April 3rd, 2023

4/03/2024 **THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Salty is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; For more information, call Riversong Foundation at 503-741-7369.

Hi there! I’m Eloise!
My foster mom says I’m ready for a home of my own, and I’m so excited! I was alone outside for a long time, waiting for someone to help me. I couldn’t see very well and it was really scary. When I got rescued, I went to see a doctor and they found out I have hyperthyroidism and that may be the cause of my vision issues. I have to take a pill or an ointment twice a day now, but I am easy to medicate, really, I am.
I think I remember that I am about 8 years old.
I HATE other cats, though! I wish I could tell my foster mom what happened to me to cause that, but I can’t, so just know that even so, I am a really good kitty. I don’t need much, I love to be petted, and most of all I just love to have you close by. I would love to be an indoor only kitty with a mellow adult or two. can you pleeeease find some room in your life for me?

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