June 21st, 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Tangerine! I know, I know-I’m not orange. But I am so uniquely sweet-just like the fruit! At 10 years young, I am a still a very spry and spunky Chocolate Lab who is ready for some adventure! Or snuggles. Either one is just fine by me. I really love meeting new people of all ages and those furry pals too. In fact, I am great with other pups and enjoy being around those kitties too! Since I am still an active gal, I get so excited to go on my daily walks and would be an excellent hiking companion. I really am just a wonderful, social, and well mannered lady ready to settle into my forever home. I am the Tangerine Dream! So fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped with an up to date dental exam for an adoption fee of $300.

June 20th, 2017

I am Kate the beautiful ginger cat! I am about 4 years old and — in case you didn’t know — I’m pretty special. Orange female cats are relatively rare, and if you pair that with my ultra-sweet personality, you get a real gem. That’s me! I was brought to Pixie after my former family became homeless, but it’s obvious I’ve been very well-loved because I really enjoy people and don’t tend to shy away from anything! Even after being left behind and having to come to the shelter, I’m very confident around humans both big and small. I lived with another cat in my previous home, but so far at the shelter have not been a huge fan of them. I need as much attention as I can get, after all! I love cuddling up and will give little meows for pets. I am still young and can get really into a good game of “chase the string” or catch the mouse — I actually really enjoy playtime and would love a person or family that has time to give me lots of love and attention. That being said, nap time is important too, so I would do okay being left alone during the work day. I really like curling up in a tiny hammock or squeezing into a box for naps. It’s pretty cute to see when I squish my soft body into tiny spaces — typical kitty habits! Of course, I am anything but typical, but why don’t you come down to Petco Unleashed on NW 23rd & Burnside  to meet me and see for yourself? I would love to meet you! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

June 20th, 2017

My name is Dottie, and I am a darling and dashing 7-year-old kitty that is looking for a home to call my own! I’m a cute, round little kitty that has a lot of personality. I am very people-orientated and love to be near you, wherever you may be. I’m a little pudgy, as you may have noticed, but as I’ve lost weight, I’ve become a bigger a fan of laptime and I will snuggle right next to you if you sit down on the couch. I even crawl onto my foster mom’s chest in the mornings for cuddles until she gets up for the day. I’m a playful kitty and will knock my toys around even when nobody is watching! People are one of my favorite things and I love being the center of attention when people visit. Even respectful children don’t bother me! I’m a bit of a princess and would definitely be happiest in a home where I am the only kitty, though I do seem to be curious and confident around dogs. I have a bit of an independent side so being alone for a regular work day is no problem for me — I’ll just want to follow you around when you get home! I came to Pixie with an infection, but have since gotten my health all cleared up and as long as I stay on my urinary diet, I am at very low risk of having any more problems. Especially since I really enjoy the wet food, which helps me not only stay hydrated, but also is helping me find my waist-line again! I have already had a dental and my diet keeps me completely regulated, so I am currently in fabulous health and ready to find my new (hopefully forever) home! Are you interested in getting to know me? I’m currently in a foster home, so  fill out an application to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.

June 20th, 2017

Hello! My name is Bridgette and I am a beautiful 6 year old Chow/Shepherd mix weighing in at 50lbs. I am a very friendly and out going gal who loves being around people. I absolutely adore playing fetch and tug with my favorite squeaker toys! After a little round of play, it is time for my daily hike around the neighborhood. In fact, the Pixie volunteers say that I am so easy and wonderful to walk. When I am done with all the activity, it is back to the house for a nice mellow rest of the day full of pets and snuggles. I just can’t get enough attention! Even from my furry friends too. I don’t mind having another cat in the home and have a few doggy play pals here at Pixie! Dog parks would be a little overwhelming and I would much rather have one on one play time with a chill friend like myself. I am just a very sweet, affectionate, and gentle lady who is ready for toy time and cuddle time! Sound like your ideal day too? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

June 19th, 2017

Maybe you’ve heard of Indian Jones or Han Solo? Well they are famous roles played by this handsome man! My name is Harrison Ford and I am a 12 year old Pomeranian weighing in around 10 lbs. Though my days of starring in some of the best action flicks are over & done with, I am still a spunky guy and love going on my afternoon walks. I mean nothing feels better than getting a little wind through my glorious mane! I enjoy venturing out into the world and meeting my adoring fans. Whether it is my human friends of all ages, other puppy pals  or those kitties too, I am always about getting in that spotlight! After my adventures outdoors, I am ready to settle in for the night on a nice comfy lap while we watch some of my favorite movies-all starring me of course! I am funny, good looking, and boy, do I have the charm! So fill out an application today and let’s continue my many adventures together!  I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an up to date dental with an adoption fee of $250.

June 18th, 2017

Hi, everyone! My name is Nelson and I am a cute and fun 1-year-old Chi/Terrier mix weighing around 12lbs.  on the younger side, I am quite spunky and have a puppy like charm  that will steal your heart! I am full of bounces and play whether it is with my puppy pals, my kitty friends, or my human friends over 6. Though I can be a tad shy at first, I instantly open up with a few treats or one of my favorite squeaky toys. Still working on that fetch, but I am a quick learner and highly trainable as PUPPY CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION! This will also help with me getting used to the hustle and bustle of the big city, which can be a bit scary sometimes. And after a little practice, I will really enjoy walking around the neighborhood with you on our daily walks! After a long day of playing and activity, I am ready to hop in your lap and cuddle the night away while we catch up on some of our favorite TV shows. My favorite is Bones-ha! Get it? I am such a hoot! And there is plenty more hilarious puppy antics that await, so fill out an application today and I can show you! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with an adoption fee of $300.

June 14th, 2017

Woo (top picture) and Charisma (middle picture) are a pair of petite little 2-year-old sisters who are just too adorable! These girls were adopted together as kittens but unfortunately lost their home when their owner passed away. They are extremely gentle with people and cats and are very, very bonded. Woo and Charisma were raised in a quiet home but are used to kids and are extremely social with other kitties. Being in the shelter has been just a little bit overwhelming for them but they are beginning to adjust and gentle pets and chin scratches from people have helped them relax. They also get so much comfort from each other and can often be found cuddled up together hugging and nuzzling each other. It is just too cute! Woo is the slightly braver of the two and will typically be the first one to poke her head up and ask for more pets — making sure to check in with her sister to make sure she’s alright and let her know everything is okay. These girls would love to find a calm home where they can blossom — do you think you might be what they’re looking for? Stop by Pixie to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

June 14th, 2017

My name is Logan and I just about the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! I’m a big, 9-year-old softy and I’m very hard to not fall in love with. Just look at my big eyes and adorable little white socks! I came to Pixie after my former owners moved and could not take me with them, but it’s clear I’ve been well-loved my entire life because I am such a sweetheart! I am still new to the Pixie cattery so sometimes I can be ever-so-shy when new people come in — however, just a couple of chin scratches will have me rolling around and out and about asking for more. I’m a very sweet and floppy kitty and don’t mind being picked up much, I’ll even let you rub my belly. I’m a big fan of other kitties and will sometimes be caught snuggling up with them, if they’ll allow it! I also lived with dogs in my previous home so really I’m just an all-around friendly guy, whether you’ve got two legs or four. Pixie gave me a dental so my teeth are all clean — and ever since they did, my tongue sticks out just a little bit which made me even cuter than I already was! Who knew that was possible? I’m ready to have all my dreams come true by finding a loving family I can spend the rest of my days with. Are you looking for a catch like me? Stop by Pixie to meet me today! I come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for an adoption fee of $100.


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