January 10th, 2021


Please contact my mom Pamela at 202 280 3467 or pamelakhon@hotmail.com 

Or my dad Dino at 971 601 6992 or abedino2002@yahoo.com 

Hello! My name is Aga, and I’m a 15-year-old cocker spaniel that likes to boop. You’d never guess my age, right? I’ve got good genes ;-). I’m about 25 lbs and don’t need lots of treats and won’t steal your food, win-win! I’m a guileless, calm, and super sweet, I am not kidding! I get lots of pets and lots of compliments from strangers!  

My family adopted me when I was six, in Egypt, and since then, I’ve traveled around the world with them and even have dual citizenship!  I spent the last three years in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m so grateful my parents got me out when the war was imminent! (Slava Ukraini!) But now they have to go back, and can’t guarantee where I would stay! What the heck!?

As a retiree, I can be relaxed about things. I take my time warming up to people and places, and sniffing my surroundings. Definitely if you scratch me behind the ears, I’ll stick close. I am only very mildly interested in other dogs or cats, or children, as long as they leave me in peace. And listen, I’m healthy, but I’m too old to be playing dress-up-dog with kids, you feel me? 

I am flexible, and low maintenance, sure, but I would prefer a quiet, stable home. I am cool to hang out on my bed, but the second you hit the kitchen, I’ll pop up just to check on you 🙂 I’m hard of hearing but if you crinkle a bag of food, somehow I can hear that too. I’m just really interested in what you are up to! I really like going for short walks, but I warn you, there are a LOT of things to sniff out there, amirite?  

I’m in great health for my age but I can’t jump on the couch anymore, like I used to. Stairs are tough for me too. Right now a baby gate blocks the stairs because those suckers are long, steep, and slippery for my arthritic back legs!  As I continue to age, I might need help up and down outside stairs, but for now I can manage them. I might need basic medications or adjustments to keep me comfortable later. I need to go out briefly, four or five times a day but only need one short walk a day. I get tired more easily these days!  The ideal adopter would not work long hours (maybe you work from home or are retired) and would never leave me outside! In exchange, I’ll keep close to you, and adore you! Look at this face! I always smell good and am nice and warm. 

I am fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. 

I will come with my crate, two dog beds, food, leash, poop bags, and everything else you might need for me.  

The adoption fee is $100.  

Please contact my mom Pamela at 202 280 3467 or pamelakhon@hotmail.com 

Or my dad Dino at 971 601 6992 or abedino2002@yahoo.com 

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