February 25th, 2022

I’m Nacho average lab guy…I’m even sweeter! Maybe like a dessert Nacho? Mmm. That sounds delicious! I am a handsome 6 year old lab mix with a big heart full of love to share with the world. Even though I am a bit senstive, I am happy and jolly guy who will even do a silly prance when I see my favorite human pals! Being a classic lab, I am a bit food obsessed, which you know, means that sometimes I mentally have a hard time sharing food. But I learn very quickly and I am learning to trade out for more yummy things. Plus, tasty treats help make training that much easier! I am a little bit social awkward with my doggy pals that I have met here at Pixie. And by that I mean if another dog is trying to flirt with me to get me to play, I will just awarkwardly try and avoid eye contact and put myself on the other side of the room. I am never rude or anything like that, but I am just bit of an silly awkward boy who just doesn’t know what to do in those situations. So a mellow dog friend would be best as I might get a bit bullied by a higher energy dog. I also have met some of those kitties through the glass of the cattery and I don’t seem to mind them one bit. I always happy to meet new people on the streets when I am out for my walks, but in the home would prefer to live with adults only. Speaking of walks, I really enjoy sniffing around outside, but sometimes will do the criss cross applesauce, switching from side to side, so a little extra finesse and I would be an excellent walker. I would do best in a set up without shared walls with neighbors. In queso you couldn’t tell, I am absolutely spec-taco-ular! Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350.

February 23rd, 2022


Hello! Will you be my forever human? 

My name is Hazel and I am looking for my forever home. I was found in bad shape on the streets of Portland in November of 2020. My foster mom got me spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and nursed me to a healthy 70 pounds. But unfortunately, I can not stay with her forever. 

I am about 4.5 years old Pit-bull mix. My foster mom has been calling me Hazel since she found me, and I know and respond to that name well. I am super mellow and just want to nap at my human’s feet all day long. Belly rubs are my favorite things ever. It would be ideal if you are retired or work from home. Sometimes I get sad alone and chew on things. I don’t jump or bark much, and I love giving kisses to everyone who walks in the house, including children.  However, it has been recommended that a home without young kiddos present all the time will be best, as I am sensitive and get overwhelmed with a lot of activity.

 Right now I share a house with a cat, and we stay away from each other, and I gladly share my water bowl with her. But I do like chasing cats and squirrels out on my walk. I get growly with other dogs when they come close. I respond great to positive reinforcement training, and am looking forward to attending a reactive dog class, if you want to help me get over my fear of dogs. 

I have some old injury to my leg so I walk slowly and rarely run. Stairs are difficult for me. Few carpeted or concrete steps are fine, but a hardwood staircase is a big no.

I will come with my beloved kennel, food bowls and everything else you might need for me. 

The adoption fee is $350. 

Please contact my foster mom Sasha at alexandra.gor12@gmail.com


February 12th, 2022

Hi there! My name Izzy and I am very sweet and adorable 13 yo Chihuahua. I am looking for a mellow home with lots of love and lap cuddles, oh and maybe some tasty treats too. I really really like food you see. A total foodie, if you will. If I could take selfies with my meals for the gram, I totally would. My dream is even to start a food blog. Better late than never I say! Though I grew up living with 8 other doggies, I am not a huge fan of sharing the spotlight. Another mellow male dog my age would be ok, but I would also love to be the only pup you share your dinners with! I would could live with a super dog savvy kitty who won’t seek me out to play. I am a quiet gal and can sometimes switch from being a total velcro dog to a more independent lady who sleeps on my bed in the other room. It takes me a little while to warm up to new adult human pals as transitions are a little hard for me, but eventually I warm up and will even paw at you for pets. Sometimes I will even get a burst of energy and play chase games with you around the house! Though I couldn’t really do an apartment, a duplex or townhome with a little fenced yard attached to it with direct access to outside in a very quiet low traffic area would be best. The household I came from never really put harnesses or leashes on us, so we would much rather do our business by having you open a door and wandering in the secured yard versus walks down the street. I do have a heart murmur that I am starting medication for and should be monitored from time to time. Pixie would be happy to provide all the medical care if you can provide me a nice little retirement home as my forever foster. What do you say…want to help me start my blog? I’m thinking of calling it Pupcakes and Woofles: A Dog’s Guide to the Portland Food Scene. Fill out an application or email info@pixieproject.org for more details!

January 15th, 2022

Hello there! My name is Gibbs and I am very sweet and sensitive 7 yo yorkie mix. I am a fairly shy guy at first, but with some patience and a little bit of time, I want to be your lap cuddle buddy. I have lived with other doggies my size in the past and I have met some pups at Pixie, so another mellow doggy in my home would be just fine. Same for those kitties too. Right now, I am looking to get a little rest and relaxation out of the shelter in an experienced adult only foster home. I am a little too nervous for walks, so it would be best if there was a fenced yard or even an enclosed patio with potty pads. I am a cuddly and sweet guy, so fill out a foster application today or email info@pixieproject.org if interested in fostering me while I search for my forever home!

