August 3rd, 2021



She’s a very sweet and timid cat, between 5 and 8 years old, and in perfect health. She loves lounging around the house in sunny spots during the day. She is mostly an indoor cat, but has access to my roof and balcony (2nd floor apartment), and supervised outdoor time on the ground floor patio. She needs to be the only cat in the house, though she would get along well with older children and chill/older dogs. The family that had her before I rescued her used to have a dog, so she has lived with dogs before. Hyper-activity and loud sounds distress her quite a bit – so might not be a good fit for families with younger children. With other cats – she is quite submissive and so tends to be bullied by even the nicest cats, and it makes her anxiety worse. She is very well house-trained to not scratch at furniture, not eat ANY plants (except bamboo, she loves bamboo leaves), and not climb onto beds/couches/etc. I am allergic to cats and so unfortunately had to train her not to be on my bed, but if you aren’t allergic – she will LOVE to snuggle up on the bed or couch with you. I have her medical docs for the last three years, but don’t really know much of her story from before I got her in 2019. My friends quite literally rescued her from a burning house and so it is most important to me that she goes to a good home and a family that wants her, so that she doesn’t feel abandoned or in danger ever again! She will come complete with her litter boxes, food supplies that remain, toys, grooming items, scratch pads, heated bed, etc. Please let me know if you or anyone you might know would be interested – I’d be happy to set up a trial run for a few hours/days as desired to help with the decision making! A rehoming fee of $75.00 will be asked to ensure she finds a good home. I can be reached at Thanks!


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