July 10th, 2021


Seeking the right home for my dog “Goose.” He’s a well trained 4 year old Labradoodle. He’s a mellow guy and will sleep next to you on the couch or floor for most of the day. He does like to cuddle and will fall asleep with his head on your lap or gleefully sleep in your bed if that’s allowed. I don’t let him in my bed so no pressure there, but friends do and he loves it. Goose does weigh about 80 lbs, so he’s on the large side. He’s 3/4 poodle 1/4 lab (F1B), neutered, not a chewer or digger, is well house trained, he is trained to only poop in one gravel area behind my house and not on the lawn (so that’s an options for others), he’s also trained to pull you on a skateboard if you are crazy in the same way I am… thought that’s kind of an experts only situation:)
He does sometimes pull the leash on walks, but is a quick learner when it comes to training.
 He is very interested in cats but is not used to them since I do not have one and strangely none of my friends do either. I don’t think a house with a cat would be ideal. He loves the dogs he knows well but depending on the dog, he needs to meet new dogs slowly. He loves to play fetch. He’s also very good off leash on hikes. He is used to road trips, camping, hiking, etc… he’s been everywhere with me.
I’m not open to him living anywhere without a yard or property, or with anyone who’s work would leave him alone 9-5, sorry! He would do well with a family with kids above age 12 or so (he is a lot of klutzy excitable dog for the very little ones). He does do fine at home alone, I can leave him for 12 hours, I just rarely ever do that because it’s probably a bummer for him and I assume he really has to pee… A family or couple would be good, with a yard or property, or someone really devoted to dogs.
Goose had a professional assessment from a dog trainer today and this is what she said.
“I think Goose would do best in a home with no other dogs or a very confident female dog without fear or guarding issues. I would say no cats and children 12 and up. I think that the environment you’re looking for should be supportive to him not practicing barrier reactivity so watch for big windows and fences without visual barriers that are along spots with heavy foot traffic. I think someone who likes to hike and someone who has the means and the interest in continuing gooses training specifically focusing on his arousal/ reactivity while on leash and initially when greeting dogs. I would recommend in lieu of an adoption fee you request that the new owner complete two or three private training sessions.
He just needs the right environment to be happy and I can’t provide it. Basically he gets very excited and comes in a hot with new dogs, especially on leash. He does some resource guarding and barrier aggression (barking through fences). I’ll give anyone with interest lots more info.
My life has become extremely complicated with the pandemic closing my biz, illness in my family, and other complications that are not about Goose. I will not have the stability in the next few years to care for him and it’s not fair to him. This guy has been very well loved as I’ve had him since he was a pup and now my life has changed in ways that I need to embrace. It’s heartbreaking to try to find him another family but after agonizing about it for ages it’s finally time. I won’t be able to give him the home that he needs for years to come.
Please reach out or forward this to a friend if it sounds appealing. He could make someone very happy and be a great companion. Please let me know a bit about yourself and your living situation if you are interested by sending an email to liamwoods1@gmail.com

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