April 16th, 2021

Due to the up-tick in adoption interest and high volume of intake requests, we are not always able to post our available cats. We are still taking cats in and reaching out to potential adopters who have submitted applications as they become available. Our application gives adopters the opportunity to let our adoption staff know what you’re looking for, and we’re happy to help you find your perfect match! If you are interested in adopting a cat (or kittens), we encourage you to fill out our general adoption application and email it to info@pixieproject.org. As soon as we receive it, our adoption staff will get back to you within 1-2 business days to make suggestions and set up a meet-and-greet appointment at that time. 

April 16th, 2021
I am the beautiful Stella, soon to be the light of your life! I’m a stunning, super floofy, bold and confident lady that is around 11 years old. When I’m in the mood and feeling trusting, I LOVE my belly rubs, and will often allow you the pleasure of rubbing all my tummy fluff. Fortunately, I also enjoy being brushed a lot, which very much helps to maintain my beautiful fluffy coat. My personality, like my body size, is pretty big, and I always want to be the center of attention. I will often follow my fosters around, chatting and herding them around the house according to my schedule. Even though I’m an older lady, you wouldn’t know it — I’m very spry and adventurous and would love a home with some room to roam. My current fosters have a small apartment, and it’s a little confining for me. That being said, I’m totally used to being indoors and don’t have any need to go outside at all. I do like to climb and jump and chase dangly toys, and will gladly cuddle up in bed with you at night when it’s time for sleep. Even though I’m a bed snuggler, my large size makes it a little awkward for me to be a lap kitty. That being said, I’m all about being nearby wherever you are, and am wonderful company! I am used to being the Queen of the Castle and am not a fan of sharing my space with other animals. I’m also just tolerant of being picked up and carried a short while and generally like respect of my space when I ask for it, so an adult-only home is probably ideal for me, especially since that’s what I’m most used to. I don’t necessarily need a quiet home, however, since I’m happy to welcome new people into my space and am quite the socialite! Pixie has run blood work on me to ensure that I’m in good health and I even had a recent dental, so I’m ready for my new home! Don’t you think I’m just delightful? I hope you’ll fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $80.

April 16th, 2021

I am handsome Jack! I’m a big brown tabby boy that is around 5 years old and easy to love! It took me just a little while to gain my confidence after losing the only owner I’ve known, but now that I’m settled into my foster home I am a very affectionate kitty that loves laps and will roll around on the floor, flirting with my admirers! I’m a quiet, polite guy that is very mellow and happy to entertain myself if you have work all day, and also happy to see you when you get home. I may be a little shy at first while I adjust to a new space, but I am great with new people now that I’m settled — a quieter adult-only space may be ideal for me, though I’m incredibly gentle and wouldn’t be an issue around children. I just might take awhile to adjust to big kid energy or dogs. I’m used to the indoor lifestyle and am perfectly content to lounge around in an apartment. The fact that I’m happy indoors is ideal, since I am positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which just means that I will need to be an indoor-only cat and that I will need to have regular vet exams to ensure that I stay healthy and happy. Cats with FIV can live long and healthy lives just like other cats, and do not need regular medication or special food. For more information on FIV, check out this article from the Cornell Feline Health Center:  http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/Health_Information/brochure_fiv.cfm.
Despite my FIV status, I’m currently a healthy kitty that even had a recent dental cleaning done, and I am ready for my forever home! I may be a little shy at first while I adjust, but I am great with new people now that I’m settled If you’re looking for a low-maintenance lover like me, I hope you’ll fill out an application to meet me soon! 

April 16th, 2021


Bobby is a year and eleven month old seal point siamese cat. She has a gorgeous darker coat that shines in the light. She is looking for a home with no dogs, cats or young children. She needs someone who can give her lots of attention without other animals confusing her or over-stimulating her. Bobby is full of personality, she is a queen of her kingdom! She is always curious and interested in all new things, people and toys. She is also one of the most playful cats you will ever meet! She loves playing with her toys and also loves hunting for treats we have placed for her around the house. Because of her age though, she is still learning how to play properly, and if she feels you aren’t paying enough attention or playing right, she can turn her energy towards you. But she is learning to take breaks when this happens by my partner and I redirecting her and walking away. Bobby loves to let her personality shine through her songs and phrases too. She will always let you know when she wants to hang out, and she will let you know when she is done. Bobby tends to let you know how she is feeling through her body language immediately, and also with her mouth. She tends to let people know when she is overstimulated with bites on the arm or hand when she wants to be left alone, or if she didn’t like something. We have been working with her to understand she doesn’t need to bite and can let us know in other ways, and we have definitely seen her understanding better, though she still uses it quite often to communicate. If you are not okay being bitten or scratched while working with her to improve her manners, this isn’t the cat for you. She has never been an outdoor cat but in the right situation that could allow her to get some energy out and that would be greatly beneficial. Bobby is a super smart lady with a grand personality, and while she still needs some help learning and understanding some things, she is an incredibly affectionate and loving little lady.

