March 9th, 2023

This big boy is 19 pounds of love! Shrimpy he is not, despite the name– we’re going for ironic contrast here. He’s a senior guy about 13 years old who just loves to chat: he gives a mellow “mrah” when he first sees you, and will keep up the conversation indefinitely. Shrimpy is super chill and would love nothing more than to crash on your couch and get petted by you– though we do encourage plenty of exercise due to his rotund physique. 🙂 We’re encouraging him to get out and about more each day (catnip is his favorite bribe), and he does take some meds with his food to stay healthy… and he takes them like a champ, because as you can see, he enjoys food. He has lost three pounds since he has been with us here at Pixie, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down on his weight loss journey. Shrimpy’s easygoing personality makes him a pleasant friend to be around; he’s done well with other feline friends in the household, and would do well with cat-savvy kids and dogs also. Basically, he’s not fazed by much of anything. If Shrimpy sounds like the sweet cuddlebug of your dreams, you can fill out an application here to set up a meet and greet. He will come to you neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped for an adoption fee of $80.

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