May 20th, 2023

Total girlboss coming through! Miss Mopsie is fiercely loyal to her people, and craves their affection. Once she feels safe with you, she’ll be the best snuggle buddy you’ve ever had and never leave your side. She particularly loves head scritches, belly rubs, forehead kisses, and most of all, being your little spoon. She loves her crunchy treats and dry food, but she’s not very interested in wet food. Some say she’s 14 years old, but really she’s timeless. Mopsie is very active and playful for her age. She likes dangly toys and playing with your shadow on the wall. Mopsie definitely prefers things her way, and needs all the attention for herself, so she would thrive in a home with no other cats or dogs. She is sensitive around new people, so be sure to go slowly when introducing her to someone. Mopsie would do best in a home where her people are around most of the time; when her humans are gone all day, she can get her grump on. Her dream person is one who works from home. Mostly, this lovely lady just wants someone to dote on her as much as possible, so if you’ve got the time and great scritching fingers, fill out an application today to set up a meet and greet! Mopsie comes to you spayed, vaccinated and microchipped for an adoption fee of $80.  

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