January 10th, 2021


Please contact my mom Pamela at 202 280 3467 or pamelakhon@hotmail.com 

Or my dad Dino at 971 601 6992 or abedino2002@yahoo.com 

Hello! My name is Aga, and I’m a 15-year-old cocker spaniel that likes to boop. You’d never guess my age, right? I’ve got good genes ;-). I’m about 25 lbs and don’t need lots of treats and won’t steal your food, win-win! I’m a guileless, calm, and super sweet, I am not kidding! I get lots of pets and lots of compliments from strangers!  

My family adopted me when I was six, in Egypt, and since then, I’ve traveled around the world with them and even have dual citizenship!  I spent the last three years in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m so grateful my parents got me out when the war was imminent! (Slava Ukraini!) But now they have to go back, and can’t guarantee where I would stay! What the heck!?

As a retiree, I can be relaxed about things. I take my time warming up to people and places, and sniffing my surroundings. Definitely if you scratch me behind the ears, I’ll stick close. I am only very mildly interested in other dogs or cats, or children, as long as they leave me in peace. And listen, I’m healthy, but I’m too old to be playing dress-up-dog with kids, you feel me? 

I am flexible, and low maintenance, sure, but I would prefer a quiet, stable home. I am cool to hang out on my bed, but the second you hit the kitchen, I’ll pop up just to check on you 🙂 I’m hard of hearing but if you crinkle a bag of food, somehow I can hear that too. I’m just really interested in what you are up to! I really like going for short walks, but I warn you, there are a LOT of things to sniff out there, amirite?  

I’m in great health for my age but I can’t jump on the couch anymore, like I used to. Stairs are tough for me too. Right now a baby gate blocks the stairs because those suckers are long, steep, and slippery for my arthritic back legs!  As I continue to age, I might need help up and down outside stairs, but for now I can manage them. I might need basic medications or adjustments to keep me comfortable later. I need to go out briefly, four or five times a day but only need one short walk a day. I get tired more easily these days!  The ideal adopter would not work long hours (maybe you work from home or are retired) and would never leave me outside! In exchange, I’ll keep close to you, and adore you! Look at this face! I always smell good and am nice and warm. 

I am fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. 

I will come with my crate, two dog beds, food, leash, poop bags, and everything else you might need for me.  

The adoption fee is $100.  

Please contact my mom Pamela at 202 280 3467 or pamelakhon@hotmail.com 

Or my dad Dino at 971 601 6992 or abedino2002@yahoo.com 

January 5th, 2021



Hi, Folks!  I’m Charlie. I also have about 50 nicknames and am very open to being called anything, as long as you love me.  I’m 25 pounds of awesomeness.  My breed is “short dog”; vets have called me a Corgi mix and a Terrier mix.  Probably a bit of Beagle too, but who knows.  I am something like 6-7 years old (?). I’m tan and white with dark brown floppy ears and face markings.  I would be happy in an apartment (small balcony, a bonus), or a house with a yard.  I would like to live in a home without kids coming in and out.  I’m great with the 12-year-old I live with, but his friends always make me nervous all over again!  I love all my adult human friends, and am also very content with just my #1 adult person. I would appreciate a relatively peaceful house – not much rowdy activity.  I’d be happy to live with one or more small dogs, or a bigger mellow dog companion(s).  My best dog friends are two sweet pit bulls and about every small dog I’ve ever met (except puppies – did I mention I prefer adults?)  I’m also fine being the only dog at home.  I walk like a pro on my leash and strut like I own the place; it is truly adorable.  I am happy to lounge around most days but get excited for my walks, and I can walk or jog as long as you can.  I also love to run and sniff around in nature off-leash!  I have learned a bunch of tricks and would happily learn more if there are treats involved. I am a very cool dude, ready to love my new person/people, but not at all needy.  When you relax, I’ll lay down at your side or on my bed in the same room as you.  I might also sneak in for a snuggle at night if you’re ok with it.  But I’ll stay on my bed if you’re not.  Some things that can spook me: a new person with a loud voice, big hat or weird outfit; a dog that “comes on hot”. I’m the type who would rather stay home, or hike all day with you, than go to a loud party.  So, if this sounds like your thing, I’m a real catch 😉
I’m all neutered and vaccinated and ready to keep living my best life with my right person(s).  
Contact info: Mary Lind, maryelind@gmail.com

January 2nd, 2021



Hi! My name is Tugboat. I’m brand new to this world and am learning all I can! Potty-training, learning to be okay when left alone, and getting socialized takes a LOT of time! When I’m not napping I’m busy, busy, busy! I’m looking for a home that has what it takes to continue my education. Puppy school is a must!!

My ideal home would be puppy-savvy folks who aren’t gone terribly long hours each day. Another active canine sibling or human siblings 10+ would be swell!! If you are interested in adopting me please reach out to my foster mom at onepawforward@yahoo.com


January 1st, 2021
Luke is a 5 1/2 year old very sweet, very handsome Lab mix (mixed with something fast!) that has no health issues and is up to date on all of his shots (as of May 2022). He is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped! He is a very sweet boy that loves every human and dog he’s ever met, and lives with a cat that he tolerates. 
Luke’s favorite things to do are going on walks, playing fetch, playing with other dogs at the dog park, laying in the sun, howling at fire trucks, and getting lots of love and attention from his humans. He is pretty high energy and would do best with a family that has a big back yard that he can run and play in, or who will commit to taking him on daily walks so he can get his energy out. He is a true dog lover’s dog and will be your very best buddy and love you endlessly. He is the goodest boy.
The adoption fee is $200 (of which $100 will go be a direct donation back to The Pixie Project).  Luke comes with a dog bed, collar, leash, Gentle Leader, poop bags, dog food, and a couple of his favorite toys. Luke has no major allergies, but is sensitive to chicken, so food without any chicken products are best for him. 
Please contact Hadewych (ha’-duh-vee) at hadey1@yahoo.com or (503) 804-4764. 

