April 2nd, 2021


Cora was a feral that showed up on our farm and took to living under a shed. She started attacking her tail, leaving it bloody and mangled so we live-trapped her and took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, a neurological disease where her nerves attack her so she attacks back. The initial prognosis was bleak. There’s no cure and her symptoms were severe. However, we didn’t want to give up on her so started her on high-quality (freeze-dried) cat food and medication, and moved her indoors. It took a while, but Cora started healing!

Cora’s transformation has been amazing! Her tail has healed completely and she no longer attacks it. She constantly purrs, loves to be pet, and loves to play with her catnip mouse and other toys. She really can’t get enough attention! She’s become such a sweet cat. The vet estimates that Cora is between 5-8 years old. She’s passed all her vet exams, is up on her shots, and her teeth look good. Aside from her FHS issue, she’s in great health. It’s assumed at this time that she will need to continue her medication and high-quality food to manage the FHS.

The perfect home for Cora would be a place that’s calm (probably no kids or other pets) and where she can live indoors. A fairly regular routine is also important as she needs her meds in the morning and evening every day. (The good news is that the medication is added to her food and she eats it without a problem!) Large, unexpected noises and movements scare her, but with a little patience, she will adjust to the right home and be a wonderful, loving companion.

For more info on Cora, you can read about her at https://kerriehubbard.com/coras-story/ or contact Shelley at 503-757-6151.


December 24th, 2020
Bruce Campbell’s the name — and like my namesake, I’m a big, handsome lug that’s ready to retire. I’m about 11-years-old and after a decade of B-grade movie making, I can’t wait for my final act with my future forever family. Meal time and nap time are the best times of the day, and make for a very exciting life! I am close to 20 pounds, so I take my treats very seriously. I also enjoy lap-time, tucking my foster in bed at night before venturing off to nighttime shenanigans, and belly rubs when I’m feeling really comfortable. Being such a handsome guy often draws a lot of attention from adoring fans, but I’m really a bit of a sensitive celebrity and appreciate the respect of being able to seek attention out on my own terms. When I’m feeling up for it, I’m happy to make a Zoom appearance and give lots of snuggles if you work out of your home like so many people do these days! I need a quiet, understanding home where I can have time to blossom and become cuddly with my one person, and where I can be the only kitty in the household. My foster mom has a dog and while I’ve tolerated him alright, my ideal home would have me as your one-and-only four-legged friend. I’m used to being an indoor-only kitty and would do just fine in an apartment, and would really thrive with someone who has cat experience and will understand me for the special boy that I am. I will reward you with big, soft belly rubs and snuggles once we’ve had that time to bond and become best friends — sound like a good trade? I think so! Pixie has run blood work to make sure I’m in good health and I’ve already had a dental cleaning, so I am overall low-maintenance and all ready to find my new home! Think I’m the perfect fit for the role of Star Cat in your life? Fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, microchipped (and with recent blood work and dental already done) for an adoption fee of $80.

April 8th, 2020

Thelma (brown tabby) and her sister Louise (torbie) are two big, beautiful sisters with even bigger, lovely personalities that like to be the center of attention! These 2-3 year old gals are sure to be the life of the party, with lots of confidence and playfulness to light up the room. Thelma is definitely in charge, and will quickly walk up to new people and scope them out before promptly asking for pets. Louise is a total mush and one of the sweetest kitties around, and is always happy to stroll up to new people and cats and give gentle sniffs of hello. Both these gorgeous ladies are very gentle and big lap cats, who will happily hop into any waiting lap as soon as it’s available. At such a young age, they are also very playful, and love to chase the feather (even through the air sometimes!). They’re active, engaging and so much fun — they’d make really wonderful family cats and would thrive in a busy home where they could receive lots of attention! They’re also very hearty kitties that are healthy and love to eat — at around 12 lbs each, they will be the first to tell you that mealtime is one of the most important times of the day. Thelma and Louise are bonded with each other and absolutely want to find a home together where they can snuggle and play. They are peaceful around other cats, though Thelma is not a huge fan of them and will sometimes sass other kitties when she’s not in the mood to hang. They are also confident enough that they are undeterred by dogs and are overall very flexible, adorable girls! Do you think this pair might be perfect for you? We hope you’ll fill out an application to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

