May 24th, 2011

Hola!   My name is Stella Bella and I have the biggest personality jam packed into this 15 lb Chihuahua-mix body.    Recently, at 3 years old, I was rescued from the streets of Mexico, and although that may not have been the most ideal way of growing up it definitely turned me into a super social little girl!   I am the life of the party, and a little mischievious too (was it me who spiked the punch?   I’ll never tell!).   I am extremely smart and eager to start learning tricks.   I would also be a perfect companion for all of those outdoor activities so popular in summer, hiking, canoeing, and I can build a pretty mean bonfire too.   Have other dogs?   No problem! I am great.   Cats?   I LOVE them.   Because of my size I do prefer a home without young children.   Do I sound like just the pup for you?   Then fill out an application at and send it in so we can schedule a meet and greet.   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $180 and I am currently living in foster care.

May 15th, 2011

Dear Eliza,

How are things?   I hear you are staying at Pixie Project, quite a charming place I’m sure.   Please forgive me that I was unable to attend your 1st birthday   just a couple of months ago.   I heard you were the life of the party!   I’m sure your beautiful black fur was flowing as your merrily got the attention of your attendees!   Really, you are such a dear, and it’s not just me that thinks so.   Everyone who meets you is quite taken, I’m positive.   Now all we have to do is find someone that appreciates your good looks and sweet temperment and you will have a home right proper in no time.   Well, my dear, I must be off!   Write soon!

Your Very Good Friend,

Miss Mittens


Eliza  is fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   Her adoption fee is $100.   She is currently living in foster care, so fill out an application at to schedule a meet and greet.

May 10th, 2011


Hello!   My name is Molly and I am a 7 year old mix (your guess is as good as mine!)  with a love for adventure!        I can’t wait to experience more things whether  it be  walking, running, hiking, or shucks, even para-sailing.   I am fairly active and love to get out at least once a day for a long walk, but in the evening I am just the sweetest, most well-mannered, snuggle companion you can ask for!   I am completely potty trained and crate trained, and love to learn new tricks.   Carrots and cheese are just two of my favorite foods and I will learn just about any trick to get them – I am one super smart girl!   Definitely smart enough to know that I will make the perfect pooch for the right person, could that person be you?   If so then fill out an application at so we can schedule a meet and greet!   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $180.   I am currently living in foster care.

May 4th, 2011

Is life handing you lemons?   Well make lemonade!   But what’s lemonade without a little sweetener in in?   That’s where I come in.   Hi!   I am Sweet Kitty and my name says it all.   I am 1 year old and can make any bitter, sour batch of lemonade into the sweetest of them all!   In fact, that doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend summer – sitting on the porch, sipping lemonade in the sun.   I am a very cuddly little girl, the quintessential lap cat!   Other cats are no problem for me, and I could live with dogs too as long as they are polite (and don’t try to get my lap space).   Do I sound like just the girl to you to add some sweetness into your life?   Well come on down and meet me at the Pixie Project cattery.   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $100.

April 26th, 2011

Hi friends!   My name is Tippy!   Yippee!   I am an AWESOME girl with the most delightful personality.   I am about 9 months old and I have a cute little bobtail that makes me unique.   I am happy to have a quality that stands out becaus it gets me a lot of attention, and boy, do I love attention!   I don’t care from  who, I like attention from people and the other cats and even the dogs who stop by my window to check me out; I’m positive I could live happily  with  one of those.   Now that you mention it, there’s not a thing I can think of that wouldn’t make me happy because I just so joyful by nature!    Can your house use a vibrant  new addition?   Then come check me out!   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $135 and I am currently living at the Pixie Project cattery.      

April 18th, 2011

Hi everyone!   I am Jolie named after the always beautiful Angelina Jolie because of my thick and  luscious  kitty lips!   Maybe as far as appearance goes that is all I have in common with  Angelina, but no one scores higher  than me for inner beauty!   I am extremely friendly to all people and  would make an excellent greeter when you come home after a  long day.   My charm never fails and I definitely  have the charisma of a Hollywood starlet!   I am 10 years young,  and have plenty of energy.   When I am not in your lap getting snuggled with I will happily be  playing with my favorite toys (mainly those filled with catnip!) and exploring my environment.   Because I used to live in a sticky situation with WAY too many cats I will do better in a house as the only friendly feline.   Do I  sound like just the stellar cat you were looking for?   Well come check  me out!   I  am currently living  at the Pixie Project.   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.    My adoption fee is $100.        

April 9th, 2011



Greetings, my name is Montgomery Thaddeus Gatsby Vanderbilt III, or Monty for short.   I am a quirky young fellow, just 5 years old, looking for someone to love me for who  I am.   I am a soft-spoken boy who likes routine.   Everyday I like to sit in the same spot, eat the same food and see the same people, that’s really what makes me happiest.   A pretty easy guy, really.   I don’t mind the other kitties, although I’m not a big fan when they try to take my spot!   I prefer a home that is a lot like me, quiet and relaxed.   No crazy shananigans for this kid; all I want is a place in the sun where you can scratch my head and maybe discuss the news.   What do you say?   Do I sound like your cup of tea? Well come check me out at the Pixie Project cattery where I currently reside (you can typically catch me napping on the nice perch on the left where I can greet everyone coming in).   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $100.

April 3rd, 2011

Are you looking for a happy, wiggly little girl to add to your family?   Well search no further because here I am!!   My name is Demi and I am a 1 year old Dachshund/Lab mix.   At about 25 lbs I am just the right size to join you on all your family adventures and still crawl into your arms at night for a good cuddle session!    Being  a young lady I can use some confidence building, and I would be perfect in a home with other dogs who can show me the ropes.   Having that Dachshund streak in me sometimes I see kitties more as chase things than friends, so I would be best in a home without them.   Whether we are hiking the trails at Multnomah Falls or enjoying a picnic in your backyard you will always have fun with me around to bring you smiles, so what do you say, want to come meet me?   Fill out an application at so we can schedule a meet and greet.  I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.   My adoption fee is $180.

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