September 25th, 2012


There once was a dog named Nibbles.

So darling and sweet he shared even his kibbles.

 Dogs and cats were his friends.

His love has no ends.

Basketball’s not his strength – he can’t dribble.


Heeheehee, so true!  These short little legs are worthless for dribbling.  But do you know what they do really well??  Cuddle!  They are great for saddling right up to my favorite person and getting a good pet.  I am a 7 year old Dachshund with a lovely personality.   I really am great with other animals and make a perfect waddling companion!  Because of my size I am best in a home with no small children.  Ready for a dog with endless love to give?  Fill out an application at so we can schedule a meet and greet!  I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. My adoption fee is $200.

September 25th, 2012


Senorita Lolita is here and ready for a fiesta!!  I am a gorgeous girl with a spicy personality, a diva who is bound to keep you on your toes.  Don’t worry, my sassy spirit will keep you laughing too as I am a humorous and lovable gal!  I am 3 years old and ready to light up a home with my fabulous personality.  I do well with other animals (keep in mind I am a bit of a queen bee) and people of all sorts.  I use my litter box and keep myself clean and tidy like a lady should.  I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.  My adoption fee is $100.  Stop by the Pixie Project cattery and visit me today!  

September 25th, 2012


Hi friends the name is Laika and you will LAIK-A me a whole lot!!! Ok…ok….I love my bad jokes! You know what else I like…..PLAYING! I am an active and very handsome boy who is loving and fun and ready to bounce around your yard or snuggle up on the couch. Thats right….don’t think I can’t snuggle just because I am a bigger guy. You know the big softies…well you’re lookin at one!! My parents have loved me very much and taken good care of me but after having a baby have decided that they just don’t have the time to play with me and cuddle me the way they used to. Don’t get me wrong I have been really good with everyone in my house including my doggie brother but being young and an athlete I really hope to find a new home where I can have a jogging or hiking buddy and a friend forever!
I do get a bit itchy sometimes so I need to eat a high quality diet so please no bargain bin stuff for me. Other than that I am an easy, sweet guy and I will make a great pet for someone.
I am totally house and crate trained and do fabulous with other doggies. I have never lived with kitties so a home with no cats is best.
I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped and my adoption fee is $200
Please fill out an application at  and email or fax it in so we can set up a time to meet! Thank you!!!

September 25th, 2012


Hi!   I’m Winston, and I want to get one thing straight.   I am NOT a mop!   But I am a cute, goofy, wiggly 7 year old Lhasa Apso just looking for love.   I love to go on walks, cuddle up next to the fire and play with my best friends.   Who are my best friends you ask!?   Well, I love them all.   Cats, dogs, kids… name them, and I love them.   Want to meet me as much as I want to meet you?  Fill out the application at  and let the folks at Pixie know that it’s time for us to fall madly and deeply in love.   I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped, and my adoption fee is $250.

September 25th, 2012

Adopted Stampmittens 1

Greetings all!  My name is Mittens and I am ready to party like it’s 1999!  No seriously, I was born that year and that is one good excuse to celebrate!  I know some people will do the math and stop reading my bio right….now, but they are missing out!  I am one fabulously awesome boy.  I am active, energetic, affectionate and am in super good shape.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the ladies at Pixie why they had to take the top shelf on the cattery structure down.  Apparently it was “impossible” for a cat to climb up there, “unreachable” they said,  but with my athletic brawn I was able to get up there every day!  But I happily came back down for cuddle time and treats.  I have no trouble making friends with anyone.  From silly kittens to prissy lady cats, everyone likes me!  That goes for people too, I am an instant lover.  What do you say?  Want to give this handsome boy a cozy home for the winter?  Come visit the Pixie Project cattery where I currently live.  I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.  My adoption fee is $60.

September 25th, 2012


Rumor has it that there is a lap-loving, affection seeking, beautiful, blonde Chihuahua looking for a home with someone like you!  I’m Adelle, a 2 year old girl that gets rave reviews from everyone I meet.  I am happy, snuggly with a big personality.  Because this diva loves the spotlight, I am best in a home without other animals.  I will have you rolling in the deep pile of love I have to offer!  Do I sound like the award winning pooch you have been looking for?  Fill out an application at so we can schedule a meet and greet!  I am house trained, fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.  My adoption fee is $200.  I am currently living in foster care.

September 25th, 2012

 adopted-stampLilac 1

Hello darlings, I’m Lilac as beautiful as the summer flower I am named after! At 2 years old  I am quite a lady and prefer to spend my days in the drawing room with a beam of sunlight shining on my luxurious fur.  After a morning of playing string games and being heavily doted on I enjoy a platter of fine cheese for lunch.  I would do well as an only or kitty, or in a home with others.  Am I the cat you fancy?  Come visit me at the Pixie Project cattery where I currently lounge.  I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.  My adoption fee is $100.

September 25th, 2012

 adopted-stamppepper 1

Hi friends! My name is Pepper and I am a purebred Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen – soooooo fancy right!!!??  Well I may have a fancy breed but I am sweet girl who really isn’t the least bit snooty! Nope no cardigans and golf shoes for me I am more of a hang out type than a country club type. I am a nice girl with a sweet heart and a loving disposition.  
I am a gentle girl and I love everyone. I am however a bit sensitive so an easy going home would really be my pick. Maybe no little ones running around screaming but some older kiddos to hang out with would be fine.  If you’re into screaming endlessly at the tv for football games that might be a bit much too but if you’re into the cooking channel I am your girl!!!
I do great with other doggies and would love a confident male doggie to follow around and admire. I am playful and plenty active to join you on grand adventures and hikes but am also a loving cuddler.  
I am house trained and have good house manners and will make a lovely pet!
I am six years old, I am fixed, vaccinated and microchipped.
My adoption fee is $220.

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