November 11th, 2011

Bonjour! Nous somme Jacque et Gigi et nous sommes les chiens les plus mignons du monde!
Oh, so sorry! We forget we must use your language, oh the dreaded English! Ugh tres miserable!  Well, for those of you common folk we will translate:
Our names are Jaque and Gigi and we are two very sweet, very goofy, very playful little purebred yorkies.  We are two years old, house and crate trained, and really just delights! Our family went through some rough times so we have found ourselves at the PIxie Project looking for a new place to drink our cafe au laits and smoke our cigarettes. Gigi is trying to quick but every time she gets a glass of red wine in her out come the ‘ol smokies!  We do just fine with other doggies, although Gigi tends to be a bit of a princess, and kitties make us a bit excited so if there are kitties in the home they should be down to hang and boogie.  We are loving, sweet, and ready to find a new place to call notre maison!
For more information or to set up a time to chit chat with us contact
We are two years old, fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.
Our adoption fee is $600

October 31st, 2011


Donald Draper, the dapper, dapple Doxie is decidedly darling!  Mr. Draper at the tender age of 1 year old has found himself looking for a new place to mix his martini and smoke his Lucky brand cigarettes.  Don does great with other dogs and even kitties, and lives to play and snuggle.  Donald is doing great on his house training and knows how to sit and mix a good stiff drink.  Sound like a match?  Fill out an application at so we can schedule a meet and greet!  He is fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.  His adoption fee is $250.


Just due to Donald’s breed he will be best in a house with kids over 10.  

October 28th, 2011

Hello everybody! My name is Zoey. I am a darling 12 year young girl who would love to be your cuddle buddy during these long winter nights. Need someone to cry with at the end of romantic comedies? Me too! Let’s get together, you can scratch my head and I’ll purr on your lap, it will be a wonderful life! I am spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. My adoption fee is $100.   Check me out at the Pixie Project cattery where I am queen of the roost!

October 28th, 2011


Don’t you just want to tickle my chin? I have the sweetest face you ever did see, and the perfect personality to go with it! Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Stella and I am  2 years  old. I am lovely and quiet, but without being shy. I love other cats, especially ones that want to play with me and do great with dogs too!  I am affectionate and interactive and love to play and explore with my people.  I do have a little tiny pill to take, but it’s no big thing, just keeps me my healthy happy self! If you think you have just the place for me, please fill out an application at  so we can schedule a meet and greet. I am spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. My adoption fee is $80. I am living in foster care.

October 28th, 2011

 Adopted Stamp

Greeting, my name is Mr.Biscuit and I am just the sweetest cream puff you have ever met! I am 10 years old and just  a cuddly, loving little marshmallow. Man, all this talk about sweets is making me hungry! I can’t help it though, nothing sums me up better. I am just so beautiful and delicious! I am also as gentle as a lamb and would do well in family.  I do only have three legs, but that doesn’t stop me from moving around and enjoying life. Sometimes  other animals tease me though, so I prefer a home where I am the only one.  If I sound like a treat to you please fill out an application and send it in so we can schedule a meet and greet! I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. My adoption fee is $100.

October 28th, 2011


Hi there, my name is Bella! I am a sweet and cuddly 2 year old Chihuahua looking for home sweet home! Did I mention I was beautiful? That’s what the name Bella means afterall! And you can see I am quite the fashionista. I would love a home where we can curl up on the couch together, do each others nails and watch Project Runway. Remember that episode in Season 3 where they designed for dogs? Ha! That was the best! Those were such lucky pooches, not just because they got to walk the runway but also because they had humans that clearly adored them. Do you think you might be able to adore me? If so please fill out an application so we can schedule a meet and greet! I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. My adoption fee is $180. I am currently living in foster care.


October 28th, 2011

Hello, my name is Athena just like the Goddess of Wisdom. I am wise beyond my years, at least wise enough to know that someone is missing out on a home with a terrific kitty! I am very sweet and quiet, and need a little time to come out of my shell. Once I get to know you, I am the best lap cat youll ever meet! I am 7 years old, spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. My adoption fee is $100. I am currently living in foster care so fill out an application and we can schedule a meet and greet!

Update 5/13/11 from foster mom: I have fostered Athena for several months now. Initially she was shy- for about 2 hours! Then she surprised me by turning into one of the most loveable and fun cats I have known. I will often wake up to find her snuggled and purring under my arm…yes, she likes to snuggle. She never wakes me up before it is time, but loves to have a few minutes first thing in the morning. She loves to play with feather toys, and nibble on cat grass. I bought her a wicker basket bed and put a blanket inside and she is perfectly content. She greets me every day at the door and chats for a few minutes when I first get home. She also likes to eat…and would probably eat all day if a full bowl of food was left out all the time. She will make someone a wonderful kittie- she is that kind of cat-dog who was meant to be with people, and is very social. I hope you will take her home and make her a part of your family.


October 28th, 2011

Hi there, I am Aphrodite, named after the Goddess of Love, and that is just what I have to offer a lot of love! With my voluptuous curves I am constantly beating away tom cats who are enamored with my charm, but what do you expect? I am a Goddess after all! I have lived with other cats (including my fellow goddess sister Athena), but it takes me a long time to adjust to foreigners, so it may be easier for me to transition to another home without cats. But if you need a little extra love in your life, I’m your lady! I am 7 years old, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. My adoption fee is $100. I am currently living at The Pixie Project cattery, so come see me today!

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