June 27th, 2024

I am a 2 month-old male kitten named Alice!

When i arrived the silly humans thought i was a girl but it turns out my giblets were just teensi. I am very small after all, I’m only 3 pounds! But me thinks it doesn’t really matter if I’m a girl or a boy named Alice caz I can’t wait to meet you and see what you’ll call me! I’ll be your best friend and cuddle buddy. I’m a purr machine and love being held. Maybe we can have a window perch, I love to watch the birdies!

Caz I’m a very social, sweet, playful baby which means I’ll need to go to a home that has a playful kitty playmate. I would also get along well with kids. Cat-savvy doggies might be scary to me but I’m young so maybe I could learn to be brave!

If I sound like the one you’ve been looking for please send a cat adoption application to the humans!

Alice out!


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