January 16th, 2021
  1. Did you say play? Oh boy! What are we playing? When can we start? Oh I am so excited!! My name is Stella and I am a gorgeous, energetic and crazy smart 1 year old German Shepherd weighing about 55 lbs. Everyday I am full of spunk and wiggles, and love getting out that extra energy by running around with my dog pals. I would also jump at the opportunity for neighborhood walks, runs, or just playing fetch in the back yard! Still working on the drop it part of course, but I am very food motivated and as sharp as a tack, so I am sure I will get the hang of it fairly quickly. In fact, I am still learning a lot of the basics and so A TRAINING CLASS/LESSON IS REQUIRED FOR MY ADOPTION! Because I am still learning a lot and have a lot of young dog energy, I really need the focus to be on me for a little bit while I get the hang of things. I am looking for an adult only house with German Shepherd experience that can provide me with an outlet both mentally, with some training and interactive food toys, and physically as well. Heck, I bet I would even love to do some backyard agility or nose work too! Like I said before, I am always down for some romp time with my doggy friends, but I am a little too boisterous for cats, so none in my home please. I am a happy girl who is eager and  ready to go on many adventures with my forever companion. With lots of treats, belly rubs and toys along the way! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet! I come to you vaccinated, microchipped and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

January 7th, 2021


Hi everyone! My name is Luna and I’m 9 mo old indoor only kitty . I’m super sweet, affectionate, and social. I love to play with cat toys, laser (my favorite), and catnip kicker pillows. I’m very much a kitten, so I love being rambunctious, curious, and mischievous! Sometimes I can play a little rough if I’m too excited. I’m a “face kitty”, which means I throughly enjoy my whole face being rubbed and scratched. My purr motor is pretty loud and I like to meow and chirp at my human. I’m a lap kitty and will gladly sit or lay on you for some good loving. I’m ok with being held for short periods of time. I definitely do not like my belly rubbed. 
I’m currently being fostered as things did not work out at my previous home. I prefer a low to medium traffic environment. If you work/school from home, I’d gladly keep you company and crash your Zoom meetings! I’ve been around a 2yr old and did ok, though I’d prefer older kids. I’ve had limited exposure to other animals. I might do ok depending on the situation and with  proper introduction. I’m a little nervous around men due to some negative experiences I’ve had. I have trust issues. I don’t like fast moving hands! I’m spayed, chipped, healthy bloodwork and almost current on vaccines. I need a booster shot in the next 2 weeks. I’m also litter box trained. I know my foster mom really cares about me and is being very selective. Are you a loving, kind, responsible person that would open your home and heart to me?? I’m really a perfect kitty!! 
Please text my foster mom at 520-704-2037 to arrange a time for a quick chat. Her name is Jennifer. Thank you! 


December 9th, 2020


Hi there, my name is Sara. I am a stunning brown tabby, with almost tiger-like markings. I am the biggest and softest girl you could ever want to snuggle. After ten loving years with my person, he has sadly passed away, and I’m in need of a new home. I am a sweet and quiet girl–I will make the ideal companion for my forever person. I’m spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations; very healthy and youthful, you’d never guess that I’m ten! I’m hoping to live another ten years with the second love of my life. 

To contact my foster mom, please call or text 703-376-7997, or apply here to adopt Sara: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/BFOB/Cat

December 8th, 2020

Who is that adorable doggo with the cute permanent puppy face? Well that handsome gent is me, Blaze! And believe it or not, at 33lbs, I am actually closer to 2 years old though my looks and personality remind most of a young puppy. I am a pretty energetic lad who LOVES being around my other dogs friends my size or bigger. Especially those big old labs I love wrestling around with in my foster. I could play with them for hours! I am still learning when to take breaks, so I might be too annoying for older dogs. So a confident dog friend who likes to play but can also teach me some manners would be ideal and needed in my home! When I first arrived at Pixie from Texas, the hustle and the bustle of inner city living was just so overwhelming and I wasn’t a fan of going outside. Thus, a house in a quieter low traffic neighborhood or suburb can help me gradually practice my leash skills and just be more comfortable for me overall. Having another dog as the leader, really helps me open up since I can be a sensitive guy at first, so being able to watch them confidently roll down the street may help me come out of my shell as well!  Being a Beagle mix, I do love those tasty treats, which will help with my basic training. TRAINING CLASSES/LESSONS ARE REQUIRED FOR MY ADOPTION! I am pretty quick to open up to my human friends over 12 and am instantly a bouncy ball of energy ready to play. Cute, sensitive, and silly, I am eager to find my family and starting playing with my new doggy sibling today! Fill out an application to set up a meet. I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 8th, 2020

