-level of attention to the animal-matching process. Amy also wanted to ensure that the Pixie Project was family-friendly, paying special attention to matching kids and their families with amazing, safe, rescue dogs.

With Pixie, Amy focuses on a two-pronged approach to animal rescue – making good, lasting matches with adoptions and making it easier for dedicated owners to keep their beloved pets. Pixie achieves this by making spay/neuter surgeries easily available and affordable and by providing other surgeries that keep animals healthy and happy and in their homes. Whether it be making life-saving surgery more affordable or providing necessary medications, Amy knows that any dedicated, loving pet owner can go through a hard time and they deserve the help they need to keep their family together.

Advocating for both pets and people has helped Amy change the face of rescue and improved the image of rescue organizations.

Amy lives with her rescue dogs Sadie and Boone, rescue kitty, Phoebe.

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