December 8th, 2020

Greetings friends! They call me Old Uncle Henry! But don’t let the name fool you. They just call me that because I have an old soul as I love to listen to smooth jazz, play BINGO, and take long naps on the couch. At 8 years old and 113 lbs, I am big fellow with an even bigger heart who absolutely loves being with his favorite people. As you can see, my back legs don’t work 100% correctly and I tend to trip over myself sometimes, but the vet says it is due to a neurological issue which just means that I won’t have any further complications from it down the road. It instead just makes me extra special! I can still walk around my foster’s house just fine and sometimes need an occasional boost up a stair or two, and thus I would definitely need an owned home and would have a hard time in apartment style setting. Things like long walks or hikes would also be difficult for me and not really my style. In fact, a few houses up and back is all the exercise I need for the day and then its back to snuggle times with you on the couch. I seem to really light up when around my animal friends and get along just fine with my foster’s kitty and also met a few Pixie dogs that I get playful with! In fact, I would love to have a mellow furry friend in my home to keep me company. I am a very friendly guy with everyone I meet, but I can sometimes be a little wobbly and unsteady, so a home with kids 12 and up would be best. Being a goofy guy, I am down to play here and there, but ultimately I am all about those snuggles as we watch some of my favorite black and white classics on the telly. Giant and sweet, I just can’t wait for us to meet! Fill out an application today. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 8th, 2020

Oh hi! My name is Rufus though they call me Rufus the Goofus because I am just a silly and lovable gent! At 10 years young and 55lbs, I am still a very playful Lab/Cattledog mix with a love of pets and an extreme love of food and tasty treats!! I am a happy guy eager to meet my human pals and other doggies too. In the home, I would prefer to live with kiddos over 15 and because I am little too interested in kitties, no cats in my home please! Though I am still quite spunky, I do have some old man hips and with the help of some pain meds, I have been feeling great. But I would probably have a hard time in a home with a lot of stairs, so a place with easy access to outside would be better for me. And though I would still probably try and go on 5 mile hike, short walks would be more ideal. I do still enjoy playing with my toys, with my favorite being two ball fetch!  I am still working on the “drop it” part, but with me being pretty food motivated, I will be easy to train! And forget what they say about not being to teach an old dogs new tricks. It’s a total lie and with your help, I can show you all that an old dog can actually do! I am an easy going chap who is very friendly and always down for some hang time with my favorite peeps! So let’s get to chillaxing and relaxing together today. Fill out an application so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 5th, 2020

Fourteen years ago in the prehistoric early 2000’s, a rare, lustrous and unique gem was unearthed hidden within a fossil. Her beauty and elegance would make her the most sought-after Pearl of all of time! Who is this hidden gem you ask? Why, it’s me of course! I mean just look at my radiance and shine. Have you ever seen a happier dachshund?! It didn’t always used to be this way of course, and I have had my ups and downs. But with just a few baths and some basic medical updates, I am making great strides, both looking and feeling good! My gorgeous iridescent fur is even coming back in again. Happy as a clam, I get my moments of spunk, especially when it’s my favorite time of the day: food time! But then it’s back under the covers where I reside most of the day. Though my opulence makes me stand out from the crowd, I am quite modest, and get along with just about anyone and everyone I meet! In fact, even when the other dogs sit on me when I am hidden and tucked inside my clam shell made of blankets, I don’t let out a sound and just let them be. Being older and more on the delicate side, I would enjoy a home with older kiddos over 8, not a lot of stairs, and with someone who isn’t gone for super long workdays. Food, butt scritches, lots of love and attention are really the only things needed to maintain my shine. Simple and easy! And I will of course offer you lots of snuggles and companionship in return. Cheerful and sweet, your life will never lack luster after we meet! Fill out an application today! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $250.

December 3rd, 2020

Orange, round, and perfectly sweet, I am the cutest Sweet Potato you want to meet! At 8 years old and around 14lbs, I am a silly gal that takes a minute to come out my shell. But once I do, I am full of lots of cuddles and snuggles! My favorite things are food and belly rubs, not necessarily in that order. I am on a bit of a weight loss plan, but so far am rocking it! I do really enjoy my walks but can get pretty barky when I see those scary large dogs in particular. Thus, I would do best in a low traffic and quiet area, so I can practice my leash skills. Or even better is a yard I can trot around in instead! I am not a hardcore fan of toys, but if the mood strikes, I will definitely go for some playtime with the squeaky ones. I don’t mind meeting dogs my size or smaller, as long as they are mellow and less puppy like. Before I was in foster, I would hang out with the gals in the office as well as the Pixie office cat, and so a dog savvy kitty in my home would be just fine. When I do open up, I quickly get attached to my favorite people, so making sure I practice some alone time and independence is key, as well as being in a home that doesn’t share walls with neighbors. Since I can be a little sensitive, I would do best in a quiet and patient home with kiddos over 13, who will let me open up to them on my own time. Adorable, silly, and cuddly too, I am just a little dumpling eager to meet you! You know what they say, it’s just not the holiday season without a little Sweet Potato to spice up your life! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 3rd, 2020

