June 2nd, 2021
Lola (gray) and Higgins (black w/ white undercoat) are a pair of 9-year-old, super squishy mellow kitties that are as obsessed with each other as they are with their people! These big beautiful kitties can often be found lounging around, either warming each other or the laps of their foster parents. Lola at just 9 pounds in particular is a great co-worker for the work-from-home types — she makes a great lap-warmer and will gladly lend a listening ear or stress reducing, purring soft kitty to stroke while you’re at your computer. She is a sweet little shadow, so light and polite. Higgins — at about 19 pounds and working on slimming down — is always where the action is, and will ask for attention from just about anyone who will give it to him. If Higgins were human, he’d be a big, warm, teddy bear guy who gives amazing hugs and always has his friends’ backs – an independent man-about-town who loves a good bit of food and is always curious about new people and situations. Both of them are INCREDIBLE snugglers, and will cuddle up into any nook and cranny (arm, neck, lap) they can fit their squishy bodies into. These kitties are used to living indoor-only and are over-all very quiet, mellow and low-maintenance. They are very gentle and would be okay around children, and are also used to a quieter home, so older kids or no kids might be more comfortable for them. They have already had dentals and blood work to ensure they are healthy cats, aside from Higgins needing a bit of a diet! Due to the stress of transition, both cats have been on a special Urinary prescription diet to help prevent stress-related urinary episodes, and have since been doing great. Are these kitties just delightful or what? They can’t wait to meet their forever family! If you’re interested in meeting Lola and Higgins, please fill out an application to learn more today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, microchipped (and with recent dental and blood work already done!) for a combined adoption fee of $180.

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