August 2nd, 2021


Hello my name is Odin! I’m a loveable Shepherd mix looking for a new home! I am about 70lbs, 4 years old with a beautiful brindle coat – seriously I get compliments about it wherever I go! Originally I came to Oregon from California as a stray puppy, and I’ve been living with the same family since. My health is great, no hip problems and up to date on vaccines. I’m a very polite dog and thrive on routine! I wait patiently in my bed for my dog mom to wake up in the morning before I start my day! I recently had an evaluation from a dog trainer and she said I was a super sweet, well trained dog who would be great for training games like ball work, nose work and other fun things! 

What I love to do:
I absolutely love to train, seriously I would do anything for some treats!! Did you know I can do a bunch of things like sit, stay, roll over, heal, leave it, take it, get ball, get toy, pray, paw, wave,  come and more! I also love to spend time with my special person. ‘Are you leaving the room, friend? Okay I’ll come with you is my motto!’  I do love a good walk or jog, but it’s not required every day for me! Most of the time, I lay down and relax near my special human. But I’m always ready for an adventure, whether that be a nice walk, jog, or hike. One of my favorite things to do is go to doggy daycare! I don’t get to go all the time, but going every once in a while would be great for me to play with other dogs!

Why am I looking for a new home:

Recently my dog mom divorced and life has been tough for her! Juggling a work, home, and life with 3 kids is tough. Money is tighter and she doesn’t have as much time for me anymore 🙁

What I am looking for:
My new human(s) would be looking for that special dog who wants me by their side! My ideal day would start by waiting patiently in my bed for you to wake up, then eagerly following you as we start our day! That could be things like chilling next to you while you work or keeping you company while you work on the yard. Then I would love to go for a walk or even some training, ball work!  I am very in tune with my special people and I am hoping you will be in tune with me too!

My current dog mom works from home so I am not used to being left alone during the week for hours at a time. I do not have separation anxiety, but I don’t think I would be happy frequently being alone for most of the day. That said, I love doggy daycare so if my new human wants to take me sometimes, I would be so down with that!

A big thing for me is I’m looking for a new friend or family that wants to keep up with my positive training. Big emphasis on the positive, I love to please and I won’t respond well to negativity, it’s scary! The thing is, my dog mom spent a lot of time training me and  it helps me feel secure when I know what to expect.

My new home would be in a low key place without a lot of foot traffic. Ideally I would have a yard or somewhere to go potty that would not require a walk. Right now I am trained to go potty on concrete – not my favorite place but my dog mom wanted to keep the grass clean, silly mom!

I currently live with a couple cats so a cat who is respectful of my space and food could be okay. I also live with kids right now, but due to my size it would be better if my new home had either older kids or no kids (and not planning on any, I’m just kinda big you see.) I have not lived with other dogs before, but the trainer said I may do well with a confident adult female dog friend who is about my size. I am not super keen on a lot of new people coming and going in my house, that does make me kinda anxious. But having some special adult human friends that I get to know would be fine!

If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to my dog mom at We are asking for a $250 rehome fee. In lieu of the fee, my new human(s) can complete 2 training sessions. Interested parties will be asked to fill out an application.


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