If you’re interested in Bobby, please contact Eamon at adopt.bobbythecat@gmail.com

April 15th, 2021

Willy (beauty mark on lip) and Cassie (pink, patchy nose) are an adorable, fun pair of bonded kitties who would love to liven up your life! These silly teenagers are not bio siblings, but became fast friends in foster and absolutely love to romp around, snuggle and wrestle the day away. Willy is about 1&1/2 years old and is a bit of a shy guy, often taking time to warm up to new people and learning how to be confident. His bff Cassie, a 9-month-old lady kitty, really helps him feel more comfortable and is the total opposite — she’s a bold, outgoing girl who LOVES to play and will often curl up in a lap. Willy is also very playful, and can’t resist a string toy! The two will often wrestle and chase each other around the house, which is just too fun to watch! Though Willy is shy at times, he enjoys being where his people are and will come out to investigate when new people come over. He will likely take some time to feel fully comfortable in a new home, and would do best in a quieter, adult-only home, though he is very gentle. Cassie is incredibly social, and follows you wherever you go! They’ll also cuddle up or groom each other at times. and are both well behaved and easily trained. They learned very quickly that they get to walk on some furniture, but not counters or desks. Because they are such young, active kitties, they’d probably do best in a larger space where they have room to explore, play and act like the teenagers they are without being destructive. That being said, both are used to living entirely indoors and would be absolutely happy to stay that way. They are both used to living around other cats and are very respectful and open to sharing their space with friendly felines, and they do need to go home together. These kitties are healthy, full of fun and ready for their forever home! Do you think you might have the spot for them? They’d love to meet you, so fill out an application today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

April 13th, 2021

Zato is a five years old Seal Point Siamese. He is a big boy with big paws that he likes to pet you with. He is very goofy and loves attention. He will talk to you and follow you everywhere. He loves to lay on his upside down on his back in the sun. 
Ichi is a six year old Lilac Point Siamese mix. Ichi had a rough start, but in the past few years she has really learned to be a cat again…so patience with her is a must.  She might be shy at first, or hiss a little…but she will warm up on her terms. Once she does, she is such a living cat. She will love to be next to you, give you little kisses and head bumps.  She is a big girl at approx 12lbs and soft as a bunny! 
Both cats are fixed and grew up together in a very loving home with no other animals and no children. So, a home without other animals or children would be best. These two buddies need to stay together, Zato is Ichi’s “comfort” animal. 
If you are interested in this beautiful pair, please contact Donja at Pandorasbox6701@gmail.com

April 8th, 2021


This handsome, smart, curious and playful Boo is a delight! He can also be very calm and likes to be held and cuddled and then he’ll spontaneously break out again in play. Boo would do best in a situation where he can have his playful and curious times. I also think he’d do really well and thrive if he had another young playmate. Although he has been an indoor only cat, perhaps in the right conditions, he’d be a cat that would enjoy having a safe outdoor space in which to roam, but isn’t a requirement. He loves to climb up high and watch all that is going on. He’ll also snuggle up on the couch behind my desk or in a special corner in the closet for his nap times. 

He is an 11 month old neutered male, and up to date on rabies shot and is very healthy! At this kitten stage, he is learning and growing. He has made great strides and while there is still progress to be made, he would not be a best fit with young children in the home at his stage. Someone with experience in guiding kittens into adulthood would be ideal, along with some time each day to nurture that growth. Since he was born during the year of covid, he has not had much interaction with others, so is very shy if a guest comes over. He’ll retreat to his favorite corner in the closet and then immediately returns to be with me once the guest leaves. I think that might be more about the world he’s known than necessarily a life long trait. 

He never has an accident and uses his litter box very well. I clean it daily, so that helps keep it inviting. He lives now in a stress free environment. I’m going to be moving and can’t keep Boo, and I’d like to find him a stable home where he can bring you joy and also be happy and continue to grow! He would come complete with nice litter-box, a few toys he likes, and a cat carrier for vet visits. 

If Boo feels like a match for you, please reach out to Robin at mntclimber@outlook.com. Since he is shy when guests come over, we could start out with a Zoom connection and you can see how he is with me.

April 8th, 2021


Spot-walla 3 legged tripod kitty is a ~5 year old fixed male. He is formerly stray and adapting smoothly to domestic life. Spotty is FIV+ and must be *indoors only*. Although he is FIV+ he is quite healthy and shows no sign of illness. He has a large appetite (he’ll even eat beans and avocado) and mostly lazes around. He enjoys his floor scratcher and playing with toys. He has perfect  litter box etiquette and does not if rarely “mark”. Spotty is a wild boy, but also loves to snuggle, purr and nap on your lap or bedside. No need to sugarcoat this little guy, he has a lot of love to give when he feels comfortable. His ideal living situation will be indoor only, calm environment, with loving and experienced cat owner(s) with a knowledge of FIV care,  plus vet check-ups every ~6 months. He has the ability to get along with other cats but they must be FIV+ as well and properly socialized/introduced. However he’d do best as the only cat and center of attention.

If you’d make a good forever home please contact Gwen at 503-830-9916 or ranunculaceae@gmail.com.

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