November 2nd, 2020

*Due to high volume of applications, please allow us 24 hours to process your application*

What’s long, but short and full of spunk? It’s me, Lacey-the silly and super sweet 1 yo lab/bassett mix! Everyone just loves me and my goofy antics so much, they say I should have my own comedy tv show. And I think that is a swell idea. Getting lots of attention and laughs sounds right up my ally! At 29 pounds, I am not much of a hiker. But I do love neighborhood walks and I would have a blast running on the beach or joining you at your favorite outdoor patio in the summer! I am very much a energetic puppy and still have quite a bit of learning to do as TRAINING CLASSES ARE MANDATORY FOR MY ADOPTION. From potty training, to basic commands, to walking politely on leash, all things that I am sure will come easy to me since I am so very much food motivated and eager to please! When it comes to meeting new people, I am the star of the show…the funny wisecracker of the group if you will, and I greet everyone of all ages with happy bounces and kisses! With my dog friends, I love to play too but can get sometimes overwhelmed by in your face playstyles. And if I do meet a pup that is too much for me, I am very soft and all I will do is just roll on my side and tap out. I met the office kitty at Pixie and I did get really excited when I saw her and wanted to play. So a confident dog savvy kitty in my home would be ok. With my unique and adorable body, a home with lots of stairs probably wouldn’t be ideal. With the fact I can get a bit houndy with my bark (I am part bassett after all!), plus the potential for puppy chewing and some accidents while I figure this whole “going outside” thing out, I am looking for a house whose neighbors won’t mind if there is a bit of hound like baying every once in awhile. I can’t help it. Sometimes my jokes are so funny, I crack myself up!  But I am ready to have my an audience to call my own. Will I make you laugh? Let’s find out! Fill out an application today, so we can set up a meet. I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.  

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