January 13th, 2022

Do I have the cutest underbite in all the land? Why yes, yes I do! The name is Fred and with my good looks and silly personality, it’s near impossible to resist my puppy like charm. At 4 years old, I am a Southern transplant making my way to the great PNW all the way from Texas. Here, I have already made a lot of new friends and am excited to meet more! Since I am still new to this area, I am still a little sensitive to busy environments and so I am not really one for walks right now. I would much rather hang in the yard with my dog pals or play some fetch in front of a nice warm fireplace inside. I am a very spunky Chihuahua mix who really likes to play with my fellow dog friends. My foster siblings aren’t into playing with me as much, so I tend to have to self entertain with toys and chewies. Having a playful dog in my home would be awesome not only because it would be so much fun, but also help boost my confidence and feel comfortable while you are gone for the day. That reminds me, I would do best in a home setup without shared walls with neighbors and a yard to run around in since I am not a fan of those walks.  My foster home does have some playful kitties residing there and I do pretty good with them. Sometimes I ignore them, and other times I am in the mood to play, so a confident at used to energetic dogs is key. I can be overwhelmed by lots of activity and noises, so a quiet home is ideal and I wouldn’t mind living with a dog experienced older kiddo over 13. Quirky and adorable, I am a affectionate kid who is happy to be by your side. Fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

January 4th, 2022

BOOM BOOM! Is that a thunderstorm? Nope, it’s a big old goofy bulldog stomping down the hallway after his favorite toy. Hi there! My name is Thor and I am a sweet silly 1 year old English Bulldog weighing just under 50lbs. I am a totally ham with a puppy like charm that has everyone smiling. Just like my movie counterpart, I am a handsome gent ready to save the world! Ok, so maybe I don’t have a special hammer, but I do have my funny snorts that can save anyone for a bad day. Being a pup, I still doing a lot of learning, but with me being pretty food motivated, it should be a piece of cake! Mmmm, cake. Speaking of training, A TRAINING LESSON IS MANADATORY FOR MY ADOPTION. Since I am a big bouncy fellow, I would do best with older kiddos over 13 who won’t mind me excitedly bumping into them from time to time. I live with other dogs currently and I think having another doggy in the home would be ideal. An adult female who can still play but also can teach me some play skills and when to take breaks. No kitties in my home please. Longer work days would be a bit hard for me, so I am looking for a house set up with no shared walls with neighbors and a family with a stable schedule. I can get excited when I see dogs on leash, and with some desensitization training, I could be a walking companion. Since I still need to practice leash skills, living in a lower traffic area would be best. The trainer met with me and said I am overall just a really nice pup who someone is going to adore. I will be your superhero if you will be mine! So fill out an application today to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

January 3rd, 2022

Well hello there! My name is Benjamin but you can call me Benji for short. I am 12 yo Bichon mix weighing about 16 lbs. I just adore being around my human pals and am a very social guy when it comes to meeting new people. My foster says that I am mostly a couch potato and happy to hang out on my bed next to her home office when she works from home. I still can be a sensitive guy at times and since I am a bit older, I prefer an adult only home. Once we connect, I am happily attached to your side. This makes long work days hard for me and thus, I would also do best in a house set up without shared walls with neighbors. I seem to be less anxious when other dogs are around and even though I am not a player, I just enjoy the company and would prefer to have another mellow fur friend in my home. I have been around cats before and after an initial transition period, I co-exist happily with the confident dog savvy ones. Though I am perfectly content with dog friends,  I can sometimes be barky when I see them out on walks, so I am more of a hang out in the yard kind of guy. Especially in the summer, you can find me relaxing by the pool in the brightest sunbeam and taking a snooze next to you while you are doing some gardening. I am silly, lovable pup who is  really eager to share all my love with my forever companion! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated with a recent dental and an adoption fee of $350.

January 2nd, 2022

Hello hello!! My name is Buoy and I am the beacon in the water that will help guide my forever family to me. At about 1.5 years old, I am silly boy with puppy like energy. I am a bit clumsy, but that is because I am a tripod (or tri-pawd as we say in the rescue world). I am originally from the south and  had a rough time starting out in this life, so I unfortunately had to have a back leg amputated. Even though I still am a bit wobbly, I have exuberance and confidence to keep going and so it doesn’t really really seem to bother me much. I am also a super resilient pup, so though I may be just a tad bit shy when meeting new people, I open up quickly with a treat or toss of a toy, and would do great in a home with kiddos over 12. I am quick learner and love my treats, which is super helpful when it comes to my training. Right now, I know some of the basics and are familiar with crate training, but could still use some of the basics. I enjoy playing with my dog pals my size who can handle my bouncy playstyle, and do tend to get overwhelmed in big groups of pups, so dog parks are not my thing. I would be happy to have a confident lady friend though who can still keep up with my play, but also help me learn when to take breaks. I have lived with 2 kitties before in the past, so a cat who is dog savvy would be find in my home. To get my energy out, I enjoy playing fetch and might be up for a short walk walk around the block, but I am definitely not what you would consider an avid hiker or anything like that since it can be a bit challenging for me to keep up. But that doesn’t mean I am still not full of zoomies and big energy! It would also be helpful for my future family to have a house like set up just because stairs can be difficult and it would nice to have direct access to the outside. I have lived in the city before and can still get a little overwhelmed by super busy areas such as downtown, so a quieter neighborhood would be best. Silly and sweet, I am a special pup ready to play with my new family today. Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

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