December 30th, 2020

Did someone order a grande Cappuccino and a tall Latte? Well here we are! The perfect little espresso beans here to make sure you have a brew-tiful day! We are both chihuahua terrier mixes with Latte being 7 years old and 8lbs, whereas I, Cap, am 12 years old and 16lbs. We are like two coffee beans in a pod and are looking for a home together. Being quiet and sensitive, we are looking for a mellow adult only household with someone who loves cuddling as much as we do! I am always eager to run up and greet you, though Latte can take a second to warm up to the optimal temperature. We are both into snuggles and would probably enjoy walks in  a low traffic area or running around in a fenced yard. Because of all the espresso, sometimes we can get a little chatty, so a home without shared walls with neighbors would be ideal. We have met some doggy friends here at Pixie and in my foster home, and we both warm up to them just fine. No kitties in our home please! Other than me needing a little weight loss, we are both in good shape and have been fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and even had routine dentals! Coffee and friends are the perfect blend, so fill out an application for us today. Our total adoption fee if $350. Want to foster us while we wait for our forever home? Email info@pixieproject.org!

December 8th, 2020

Who is that adorable doggo with the cute permanent puppy face? Well that handsome gent is me, Blaze! And believe it or not, at 33lbs, I am actually closer to 2 years old though my looks and personality remind most of a young puppy. I am a pretty energetic lad who LOVES being around my other dogs friends my size or bigger. Especially those big old labs I love wrestling around with in my foster. I could play with them for hours! I am still learning when to take breaks, so I might be too annoying for older dogs. So a confident dog friend who likes to play but can also teach me some manners would be ideal and needed in my home! When I first arrived at Pixie from Texas, the hustle and the bustle of inner city living was just so overwhelming and I wasn’t a fan of going outside. Thus, a house in a quieter low traffic neighborhood or suburb can help me gradually practice my leash skills and just be more comfortable for me overall. Having another dog as the leader, really helps me open up since I can be a sensitive guy at first, so being able to watch them confidently roll down the street may help me come out of my shell as well!  Being a Beagle mix, I do love those tasty treats, which will help with my basic training. TRAINING CLASSES/LESSONS ARE REQUIRED FOR MY ADOPTION! I am pretty quick to open up to my human friends over 12 and am instantly a bouncy ball of energy ready to play. Cute, sensitive, and silly, I am eager to find my family and starting playing with my new doggy sibling today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 8th, 2020

Greetings friends! They call me Old Uncle Henry! But don’t let the name fool you. They just call me that because I have an old soul as I love to listen to smooth jazz, play BINGO, and take long naps on the couch. At 8 years old and 113 lbs, I am big fellow with an even bigger heart who absolutely loves being with his favorite people. As you can see, my back legs don’t work 100% correctly and I tend to trip over myself sometimes, but the vet says it is due to a neurological issue which just means that I won’t have any further complications from it down the road. It instead just makes me extra special! I can still walk around my foster’s house just fine and sometimes need an occasional boost up a stair or two, and thus I would definitely need an owned home and would have a hard time in apartment style setting. Things like long walks or hikes would also be difficult for me and not really my style. In fact, a few houses up and back is all the exercise I need for the day and then its back to snuggle times with you on the couch. I seem to really light up when around my animal friends and get along just fine with my foster’s kitty and also met a few Pixie dogs that I get playful with! In fact, I would love to have a mellow furry friend in my home to keep me company. I am a very friendly guy with everyone I meet, but I can sometimes be a little wobbly and unsteady, so a home with kids 12 and up would be best. Being a goofy guy, I am down to play here and there, but ultimately I am all about those snuggles as we watch some of my favorite black and white classics on the telly. Giant and sweet, I just can’t wait for us to meet! Fill out an application today. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 8th, 2020

Oh hi! My name is Rufus though they call me Rufus the Goofus because I am just a silly and lovable gent! At 10 years young and 55lbs, I am still a very playful Lab/Cattledog mix with a love of pets and an extreme love of food and tasty treats!! I am a happy guy eager to meet my human pals and other doggies too. In the home, I would prefer to live with kiddos over 15 and because I am little too interested in kitties, no cats in my home please! Though I am still quite spunky, I do have some old man hips and with the help of some pain meds, I have been feeling great. But I would probably have a hard time in a home with a lot of stairs, so a place with easy access to outside would be better for me. And though I would still probably try and go on 5 mile hike, short walks would be more ideal. I do still enjoy playing with my toys, with my favorite being two ball fetch!  I am still working on the “drop it” part, but with me being pretty food motivated, I will be easy to train! And forget what they say about not being to teach an old dogs new tricks. It’s a total lie and with your help, I can show you all that an old dog can actually do! I am an easy going chap who is very friendly and always down for some hang time with my favorite peeps! So let’s get to chillaxing and relaxing together today. Fill out an application so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

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