January 19th, 2022
1/19/2023 **THIS IS A COURTESY POST – Mack is NOT BEING RE-HOMED THROUGH THE PIXIE PROJECT. THIS IS A COURTESY POST ONLY; PLEASE CONTACT bestfriendsofbaker@yahoo.com. Mack is being fostered through Best friends of Baker, an animal rescue organization in Baker City, Oregon. Through no fault of his own, Mack‘s former ‘people mom’ was forced to move. Regrettably, her new living quarters prohibited pets.  She had Mack for the entire 6 years of his life.  He was an indoor “only-child” pet. He has slowly become more comfortable in this foster situation; a home in which he shares with 4 other cats + a very mellow dog. 
Mack would ideally do best in a home where he is a solo pet.  A future owner needs to be patient and calm in integrating Mack into a new living situation.  While Mack has come out of his shell, he is not a cuddly, curl-up-in-your lap kind of cat. Mack wants and accepts affection, but on his terms.  Throughout the day, Mack will seek us out for attention and petting; and then he happily finds a spot to rest and be alone.  He is healthy and has a gorgeous coat  (which feels divine and makes it all the more difficult to not cuddle him up!)  Mack is a quiet, reserved adult cat.  His would do best living in a mature, calm adult family.  We’ve not seen Mack around children, but my guess is that small kids would move too quickly and be too loud for his comfort level.

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