Greetings friends! They call me Old Uncle Henry! But don’t let the name fool you. They just call me that because I have an old soul as I love to listen to smooth jazz, play BINGO, and take long naps on the couch. At 8 years old and 113 lbs, I am big fellow with an even bigger heart who absolutely loves being with his favorite people. As you can see, my back legs don’t work 100% correctly and I tend to trip over myself sometimes, but the vet says it is due to a neurological issue which just means that I won’t have any further complications from it down the road. It instead just makes me extra special! I can still walk around my foster’s house just fine and sometimes need an occasional boost up a stair or two, and thus I would definitely need an owned home and would have a hard time in apartment style setting. Things like long walks or hikes would also be difficult for me and not really my style. In fact, a few houses up and back is all the exercise I need for the day and then its back to snuggle times with you on the couch. I seem to really light up when around my animal friends and get along just fine with my foster’s kitty and also met a few Pixie dogs that I get playful with! In fact, I would love to have a mellow furry friend in my home to keep me company. I am a very friendly guy with everyone I meet, but I can sometimes be a little wobbly and unsteady, so a home with kids 12 and up would be best. Being a goofy guy, I am down to play here and there, but ultimately I am all about those snuggles as we watch some of my favorite black and white classics on the telly. Giant and sweet, I just can’t wait for us to meet! Fill out an application today. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered with an adoption fee of $350. 

December 3rd, 2020

Orange, round, and perfectly sweet, I am the cutest Sweet Potato you want to meet! At 8 years old and around 14lbs, I am a silly gal that takes a minute to come out my shell. But once I do, I am full of lots of cuddles and snuggles! My favorite things are food and belly rubs, not necessarily in that order. I am on a bit of a weight loss plan, but so far am rocking it! I do really enjoy my walks but can get pretty barky when I see those scary large dogs in particular. Thus, I would do best in a low traffic and quiet area, so I can practice my leash skills. Or even better is a yard I can trot around in instead! I am not a hardcore fan of toys, but if the mood strikes, I will definitely go for some playtime with the squeaky ones. I don’t mind meeting dogs my size or smaller, as long as they are mellow and less puppy like. Before I was in foster, I would hang out with the gals in the office as well as the Pixie office cat, and so a dog savvy kitty in my home would be just fine. When I do open up, I quickly get attached to my favorite people, so making sure I practice some alone time and independence is key, as well as being in a home that doesn’t share walls with neighbors. Since I can be a little sensitive, I would do best in a quiet and patient home with kiddos over 13, who will let me open up to them on my own time. Adorable, silly, and cuddly too, I am just a little dumpling eager to meet you! You know what they say, it’s just not the holiday season without a little Sweet Potato to spice up your life! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

November 20th, 2020


Meet Asis, he is a 9 year old kitten. He loves to play and purr and hang out with the family. He has been around dogs, but might take some time to warm up, if the dog is very cat friendly I have no doubt that they would get a long great. Asis likes to be able to go outside but he will sleep all day on a warm window sill or chair. A catio might be a good open for him if you would like to keep him indoors. He is used to having a kitty door and coming and going as he pleases, so it would be a bonus for you both if you have one. He will use the outside exclusively as his bathroom which is helpful if you don’t like litter boxes, although if kept inside he will use a box and is very neat about his bath-rooming. One nice thing about Asis is that he will come when you call his name. He has been with one family so he may take a little bit to warm up to new surroundings, but he is a pretty chill guy and will make where ever he is his home, especially if his food is available for him on demand. He is neutered and up to date on his rabies shot. 

We have to leave town first week of December, we can not take Asis with us, we really hope to find a loving home for him to enjoy his kitty life in. We are asking a small re-homing fee of $50. Please contact Anasuya 5 zero 3 54 one 0 one seven 1 or email srishakti (at) me (dot) com

November 16th, 2020

Hi! Hello! I am the lovely, lively and loony Lulu! An adorable house hippo weighing in at 67lbs. Ok, so I am not an actual hippo I suppose. Technically more of a 5 year old pit/Hound mix if you ask the experts. But I am a snuggly pitopotamus for sure! I am a silly gal who tends to match the energy of the room. So if it is really loud and energetic, I tend to get really overstimulated and kind of bounce off the walls, and am a bit mouthy and jumpy. But in a quiet and calm environment, I am very easy going, relaxed, and overall just feel much much better! So a quiet house in a low traffic area is definitely what I am looking for. I am very social and happy to meet new doggy and people friends. Since I sometimes tend to get over excited, I would do best in a home with older kiddos over 14. And if there is an another dog sibling around my size, that’s just fine. As long as they are chill and can help teach me how to take breaks during playtime. No kitties in my home please! My fosters say I really enjoy my daily walks and loving being with my people. I can be a little bit of a velcro dog in the beginning, but am very food motivated which helps with training and once I get all settled, I am a bit more independent. But who doesn’t love belly rubs?! Am I right? Quirky and cute, I am a sweet companion who would love to be with you! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $350. 

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