September 21st, 2022


My name is Athena—I’m pretty, tiny, silly, and very, very, very clever. My humans tell me I am whip-smart. I am a pure-bred Mini American Shepard female (Aussie) and weigh around 15 lbs. I am almost a year old but still a baby and need to learn the ways of the world. I am a bit anxious and shy and will need some time to adjust to a new environment. But I have a TON of energy. I greet everyone I love with a big wiggle and demand that you pay attention to me and ensure that I know you are home!

I will do best in a kid-free (no kids) home with an established adult with a predictable schedule, preferably working from home, retired, or who can spend a lot of time with me and go for lots of walks and play with me. Preferred that you have experience with herding dog breeds. I also would do well in a low-noise, low-traffic area, as loud noise can make me feel nervous. The mail delivery person is loud and upsets me. I will need a fenced-in yard to spend time in, no apartments, and frequent walks to keep me out of trouble. And, as I am still a puppy, it would be great and helpful to live with a calm and confident adult male dog (over the age of 2) that could play with me and teach me how to socialize and become more confident, play with me, and lower my stress levels. I will also do well in a home with no other pets.

I am full of LOVE and have a lot to give, but I have a bit of anxiety and will need a calm, patient human who will understand me. I am very smart, and if you try to trick me, I will not respond. I need positive, science-based, humane training and reinforcement. It might take some time to build trust. ABSOLUTELY NO punishment or dominance theory training. It won’t work.

I like sitting outside, watching, taking naps, and playing ball. I want to go for walks and am terrific on a leash. I currently live with my friend, Cat, who is patient, but I like to play with him, and sometimes it annoys Cat. I like my crate when the humans leave—I feel safe. I am a slow eater, and I don’t want to be alone while I am eating.

Microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee is $450.

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