April 2nd, 2020

I’m Pepper cat! A big, beautiful, striking brown tabby boy that is around 9-years-old, and very mellow. My name may be spicy and my eyes may be as big as saucers, but I am a gentle giant that is very quiet, well-mannered and generally cool with just about anyone! I have lived with kids, other cats and dogs before, and mostly I just like to get along. That being said, I myself am a “slow ride, take it easy” kind of guy and enjoy a mellow home where I can lounge around and get lots of attention from my human family members. I warm up quickly to most people I meet, and will even roll over for belly rubs when I’m feeling comfortable! My favorite time is lap-time (and meal time, of course!) and I will happily warm your lap when you’re ready for some cuddles. While I do enjoy peeking out the window at the outside world, I’m used to being completely indoors and am totally fine with apartment life. Pixie has run blood work to make sure I’m healthy and I’ve had a dental as well, so at this point I’m ready to find my forever home! I’d love to find a family that had lots of time to give me loving throughout the day, and am low-maintenance in just about every other way. Do you think I might be the ideal cat for you? I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped (with recent blood work and dental already done!) for an adoption fee of $100.

March 25th, 2020

Sweet, affectionate, curious, playful and adorable — these are the Dynamic Duos of Prince and Posey! Prince (all-black) is a big, shiny, panther-like kitty that is very sleek and soft, while his little sister Posey is a petite and precious flower that is a wonderful balance to her brother, who is actually the more sensitive of these two 6-month-old kitties. Posey is very confident, and serves as a wonderful, reassuring companion Prince.  Her vision may be limited due to scarring from severe eye infections as a young kitten, but it doesn’t affect  her in the slightest! She bats her toys, flying or sliding.  Sometimes she will even play fetch with her crinkle pom pom! Like most kittens, these two are very interested and excited in new things and curious about every new toy, piece of paper, room or smell. Although they will go in search of new adventures and toys, being close to humans makes them feel secure.  Curled up on a lap is one of their favorite places to be. 

This loving bonded pair relies on each for support.  Prince may look like a panther, but is really a gentle soul and is very sensitive to change. When meeting new people he will run and hide, but quickly warms up with some gentle talk and some patience.  He has a history of hematuria which can be triggered by stress. His new family will need to be committed to monitor his urine to ensure it does not progress to a serious condition. We have found that eating Urinary food and an herbal tincture called “Tinkle tonic”, along with encouraging water, has really helped, and he is very good about taking his tincture in his mouth.  Both of these sweet kittens are good eaters and have perfect litter box habits, and have lived in foster with other cats and dogs for the past few months. Prince and Posey are a special pair of wonderful teenage kittens that would thrive in a calm, cat-experienced home with folks who are not afraid of potential special needs arising. They will reward you with endless entertainment, love and laughter! If you’re interested in meeting and learning more about these adorable kittens, please fill out an application to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

March 23rd, 2020

Why hello there! My name is Saber, and while I may look like a Tiger with my big body and brown tabby stripes, I’m really a total domestic sweetheart! I’m about 5-years-old and can be a little bashful at first, but before you know it, I’m a lovebug who will make big biscuits and swirl around your legs asking for pets. Once I’m settled in, I’m a relatively active boy that’s used to having plenty of space to roam around, since I was raised as an indoor-outdoor cat. I would love a home where I could get lots of attention and playtime, and a nice yard to hang out in when the sun’s out! I promise to return the favor with sweet snuggles and loads of entertainment, since I have such an awesome, playful personality. I grew up around another cat and have lived peacefully with them before, but when I was moved into a small space I had difficulty adapting and would sometimes not get along too well, so life as the only cat in the home is definitely the best for me. I have not lived with small children before, however I’m a confident and gentle cat so I’d likely do well with a family with older kids who allowed me some time to adapt — once I’m comfortable, I like to be friends with pretty much everyone I meet! I’m a healthy, hearty kitty that’s ready to start my journey with my forever people — could that be you? I hope you’ll fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

