May 10th, 2021


Hi, I’m Bruno! I arrived in Portland from Texas on April 16th. My new family here in Portland has a big yard, kids, another 1-year-old dog to play with, lots of treats, Kongs, and yummy food. We go on walks, car rides, and I’m even enrolled in dog training classes through the Oregon Humane Society! I’ve been a great student and the trainers love me! I love to play! I’ll bring balls right to your feet after you’ve thrown them far!

Well, sadly my new mom’s grandma has Alzheimer’s disease and in the short month she waited for me to arrive from Texas, her health declined and now requires more care. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for me. My mom feels
horrible about losing me but she is dealing with more than she can handle right now. We’ll both be sad but we have confidence that my next family truly will be my forever family!

A little more about me! I’m your typical pittie/boxer mix. I’m a year old and about 70 lbs. I’m full of love, loyalty, energy and strength. I just want to be near you all the time. Can I sit on your lap? Lay on top of you? Follow you everywhere… even to the bathroom? I’m a big boy so I hope you’re strong because I still tend to pull a bit on walks. My new mom uses an Easy Walker harness and that definitely helps. I’m neutered, microchipped, up to date on all vaccines (next
rabies due in July), I’m established at Midway Vet, I have Trupanion pet insurance which can transfer to you if you wish, and recently tested negative for heartworm.

Here’s what I NEED: To help set your mind at ease, I’ve met with a behavior specialist and we got along great! She thinks I’m a great dog but do have a few requirements. She feels I’ll do best as an only dog or to be with an older stable female dog who will help me learn proper manners so that I can develop into “a gentleman and a scholar.” To set me up for success please no cats or other small animals. As you read, I’ve grown up with small children and I do
love them but I’m a big boy and may knock them over. I think 10 and up will suit me best! I’m crate trained but due to the pandemic, I was never left alone for long hours. My ideal home will have a schedule and lifestyle where I won’t be alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time. We can slowly work to increase that time. I sleep in my crate at night with minimal protest. I also require your unconditional love, a large fenced yard to run, playdates if I’m an only dog, patience and willingness to work with me as I’m in the midst of adolescence and have a lot of learning to do (but treats and positive reinforcement work great!).

There will be a rehoming fee of $250, crate and a few other supplies included. If you think you are up for being my forever family, please contact Stephanie Fjeld at and she’ll send you an application. Thank you!!!


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