February 10th, 2024

If you are a chonky head lover like us, we have the boy for you! Mort is likely between 5 and 7 years old, and is a beautiful silver grey. He loves a good cheek scratch, flat cozy beds, and catnip flakes. He is ready for retirement after starting his life on the streets – as an outdoor tomcat, Mort contracted FIV. He is immunocompromised but that’s not slowing him down! This means he will thrive as an indoor-only cat. We think he’d chill with children and cool canines too! 

Mort will join your household vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered for an adoption fee of $80. If you love this chonker as much as we do, send a Cat Adoption Application our way to meet Mort!

June 12th, 2023


Morty is a she, loving 8 years old little leopardy orange/ brown tabby. She has beautiful green eyes and one clipped ear.
When I first met her in 2016 she was feral in Bend Oregon and was just picked up by Cat Adoption team in Sherwood. She was skittish kitten and didn’t seem to open up to me at first. I fed her under my bed for many months till one day she decided to come out and call me friend. Ever since, she’s been the most affectionate and a loving cat. She is so cuddly and vocal. Her love language is quality time and words of affirmations. All my friends love Morty and anyone has ever met her agrees she is one sweetest.
She is super duper healthy, seen vet two weeks ago and everything are looking great. She is spayed and had all her vaccines. No other pets please.
If you are a sweet human looking for a sweet companion please let us know.


June 4th, 2023


Noori is a sweet 5-year-old black domestic shorthair cat who needs a loving forever home. She is vaccinated, spayed, and in good health.
Noori is a sweetheart – she’s social, chatty, and cuddly. She likes chasing strings, playing fetch, and solving puzzle toys to keep her mind active. She would probably get along great with children, and would do best in a home where she is the only pet. She is currently an indoor cat, but it’s possible she could become an indoor/outdoor cat.
If adopted, we will provide Noori’s litter box, food, toys, and any other supplies to make her transition easier. If you’re interested in welcoming Noori into your home, please reach out at 650-269-0874. Potential adopters could meet Noori at our home in Portland, and we’d like to do a home visit to ensure it is a good environment for Noori.

May 23rd, 2023

8/26/2023 **THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Griffin is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; For more information, email matthewsloane7@gmail.com

Griffin is a super snuggler. The mamma in our family is allergic to cats (just discovered) so Griffin needs a new home. MEDICAL: He takes pills daily (Pred + Fluoxetine). Gets B12 shot 1x/month. BEHAVIOR: Indoor only. Does not like to share humans with other cats and is wary of dogs. But loves people and does very well with kids. He chews on strings (including shoelaces) which means our shoes stay in a closet. He loves loves loves affection and cuddling on laps. For more info, email: matthewsloane7@gmail.com


May 14th, 2023





Or fill out an application https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/SIL/Cat

Estimated birthdate 4/1/14
Bella Mae is a beautiful, feather-soft senior kitty who is longing to find her perfect person(s). She is somewhat slow to adjust to new situations but, given time and patience, starts to reveal her truly silly self. In her foster home she has become affectionate and talkative. She loves to receive ear scratches, back scratches and belly rubs, and will reward you with a fabulous purr. She is not fond of loud noises, so likely would not do well with children or vocal dogs. Bella Mae would absolutely flourish in a quiet home as an only pet.

Silverton Cat Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In order to make sure cats under our care go to the safest and most compatible homes we require adoptees to fill out our Rescue’s application and accept a home visit.

We do not have a shelter. All our rescues are in foster homes.

The $100 adoption fee per cat ensures that all cats coming into your care will be delivered altered (spayed/neutered), microchipped, vaccinated for FVRCP (feline distemper), dewormed, and have been treated for fleas.

May 7th, 2023
 5/7/24 **THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Fig is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; For more information contact:  e.guzmanarroyo1@gmail.com
Meet Fig, the charming tuxedo cat with a heart of gold! At four years old, Fig is the epitome of feline friendliness. With his medium-length fur and striking black and white coat, Fig is not only a sight to behold but a joy to be around. This playful fellow has a zest for life and loves nothing more than staying active and engaged. Beware, though, as Fig’s love for food knows no bounds – he may attempt to steal a snack or two while you’re busy in the kitchen!
Fig’s playful nature extends to his interactions with humans, as he adores playtime and is always up for a game. His kindness knows no bounds, and he’s known to win hearts wherever he goes. Fig is also a model patient at the vet, fully up to date with all his vaccines and microchipped for added peace of mind.
Despite his many wonderful qualities, Fig finds himself in need of a new home due to recent conflicts with another cat he lived with for four years. It’s become clear that Fig would thrive as the sole furry friend in a household, where he can bask in all the attention and love he deserves. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who will fill your home with love and laughter, Fig is the perfect match for you!

April 3rd, 2023

4/03/2024 **THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Salty is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; For more information, call Riversong Foundation at 503-741-7369.

Hi there! I’m Eloise!
My foster mom says I’m ready for a home of my own, and I’m so excited! I was alone outside for a long time, waiting for someone to help me. I couldn’t see very well and it was really scary. When I got rescued, I went to see a doctor and they found out I have hyperthyroidism and that may be the cause of my vision issues. I have to take a pill or an ointment twice a day now, but I am easy to medicate, really, I am.
I think I remember that I am about 8 years old.
I HATE other cats, though! I wish I could tell my foster mom what happened to me to cause that, but I can’t, so just know that even so, I am a really good kitty. I don’t need much, I love to be petted, and most of all I just love to have you close by. I would love to be an indoor only kitty with a mellow adult or two. can you pleeeease find some room in your life for me?

March 12th, 2023

3/12/24**THIS IS A COURTESY POST. JOHNNY is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; For more information, email Katie at drwilloughby@cpahvet.com.

Meet Johnny! This sweet guy is looking for his second chance at life. Are you his person?

Johnny is 11 years old. He LOVES humans! He requests endless chin scritches and would love nothing more than a warm lap to spend his days. Johnny is a chatty man. He isn’t afraid to use his voice to remind you of his presence and need for constant love and attention.

Johnny came to us in pretty rough shape. With some much needed vet care and TLC he is on the right track and ready to continue his healing in a home of his own. Routine vet care is a must for Johnny and he requires a prescription diet at this time.

Johnny has lived with other cats, although he was bullied by them. He may do well with a proper introduction but wouldn’t mind being the only cat in the home. He is confident around dogs both large and small.

Johnny has so much love to give. Is this social guy what you’ve been searching for? If you’re interesting in learning more about Johnny please contact Drwilloughby@cpahvet.com 

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