March 18th, 2020
I am the absolutely adorable, wide-eyed McMittens! I’m a round, funny little 2-year-old kitty that is always up for playing, and says a lot with my gigantic yellow saucer eyes. Though I can be bashful at first, I will bond well with my person once I get to know them and will often follow my foster mom from room to room, making sure to be close by. Though I am very affectionate when I want to be (you might even find me curled up on your chest when you wake in the morning), I also have an independent side and am happy to just hang out or play on my own, so I’d do just fine with someone who has to work often or prefers a low-maintenance kitty. I will ask to play with you sometimes, though, and will be very enthusiastic about chasing the wand toy and making big leaps into the air for the “kill”! I’m a quiet girl that makes the cutest little chirps in lieu of full meows and who is absolutely fine being an indoor-only, apartment kitty. Sometimes I will hang out by the window but that’s about all the “outside” world I need in my life. I’m a tiny bit on the timid side and still learning to be confident, so I would thrive in an adult-only home with a single person or couple to show my affection to, and would surely bring a big smile to you every day with my playtime antics and heart-warming eyes. Do you think I’m the perfect little kitty for you? Fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

March 18th, 2020

Why hello there! My name is Tinkers, and I’m a 7-year-old Snowshoe Siamese kitty who is a gentle giant hiding behind a bit of a  “tough guy” exterior. Look past my Resting Mad Face and initially shy nature and you’ll find a loving, playful cat who likes to hang out with his person and play chase with other cats! Once I get to know you, I’m a sweet, goofy companion who likes to spend time with my family, both human and four-legged. Though it’s taken a little time to warm up in my foster home, now that I’m comfortable, I’m often found just laying nearby or walking up and asking for chin scratches and even belly rubs! I like to sleep curled up in bed with my person or with another cat friend, if they’ll let me, and will gladly snuggle up in bed while purring up a storm. I love, love, love to play, especially with interactive toys like ribbon or fishing pole toys. You can really get me going with catnip, too, especially the catnip mice and kicker toys. If you’re busy or not around for a while, that’s okay too, since I’m happy to play solo — I’m a simple man who favors a balled up piece of paper that I can carry around and stash under furniture for later. I have a beautiful, thick coat and fortunately, I love to be brushed with a nice soft brush that helps keep my fur in good shape and looking sleek! Though I’m a Siamese-mix, I’m a very quiet companion who only speaks up sometimes, especially when I know there are treats nearby. In fact, I’m very food-motivated and my foster mom is even teaching me to give her a pay for treats — it’s too cute! It has taken me awhile to feel safe and comfortable after losing my first home, and a big part of my progress has been my feline-foster-brother. I love to follow him around, copy whatever he’s doing (he’s so cool!) and will often try to get him to play chase and wrestle with me (he’s not that into it, but I’m working on him!). I absolutely love other cats and really need a home with another confident cat or two who will be okay with me being a tag-a-long and who would enjoy playing and snuggling with me, since it’s my absolute favorite thing in the world. I’m perfectly happy being an indoor kitty and don’t mind the apartment lifestyle — I just need a nice window to perch by when the sun is shining, but nothing more than that. My ideal family would be a quiet, stable one and have experience and patience with kitties so I would have time to blossom and in return, can promise to be an entertaining and incredibly loving friend for them and their cat(s), too! I’m a healthy guy that’s had a recent dental and is not in need of any special medical care, though I am currently on a very affordable anxiety medication to help me through my next transition to my forever home. Are you interested in a special, most-handsome guy like me? Do you have a kitty or two in need of a new fuzzy friend? I think it’d be great to meet! Fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

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