May 5th, 2018

“Zip-a-Dee Doo Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Day, my, oh, my what a glorious day!” That’s my theme song, you know. After all, my name is Doo Dah and I am such a happy fellow! I am a 4 year old Chihuahua mix with a big heart. No, really! I have a very managed congenital heart defect, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Just allows me to give you more love! I am just little less zippy and more into cuddling. In fact, my foster says sometimes you can even find me curled up in the laundry basket or burrow under the blankies. I can be a little shy at first, but open up quickly with some patience and a few treats. Since I enjoy a laid back lifestyle, I am looking for a quiet home with older kids over 13. I enjoy being around my dog and cat friends, and wouldn’t mind have some furry companions in the home with me. I am definitely a Netflix and chill kind of guy. Anyone up for some musicals? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and neutered with an adoption fee of $350.

May 4th, 2018


Freyja is a charming 2-year-old princess disguised as a tabby. Her personality means she will fit best in a home without a dog and without small children. She will greet you at the door and love being held for a few minutes as she purrs up a storm. Some of her favorite pastimes include chasing her catnip mice, getting treats out of her weeble-wobble toy, and lounging by open and/or sunny windows. At night, she’ll come snuggle up right next to you.
As the composition of our family has changed over the past year, Freyja is no longer happy with us. We are hoping to find a new home for her where she’ll be most cherished and loved.
For more information, please use our shared email address:  or phone number of  503.970.4900.

May 2nd, 2018


Niko is a tabby with a big personality. She absolutely loves attention – she will greet you at the door every time you come home, greet you when you wake up in the morning, and follow you around from room to room to be where the action is. She loves to cuddle, sit on laps, be pet, get held, and purrs like crazy. She’s also very curious, loves chasing string toys, and is pretty bold for a cat!

Quinn is a very sweet calico/tortoiseshell. She also loves attention, but she’s a bit more timid than Niko. She won’t always greet you at the door, but she’ll patiently wait for you to come say hello and will quickly start purring. She’s a big fan of lounging around in her favorite spots and prefers to sleep right next to you at night and sit in your lap during meals. She would do best in a quite, patient (likely adult only or older children) home as she opens up to new people.
Both cats are just about four years old. They aren’t sisters, but they were adopted at the same time and are bonded with each other. They’re both well behaved – they know what their scratch post is and they keep their scratching to it! They’ve been indoor only cats and would do best continuing to live indoors. They come to you neutered, vaccinated, and in good health!
I’m joining the Peace Corps and very sadly have to find these beautiful cats a new home. If these two sound like the ultimate duo for you, let me know and we can meet up! Feel free to send me an email or give me a call/text,, 785-218-5257.

May 2nd, 2018

Howdy! My name is Beau and the one with her tongue sticking out is my silly sister Belle. We are two chihuahuas looking for our forever homes together. At 12 years old, we are at the retirement age and looking for a nice quiet home to finally relax in, play some Bingo or Shuffleboard and get some yummy afternoon snacks! I can be a little bit shy at first, but once my sister takes the lead, she gives me a confidence boost and I am excited to meet you. We have spent many years surrounded by other animals, but we are ready to vacation and just have the spotlight be on us, so an adult only owned home without other dogs or cats is needed. We both came in rough shape but Pixie got us all better and we even are getting our dentals! Whether we are in a foster or our permanent home, we are ready for lots of attention and cuddles, while we make you laugh with our hilarious antics. We even still wrestle each other sometimes! She really is the best sister one could ask for. So fill out an application today and we can start our couch potato lifestyle together! Available for foster or adoption, we come with vaccines, micro-chips, spay & neuter, and dentals with an adoption fee of $300.

May 2nd, 2018

Hello! Hi! That silly and beautiful girl is me, Hilary Swank or Hilly for short. I am a 3.5 year old Black Mouth Cur weighing in about 50 lbs. Like my actress counterpart, I am very strong and athletic which makes for a perfect exercise companion. With a little training, I bet I would be an excellent runner or hiker, as I just love being outside and staying active! That being said, having an owned home with a big yard to run around in would be the dream! Being a youngster, I am a spunky and bouncy gal who enjoys fetch and playing with those super fun squeaker toys. With my doggy pals, I can be a little stiff at first,   but with a slow introduction you can instantly see my goofy personality and boxer like playstyle as I bounce around the room, trying to get my play mates to play! It’s pretty cute and puppy like play for sure. No kitties in my home please! I am a very smart gal and know some of the basics already, including sit. I catch on very quickly and would really enjoy learning some more of the basics! At the end of the day, it’s my human pals over 10 that I love to be around the most. I have been told I am a wonderful snuggler and a good listener, as we settle in for the night on the couch watching some of my favorite movies (Million Dollar Baby anyone?).   Adorable, goofy, and a total sweetheart, I am ready to be your adventure sidekick today! Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

May 1st, 2018

Hello! My name is Francis and I am cutie terrier mix weighing in about 13lbs. At 3 years old, I am quite spunky and just love going for my volunteer walks throughout the day. I am a great walker and can be extra excitable around birds and squirrels. I can sometimes be a teeny bit shy when I first meet you, but I open up super quickly and am ready to hit the road on our nice brisk walk down the block. Not only am I super playful with my adult friends over 12 , but I really enjoy romping around with my puppy pals too. Not kitties in my home please! After a fun day of adventure and playing with my favorite toys, I enjoy curling up on your lap and cuddling the night away. In fact, I even get massaged once a week by a volunteer and I could just fall asleep in her arms. Adorable, adventurous and excitable, I am loving girl ready to take on the world with you. Will you be my tour guide? Fill out an application today! I come to you vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

April 22nd, 2018


Hi there! My name is Dingle. I am the softest and sweetest mini Aussie-mix (about 20lbs) you’ll ever meet. I recently celebrated my 2nd birthday. I have lots of energy, and I’m looking for a new family that can keep up! Everyday, I wake up and give it my all – whether I’m chasing a squirrel, snuggling on the couch, going on a walk, or chowing down at dinner!  
You should know that sometimes I see a furry animal that I just can’t resist chasing, so I must have a large yard to explore…with a very secure fence! My foster parents have been training me “come”, but I need more practice before letting me off-leash by myself.  My early years were tough, but I’ve made a lot of progress over the last few months. I have learned many special manners and tricks that I can’t wait to show you. I get restless if I’m not  learning  new things, so I need a home that has experience training smart pups like me.  I get along great with my foster dog-brother, and can sometimes be protective of my  foot  parents. I just like to take things slow with any new dog or human friends, and I sometimes prefer to find a quiet space away from all the commotion when I become overwhelmed after too much activity.
My ideal home has a large and secure yard, possibly with a dog sibling who can teach me the ropes. I’m not yet confident enough to be around young kids, but would probably be just fine with older upright siblings, especially if they can give me lots of belly rubs!  My potty training is  superb. My foster parents let me out a few times a day, and I want a forever home that  won’t leave me alone for long periods of time during the day.
If I sound like the perfect pup for you, and you’re interested in giving me a forever home, please contact my foster dad, Zach, by email ( or phone (404-326-3000). A re-homing fee of $100 applies.  

April 19th, 2018

Hi there, I am Timmy! And the one beside me there is my bro Tommy. We are super handsome 13 year old Poodles looking for a quiet foster home to settle into, so we can have some rest and relaxation and really have time to come out of our shells. We are very sweet and social and just need some rest from the shelter environment preferably in an owned home. Are you ready for a spa day with us? If interested in fostering us, please fill out a foster application and email today!

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