February 12th, 2022

Hi there! My name Izzy and I am very sweet and adorable 13 yo Chihuahua. I am looking for a mellow home with lots of love and lap cuddles, oh and maybe some tasty treats too. I really really like food you see. A total foodie, if you will. If I could take selfies with my meals for the gram, I totally would. My dream is even to start a food blog. Better late than never I say! Though I grew up living with 8 other doggies, I am not a huge fan of sharing the spotlight. Another mellow male dog my age would be ok, but I would also love to be the only pup you share your dinners with! I would could live with a super dog savvy kitty who won’t seek me out to play. I am a quiet gal and can sometimes switch from being a total velcro dog to a more independent lady who sleeps on my bed in the other room. It takes me a little while to warm up to new adult human pals as transitions are a little hard for me, but eventually I warm up and will even paw at you for pets. Sometimes I will even get a burst of energy and play chase games with you around the house! Though I couldn’t really do an apartment, a duplex or townhome with a little fenced yard attached to it with direct access to outside in a very quiet low traffic area would be best. The household I came from never really put harnesses or leashes on us, so we would much rather do our business by having you open a door and wandering in the secured yard versus walks down the street. I do have a heart murmur that I am starting medication for and should be monitored from time to time. Pixie would be happy to provide all the medical care if you can provide me a nice little retirement home as my forever foster. What do you say…want to help me start my blog? I’m thinking of calling it Pupcakes and Woofles: A Dog’s Guide to the Portland Food Scene. Fill out an application or email info@pixieproject.org for more details!

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