November 9th, 2020

This is your chance to own a one-of-a kind bookmark handcrafted by our friend Chuck Palahniuk! Each bookmark is different and there are only 55 available. Get yours HERE!

“When my father was murdered in 1999, I began to collect rocks as I traveled.  My earliest memories of him were of us two hunting for agates so this became my ritual for remembering him.  I’ve brought home amber, moss agates, peridot, Russian chromium diopside, hematite, goldstone, tree agates, onyx, obsidian, coral, pearls, sodalite, chrysoprase, amazonite, aventurine, jade, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, tourmaline, raw emeralds, calcite, alabaster, Botswana agates, picture jasper, tigers eye, Dalmatian jasper, snowflake obsidian, citrine, apatite, carnelian agate, howlite, variscite, abalone, opal, turquoise, sunstone quartz, serpentine, malachite, Pacific jasper, as well as art glass beads from Rome and Prague.  When my mother died in 2009, I began to use elements from jewelry that had belonged to her:  charms, cloisonné enamel, pendants.  These I combine to create bookmarks that range in length from two-feet to four-feet long.  Each is unique and takes several days to make and wrap.  Each is strung on steel cable, knotted and crimped and secured with jewelry-grade Hypo Cement.  Hook one from a book on your highest shelf, and add some bling to your library.  I’ll send each with a letter to explain the stones and other elements it includes.    chuck palahniuk”

Each bookmark comes wrapped (packaging pictured)! All proceeds benefit the Pixie Project. Only 55 Available!

The Fine Print: These are one-of-a-kind objects and are not replaceable if lost or damaged in the mail! 
Limit one per customer! $100 minimum donation.
After purchase, Pixie will reach out to confirm shipping address. 
Bookmarks cannot be picked up–they will be mailed standard shipping anywhere in the US. 

(Photo of packaged bookmarks by Chuck Palahniuk. Portrait by Allan Amato.)

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