December 3rd, 2020


Hello! My name is Sadie and I am approximately 3 years old. I’m one of the sweetest and most loving dogs you will ever meet. Everyone who meets me just can’t help but notice this, and nothing makes me happier than curling up in a ball next to you (or right on your lap). Hug me, pet me, scratch me, rub my belly–I just soak in all the love. In fact, I do love everyone so much that in my exuberance I just can’t resist jumping up to greet you, or pulling on my leash. For this reason I should go to a home with an owner who has the time and experience to help me learn better manners–I do have a very strong desire to please though and am food motivated, so training me should be quite easy. Yum! Treats! I am typically very quiet at home, but if I see something weird outside I may get a bit worked up. A house without a view of the sidewalk or somewhere more rural would probably be best to keep me from being overstimulated. Leaf blowers are my nemesis!

Not to brag or anything, but I am exceptionally fast and need to RUN–many have said that I am the fastest dog they have ever seen! I very much need a fenced yard that is big enough for me to reach full speed and release all my energy. Chasing a ball or running with another fast dog is my absolute favorite thing to do! I have been to dog parks and love all the space, but I can be a bit rude, so caution is advised when I may interact with unknown dogs who may not have the patience for my excitement. I do have a very strong prey drive so I cannot go to a home with cats. I can get some separation anxiety so my ideal home would be with someone who has a stable schedule or even better, works from home. My safe space is my crate (and that is where I prefer to sleep), but it can seem like you are gone soooooo long sometimes. Perhaps a dog walker mid-day would help me keep from having an accident?

I MUST go to a home without any small children. My biggest fear is being hurt by them, especially when I’m trying to relax on the couch. It’s not that I don’t love them (I love everyone), I’m just so afraid they will fall on me, step on me, or hug my neck too hard. Older kids would be okay as long as they know how to be gentle and approach me slowly. I do love companionship so if you have a male neutered sibling for me who is a good fit that would be amazing! They would need to be active (fast), patient with my intensity, and can curl up on the couch with me whenever we aren’t out running together. I am fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. I come with a crate, my favorite blankets, Chuckit and ball, insulated rain jacket, dog bowls, collar and leash. Rehoming fee is $200. If interested, please email

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