July 18th, 2021


Meet Gus. He’s a neutered male. His exact age is unknown but my vet estimated him at right around a year old when I took him in for an exam last month. My vet says he’s in good health, no FIV, no parasites, and he’s now at a healthy weight thanks to a better diet and lots of treats.
He came to me via a neighborhood cat person, who in turn got him from someone living in one of the nearby camps who said they “found” him on the street. He had no chip or collar. She took him to the Feral Cat Coalition to be neutered and cleaned up but it was pretty obvious that he hadn’t been a street cat his whole life and he seemed to like people. So she decided to try and find him a home rather than just sending him back to the street life, and since I had just lost my elderly cat I happened to be in a position to take him in as a “foster and we’ll see how it goes.”
He’s a lovely floofy boy with a magnificent tail and a wonderful purr. He’s got lots of energy and he loves toys – his favorite is a rainbow streamer on a stick. He enjoys watching squirrels out my front window and getting ear scratches. He needs work on manners (I’m working on redirecting him when his play gets too bitey) but I think some of that will just come too with age and more people contact. He’s not a lap cat really but he loves to be near me and give him head butts while I work. He’s very curious about whatever I’m doing and will frequently make appearances on my work Zoom calls.
Unfortunately, he and my other cat just don’t get along. I introduced them gradually but it just hasn’t gone well – they’re fine as long as one of them is in a carrier, but if one of them is not contained it immediately turns into a  fight. Beaker spent some time as a street cat as well, and it’s almost as though they activate each other’s need to fight over turf. They’re both friendly, personable cats on their own, but I think it’s time to find Gus a more compatible home.
It’s possible he might do best in a single cat household – but I think it’s not impossible that he’d be okay in a house with other cats that have the right temperament. I don’t think he’d be a good fit for a household with small children but an older child that respects his boundaries would probably be okay. 
If you’re interested in meeting him, please get in touch at genericholly@gmail.com.

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