Howdy! My name is Brisket and you guessed it, I originate from where you can find the best BBQ: Texas of course! At 3 years old, I am that classic high energy Cattle Dog mix who is always ready to play and go go go. Being from the rural South, I am not too familiar with city life, and so I take a little time to open up when I first meet new people, especially men. This usually just results in me being a little barky, and so letting me come to you first and giving me lots of high value treats is important to create positive associations and help me open up even faster. This means things that would typically help getting that high energy out like neighborhood walks or runs, or hikes would be too overwhelming for me since there might be a lot of new faces all at once. Thus, the thing that is most important when it comes to my ideal home is having another dog sibling my size or bigger, who is confident and will not only help me blossom, but who can romp around with me whenever I want to play! No kitties in my home please. Right now, I am in an amazing rural foster home setup with fenced in property where I get to run around with a few dogs all day. I am looking for something similar out of the city in an adult only home in a low traffic area. My future person needs to be patient and dedicated to my training needs, which I am already making lots of progress with. With the proper counter conditioning, I may eventually be open to join you on low key hikes or quiet walks, but a part of me will always be a little nervous in crowded areas. Once I open up, I instantly melt your heart with my adorableness and goofy personality! So what do you say? Will you be new friend? Fill out an application, so we can set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350.

November 20th, 2020


Meet Asis, he is a 9 year old kitten. He loves to play and purr and hang out with the family. He has been around dogs, but might take some time to warm up, if the dog is very cat friendly I have no doubt that they would get a long great. Asis likes to be able to go outside but he will sleep all day on a warm window sill or chair. A catio might be a good open for him if you would like to keep him indoors. He is used to having a kitty door and coming and going as he pleases, so it would be a bonus for you both if you have one. He will use the outside exclusively as his bathroom which is helpful if you don’t like litter boxes, although if kept inside he will use a box and is very neat about his bath-rooming. One nice thing about Asis is that he will come when you call his name. He has been with one family so he may take a little bit to warm up to new surroundings, but he is a pretty chill guy and will make where ever he is his home, especially if his food is available for him on demand. He is neutered and up to date on his rabies shot. 

We have to leave town first week of December, we can not take Asis with us, we really hope to find a loving home for him to enjoy his kitty life in. We are asking a small re-homing fee of $50. Please contact Anasuya 5 zero 3 54 one 0 one seven 1 or email srishakti (at) me (dot) com

November 16th, 2020

Hi! Hello! I am the lovely, lively and loony Lulu! An adorable house hippo weighing in at 67lbs. Ok, so I am not an actual hippo I suppose. Technically more of a 5 year old pit/Hound mix if you ask the experts. But I am a snuggly pitopotamus for sure! I am a silly gal who tends to match the energy of the room. So if it is really loud and energetic, I tend to get really overstimulated and kind of bounce off the walls, and am a bit mouthy and jumpy. But in a quiet and calm environment, I am very easy going, relaxed, and overall just feel much much better! So a quiet house in a low traffic area is definitely what I am looking for. I am very social and happy to meet new doggy and people friends. Since I sometimes tend to get over excited, I would do best in a home with older kiddos over 14. And if there is an another dog sibling around my size, that’s just fine. As long as they are chill and can help teach me how to take breaks during playtime. No kitties in my home please! My fosters say I really enjoy my daily walks and loving being with my people. I can be a little bit of a velcro dog in the beginning, but am very food motivated which helps with training and once I get all settled, I am a bit more independent. But who doesn’t love belly rubs?! Am I right? Quirky and cute, I am a sweet companion who would love to be with you! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

November 13th, 2020

Oh hello! It is nice to meet you! My name is Zuri and I am a cutie 4 year old Rottweiler mix weighing in at 58lbs. As you can tell in my pictures, I am very soft doggy who enjoys the company of other dog friends. In fact, I am a little bit of a follower myself, so having another confident dog in the home to take the lead would help me come out of my shell a bit faster. You see, they think that someone back in my past wasn’t very nice to me and so I am a little bit reserved and sensitive with new people and new situations. But if you just let me come up to you first and snag some of those tasty hotdogs, I quickly open up. Then you can see what a happy and bouncy pup I really am! When I was at Pixie, the bustling traffic outside was very scary to me and I didn’t really enjoy my walks. But when I got into my foster home with lots of space, I instantly felt more comfortable! So a house in a quieter area would be ideal. I’m not a type of doggy who would like to do lots of new things or go to a bunch of new places, but might be able to do a lesser known not so crowded hiking trail. Especially with a doggy sibling who can lead the way! Running around in the backyard is ideal too. I don’t seem to have any prey drive and could do a home with a dog savvy cat. I do open up to my human friends over 12 and really enjoy playing fetch! I am just a sweet gal looking for a patient and mellow home with a family who can give me lots of love, which is something I don’t think I have really had much of in the past. Fill out an application today to set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

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