December 5th, 2020

Fourteen years ago in the prehistoric early 2000’s, a rare, lustrous and unique gem was unearthed hidden within a fossil. Her beauty and elegance would make her the most sought-after Pearl of all of time! Who is this hidden gem you ask? Why, it’s me of course! I mean just look at my radiance and shine. Have you ever seen a happier dachshund?! It didn’t always used to be this way of course, and I have had my ups and downs. But with just a few baths and some basic medical updates, I am making great strides, both looking and feeling good! My gorgeous iridescent fur is even coming back in again. Happy as a clam, I get my moments of spunk, especially when it’s my favorite time of the day: food time! But then it’s back under the covers where I reside most of the day. Though my opulence makes me stand out from the crowd, I am quite modest, and get along with just about anyone and everyone I meet! In fact, even when the other dogs sit on me when I am hidden and tucked inside my clam shell made of blankets, I don’t let out a sound and just let them be. Being older and more on the delicate side, I would enjoy a home with older kiddos over 8, not a lot of stairs, and with someone who isn’t gone for super long workdays. Food, butt scritches, lots of love and attention are really the only things needed to maintain my shine. Simple and easy! And I will of course offer you lots of snuggles and companionship in return. Cheerful and sweet, your life will never lack luster after we meet! Fill out an application today! I come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an adoption fee of $250.

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