March 25th, 2020

Sweet, affectionate, curious, playful and adorable — these are the Dynamic Duos of Prince and Posey! Prince (all-black) is a big, shiny, panther-like kitty that is very sleek and soft, while his little sister Posey is a petite and precious flower that is a wonderful balance to her brother, who is actually the more sensitive of these two 6-month-old kitties. Posey is very confident, and serves as a wonderful, reassuring companion Prince.  Her vision may be limited due to scarring from severe eye infections as a young kitten, but it doesn’t affect  her in the slightest! She bats her toys, flying or sliding.  Sometimes she will even play fetch with her crinkle pom pom! Like most kittens, these two are very interested and excited in new things and curious about every new toy, piece of paper, room or smell. Although they will go in search of new adventures and toys, being close to humans makes them feel secure.  Curled up on a lap is one of their favorite places to be. 

This loving bonded pair relies on each for support.  Prince may look like a panther, but is really a gentle soul and is very sensitive to change. When meeting new people he will run and hide, but quickly warms up with some gentle talk and some patience.  He has a history of hematuria which can be triggered by stress. His new family will need to be committed to monitor his urine to ensure it does not progress to a serious condition. We have found that eating Urinary food and an herbal tincture called “Tinkle tonic”, along with encouraging water, has really helped, and he is very good about taking his tincture in his mouth.  Both of these sweet kittens are good eaters and have perfect litter box habits, and have lived in foster with other cats and dogs for the past few months. Prince and Posey are a special pair of wonderful teenage kittens that would thrive in a calm, cat-experienced home with folks who are not afraid of potential special needs arising. They will reward you with endless entertainment, love and laughter! If you’re interested in meeting and learning more about these adorable kittens, please fill out an application to meet them today! They come to you fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped for a combined adoption fee of $180.

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