August 4th, 2023

This fancy feline is called Adelina, and she is just delightful. She’s about three years old. From the moment you approach her, Adelina wants to be your friend– she rubs against your legs and follows you around the room, until you throw a ball or mousie toy for her, which she will then go fetch. She appreciates scritches and pets from the base of her tail all the way to her fluffy little cheeks, and she goes bananas for string toys. Adelina also has a tendency to climb into your lap and then turn totally boneless, melting into a fluffy, purring puddle right then and there. Adelina is a friendly girl who would do okay with other kitties, and she would probably be okay with cat-savvy kiddos as well due to her gentle nature. We’re not sure about dogs because she’s never tried it before. If this floofy dust bunny is putting hearts in your eyes, you can fill out an application to set up a meet and greet. She’ll come to you spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $100. 

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